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Travel Packages in Agrigento

100% Guaranteed Departures

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Palermo, Monreale, Erice, Agrigento, Ragusa Ibla, Noto, Syracuse, Taormina and more

7 Days / 6 Nights
Free Cancellation


EUR 1,460.55

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Catania, Syracuse, Etna, Marsala, Palermo and much more ...

8 Days / 7 Nights
Free Cancellation


EUR 1,145.03
2 reviews

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Rome, Siena, Florence, Bologna, Padua, Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri, Palermo, Erice, Agrigento, Ragusa Ibla, Noto, Syracuse & Taormina

18 Days / 17 Nights
Free Cancellation


EUR 4,214.64

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Catania, Siracusa, Noto, Ragusa, Modica, Piazza Armerina, Agrigento, Marsala, Saline, Palermo.

6 Days / 5 Nights
Free Cancellation


EUR 950.25

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Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Palermo, Monreale, Erice, Saline della Laguna, Agrigento, Piazza Armerina, Ragusa Ibla, Noto, Syracuse, Taormina

13 Days / 12 Nights
Free Cancellation


EUR 2,922.07

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Rome, Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri, Palermo & Sicily

11 Days / 10 Nights
Free Cancellation


EUR 2,930.75

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Catania, Siracusa, Noto, Marsala, Palermo, Valletta, Mdina, and more.

11 Days / 10 Nights
Free Cancellation


EUR 1,935.39

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Catania, Syracuse, Etna, Palermo, Taormina and much more ...

10 Days / 9 Nights
Free Cancellation


EUR 1,850.63

Customize it!


Palermo, Etna, Taormina, Agrigento, Syracuse and more

10 Days / 9 Nights
Free Cancellation


EUR 1,410.65

General Information about Agrigento

Agrigento is a city located on the southern coast of Sicily, Italy. It is in the province of Agrigento and is known for its impressive archaeological heritage, including the ancient Greek city of Akragas and the Valley of the Temples, a collection of ancient Greek temples.

In addition to its rich history, Agrigento is also known for its natural beauty and warm, sunny climate. Agrigento's coastline is a popular place for water sports and for enjoying the beach.

The city also offers a wide variety of bars, restaurants, and stores that attract tourists and local visitors.

Agrigento History at a Glance

Agrigento's history dates to ancient times when the city was founded by the Greeks in the 5th century BC under the name of Akragas. During Greek times, Agrigento became one of the most important and prosperous cities on the island of Sicily, with an estimated population of between 100,000 and 300,000 people.

After Greek times, the city went through several periods of control by different powers, including the Romans, Byzantines, Normans, and Arabs. During the Norman period, Agrigento was an important center of power and an important cultural and artistic center.

In the Middle Ages, the city became a major commercial center and an important seaport, and during the Renaissance period, Agrigento was the center of an artistic and cultural renaissance.

Today, Agrigento is a vibrant city steeped in history and is known for its impressive archaeological heritage, including the Valley of the Temples, a group of ancient Greek temples that is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city is also a major tourist destination in Sicily, attracting thousands of visitors each year who come to explore its rich history and natural beauty.

Agrigento Tourist Attractions

Agrigento is a city rich in history and archaeological heritage, and there are many sites of interest to visitors. Among them we name the most outstanding ones:

The Valley of the Temples is one of the most important archaeological sites in Sicily. It is a complex of ancient Greek temples and includes temples such as the Temple of Hera, the Temple of Concordia, and the Temple of Jupiter, all of which are impressive and well-preserved.

The Cathedral of San Gerlando is a Gothic-style temple built in the 14th century and is one of the oldest and most notable buildings in the city.

The Regional Archaeological Museum of Agrigento houses an impressive collection of artifacts and objects related to the history of the ancient Greek city of Akragas and the Valley of the Temples.

The botanical garden is a beautiful botanical garden that offers a wide variety of plants and flowers, as well as panoramic views of the city and the sea.

The beach of Saint Leone is a must on your visit to the city, it is located near Agrigento and is a popular place to practice water sports and to enjoy the sun and the sea.

A Little about Agrigento's Culture

Agrigento's culture is strongly influenced by its rich history and archaeological heritage.

