In this page, you will find all our mumbo jumbo terms and conditions related to the services we offer here at Greca Travel. We mean no "small print" and it is reachable at all times. In case of doubt, please do contact us. Our "24-hour response commitment " also applies to this section.

Airline tickets

Packages do not include airline tickets, unless otherwise mentioned under "Included in this tour".



All hotels included in our website are carefully selected among the best options in each category and include daily breakfast and taxes, unless otherwise stated. Greca Travel reserves the right to update its system information, with a grace period of 90 days, in regards to current taxes and fees applicable at each destination, and reserves the right for organizational reasons, to modify its programs, as well as confirmed hotels, and replace them for others with similar features, after having informed the passenger.


As specified in the itineraries, they include assistance and/or transportation.


As specified under the items "Included" in each tour.

Tours and sightseeings

The transport is carried out on air-conditioned buses driven by professional drivers, with local, itinerant or licensed tour-guides, depending on the tour.

Not included in the price of the tours

Travel Insurance, Hotel taxes, Airline tickets, airport taxes, passport expenses, visa expenses, laundry services, telephone expenses, drinks, meals not included in the itineraries, tips of any kind (non-compulsory), personal matters, baggage excess or transportation fees, optional tours or tours not included during cruises, unless otherwise stated under "Included in this program or this package includes."

Discounts and policy for children and infants

They must be requested. Greca Travel reserves the right to charge additional fees upon arrival at destination in case the passenger or client has intentionally ommitted, or not, the correct dates of birth or age of minors "at the moment of taking the tour." Passenger accepts having disclosed the true and correct date of birth or, age of the children or infants at the moment of travelling. 


Passengers are allowed to carry a handbag up to 8kg and case of normal size, with a maximum up to 25kg in all our buses and means of transport.

All flights booked by Greca Travel, unless otherwise stated, include a bag and a handbag per person, in accordance with the size and weight allowed by the airline company operating the segment or flight route.

Health issues

Any impairment, be it physical or mental, that requires special attention or treatment, must be disclosed at the moment of booking. Greca Travel is a friendly travel agency that promotes and welcomes travelers with special needs.

Travel insurance

Not included, unless otherwise specified under the section "Included in this tour" and highly recommended to purchase one. Protect your trip, health and well-being before and during your trip. Health and Cancellation Insurances are available for purchase during the reservation process - Step 1 of 3. Health and Cancellation insurances are available for all products with a duration of two (2) or more days. If you would like to get a quote for any product that it has a duration of less than two (2) days, please do contact us directly. 


All prices are subject to change without prior notice in the event of increases in hotel taxes and fees, cruise of operators,currency fluctuation and/or fuel charges.

Deposits and payments

A deposit of  €600 per person, per package, or full prepayment for packages with a cost of less than €300 per person, is necessary within 7 days of the booking process. In case your booking does not fulfill the above conditions you will be informed about the precise amount to be paid by your sales advisor. In all cases, if the deposit is not received as requested, the booking will be canceled automatically. The remaining amount must be paid 45 days prior to your arrival. Every booking received in less than 45 days prior to the start of your travel must be paid in full and is not covered under our "Lowest Price Guarantee."

The credit cardholder understands and accepts that at the moment of paying for his/her services or on behalf of someone else, the transactions are made remotely without their physical presence of the credit card in our offices. These remote charges may be carried out online, in written or by telephone by the client or cardholder him or herself. A grace period is granted to the owner of the credit card to notify us in writing about the non-acceptance of the charges and may subsequently request the reimbursement of the amount.

Cancellations - Reimbursements

Any amendment of the content or arrival dates of the purchased services with up to 21 days before the beginning of your services will not incur in any cancellation fees, except if the new provided dates contain a rate difference. If the new arrival date is cheaper than the original one Greca Travel will refund the difference. If your selected product contains an air ticket, the publicly known charges originated from such amendment, will indeed be charged to the traveller. Updated vouchers in case of modification, or refunds, in case of cancellation, will be sent only once a week, on Wednesdays.