The city is known for its gastronomy, which combines influences from Italian and Sicilian cuisine, as well as from Arabic and other Mediterranean countries.

In addition to gastronomy, Agrigento's culture also includes a rich musical and theatrical tradition, and the city hosts several theaters and auditoriums, as well as music and theater festivals throughout the year.

Religion is also an important part of Agrigento's culture, and the city boasts several churches and cathedrals.

What Festivals to Enjoy in Agrigento

Agrigento is known for its vibrant festivals and cultural events throughout the year. Here are some of the city's most notable festivals:

The Festival of Light takes place in February and is a celebration of the city's culture and heritage. It lights up the Valley of the Temples and other important tourist spots in the city.

The Feast of San Calogero is one of Agrigento's largest and most attended festivities and is held in May. It includes processions, live music, and other cultural events.

The Opera Festival is held during the summer and features performances of classical and contemporary operas in Agrigento's Ancient Theater.

The Music Festival is held in August and features a wide variety of musical genres, from classical music to pop and rock music.

The Feast of Saint Gerland is a religious festival held in October and honors Saint Gerland, the patron saint of Agrigento. There are processions, live music, and other cultural events.

Agrigento Gastronomy

Agrigento's gastronomy is a combination of culinary influences from Italy, Sicily, and other Mediterranean regions. We recommend some of its traditional dishes to delight your palate:

Pasta with tomato sauce and meatballs is a classic recipe of Italian and Sicilian cuisine consisting of fresh pasta cooked and served with tomato sauce and meatballs.

Arancinis are rice dumplings stuffed with cheese, meat, or vegetables, and fried until golden brown.

Grilled fish is one of the most popular dishes and is served with potatoes and fresh vegetables.

If you are into sweet foods dolci siciliani are typical Sicilian sweets, which include ricotta cakes, Sicilian panettone, and chocolate-filled cannoli. Cannoli are fried dough rolls filled with ricotta, sugar, and spices, and are a typical dessert of the region.

Agrigento Landscapes and Monuments

The city is a place of natural and cultural beauty and offers many opportunities to enjoy its rich history and landscape.

From beaches ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports to impressive mountains that offer panoramic views of the region and are perfect for walks and hikes.

There are also natural parks and botanical gardens where you can learn about the fauna and flora of the region.

Agrigento is also a place rich in history and culture where you can find a beautiful archaeological heritage and discover its rich ancient history.

Places such as the Valley of the Temples, the Necropolis of Girgenti, and the Ancient Theater stand out among all the archaeological monuments that the city has to offer. You can also see ancient houses dating back to Greek and Roman times, which have been preserved to this day.

How to Get to Agrigento

To get to Agrigento there are several ways, among them are:

Go by plane, as the closest airport to Agrigento is Palermo Airport, which is about 140 kilometers north of the city.

Agrigento has regular bus services connecting Agrigento with other cities in Sicily, such as Palermo and Catania.

There are also train services connecting Agrigento with other major cities in Sicily, such as Palermo and Catania. You can reach the Agrigento train station in the city center.

If you wish to reach Agrigento by car, you can rent a car at the airport or in town and drive to Agrigento following the signs.

What to See and Do in Agrigento

Agrigento is a vibrant city full of history that offers a unique experience for visitors looking to explore the culture and heritage of Sicily.

It is thanks to its proximity to destinations such as Palermo and Catania that many travelers choose to combine their Agrigento travel packages with these sites.

Do you want to delight yourself with exceptional gastronomy? Are you ready to be amazed by the most impressive archaeological heritages? Do you want to spend an afternoon touring a picturesque town?

Then don't hesitate any longer and embark on your new adventure to the city of Agrigento! There are packages to suit all tastes.

How much does it cost to eat in Agrigento?

In general, you can find inexpensive meals from around 10 euros per person in small local restaurants and up to 40 euros or more per person in high-quality restaurants.

When is the best time to travel to Agrigento?

The best months to visit Agrigento are from May to October when temperatures are warm and dry, and you can enjoy the beaches and outdoor tourist sites.

What are the requirements for visiting Agrigento?

You must have a valid passport and travel medical insurance.

What is there to do in Agrigento during the night?

Agrigento offers a wide variety of nightlife options, including bars, restaurants, clubs, and discos.

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