No changes or modifications are allowed 21 days or less from the start date of the program.

All cancellations must be submitted in writing by email and shall be effective the next working day according to the official Greek working calendar.

In case of cancellations within less than 31 days prior to your arrival, cancellation expenses shall be collected in advance in accordance with the following table.

30-15 days before your arrival: 35% of the total price
14-08 days before your arrival: 50% of the total price
7-0 days before your arrival or in case of passenger's no-show: 100% of the total price.

Products with a cancellation policy, of less (1), equal to or greater (2) than 31 days unify expenses with the period mentioned in the segment 30-15 before your arrival, unless specified otherwise (3)

Example 1: Free, 22 to 31 days before arrival.

Example 2: Free up to 90 days. If you cancel 90 days before arrival, you have expenses of 35%, or 50% in case of canceling, for example, 14 days in advance.

Example 3: Free up to 48 hours. You can cancel free of charge up to 48 hours before arrival. After this, the product is non-refundable.

Airline tickets included in each program are non-refundable, and incur 100% cancellation fees as from the purchase of your program (1), unless specifically mentioned in the cancellation policy of the particular product (2). In case of modification of dates, only the charges that airline companies charge will apply.

Example 1: Free until 31 days before arrival, except airline tickets. Airline tickets are non-refundable. The rest of the program, however, applies the regular policy for expenses mentioned, in the table above.

Example 2: Free 22 or 31 days before arrival. Even when the program includes airline tickets, if not mentioned here, applicable expenses shall be according to the table.

Travel safely by acquiring our Cancellation Insurance which covers 100% of the Price in the event of  hospitalization of the policy holder or a direct relative, death, or other unforeseen events.

Any and all reimbursements will be made directly to the same payment method that was originally selected, every Wednesday or the immediate following business day, should our headquarters be closed. 

Single rooms

Prices for single passengers reflect rooms and cabins in single occupancy. Greca Travel cannot arrange for shared accommodation in hotels during land tours. Shared accommodation on cruises is provided upon request.

Tips - Taxes - Entrance Fees

For further information, please refer to the section "This package includes" or the description of the "Itinerary", day by day, for the program to be acquired or compared. Alternatively, do not hesitate to contact a member of our Sales Team or send your doubts or questions through any contact form.

Travel documents

Every passenger has the duty and the responsibility to have the necessary visas and travel documents in order and in accordance with the applicable rules. Greca Travel may provide information in this regard, but is not responsible for it. 

Personalized attention

The offices of Greca Travel or Greca Travel e-service are open from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, all year round, except when otherwise publicly announced. A 24-hour emergency phone is also available so we can assist our passengers in any moment of the day or night, helping them solve any inconveniences they may have. Incidents not reported to us in written by the passenger during the travel will be disregarded after it.

Limitation of liability

Greca Travel e-service P.C., known as tour operator and/or its representatives, acts only as an agent for the transport company or other companies. The liability of the tour operators and/or its propietors is limited. Tour operators and/or its agents will not be held liable in the event of breakdown, loss, accident, disease, delay or any anomaly in any vehicles used for the transport, or any incident caused by any action of the employees or company in charge of the organization of the transport. Tour operators and/or its representatives are not liable by any consular, political or military issues that may be caused, voluntarily or involutarily, by the passenger or any other person. The operator is not liable for the actions or negligence of the owner of the hotels or its employees. Greca Travel reserves the right to decline, accept or withhold any person, and change or cancel tours, if necessary, for any reason, including lack of payment, and may notify the local authorities.


Dispute resolution & severability

For any dispute that may arise responsible are the courts of Athens, Greece. 

If any provision of this terms and conditions is held invalid or unenforceable that provision will be eliminated or limited to the minimum extent possible, and the remainder of the letter will have fill force and effect. 

The booking request involves the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions listed above.