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Travel Packages in Salina

100% Guaranteed Departures

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Palermo, Monreale, Erice, Agrigento, Ragusa Ibla, Noto, Syracuse, Taormina and more

7 Days / 6 Nights
Free Cancellation


EUR 1,460.55

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Palermo, Monreale, Cefalù, Catania, Etna, Taormina, Aeolian Islands and more

9 Days / 8 Nights
Free Cancellation


EUR 1,711.50

Customize it!


Rome, Siena, Florence, Bologna, Padua, Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri, Palermo, Erice, Agrigento, Ragusa Ibla, Noto, Syracuse & Taormina

18 Days / 17 Nights
Free Cancellation


EUR 4,214.64

Customize it!


Rome, Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri, Palermo & Sicily

11 Days / 10 Nights
Free Cancellation


EUR 2,930.75

General Information about Salina

Do you want to visit Salina? Here we tell you everything about this wonderful destination. 

Salina is an island located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the coast of Sicily in southern Italy. It is part of the Aeolian Islands archipelago and has a population of approximately 2,300 people. 

The island is characterized by its rugged landscape and is home to two inactive volcanoes, Monte Fossa delle Felci and Monte dei Porri.

Salina is known for its production of capers and its sweet Malvasia wine, which has been produced on the island since ancient times. The island is also a popular tourist destination, offering visitors a range of activities including hiking, swimming, and visiting historical sites such as the ancient Greek acropolis and Roman tombs.

The main towns on Salina are Santa Marina Salina, Malfa, Leni, and Rinella. The island can be reached by ferry from Milazzo, Messina, and Palermo on the mainland, as well as from the other Aeolian Islands.

Sites of Interest in Salina

Salina has several sites of interest that visitors can explore. Some of the most popular ones are:

  1. Monte Fossa delle Felci: This is the highest peak on Salina and offers great hiking opportunities. From the top, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the island and the sea.
  2. Pollara Beach: This is a stunning beach located in a volcanic crater. It is a popular spot for swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing.
  3. San Lorenzo Cathedral: This cathedral is located in the town of Santa Marina Salina and was built in the 18th century. It features beautiful Baroque architecture and is a popular spot for visitors to explore.
  4. Museo Archeologico Regionale Eoliano: This museum is located in Lipari and showcases artifacts from the ancient Greek and Roman eras. It is a great place to learn about the history of the Aeolian Islands.
  5. Malvasia Vineyards: Salina is famous for its sweet Malvasia wine, and visitors can explore the island’s vineyards and taste the local wine.
  6. Acquacalda Beach: This is a beautiful black sand beach located in the town of Acquacalda. It is a great spot for swimming and sunbathing.
  7. Punta Scario Beach: This is another popular beach on Salina, known for its crystal-clear water and stunning views.
  8. Church of San Bartolomeo: This church is located in the town of Malfa and features beautiful Byzantine-style architecture.
  9. Rinella Port: This is the main port on Salina and offers great views of the sea and the surrounding islands.

These are just a few of the many sites of interest that visitors can explore on Salina.

What to Eat in Salina?

When visiting Salina, one should definitely indulge in the island’s delicious cuisine. The local cuisine is characterized by its use of fresh ingredients, including locally caught seafood, vegetables, and herbs. 

Salina is particularly known for its capers, which are an essential ingredient in many traditional dishes. The island is also famous for its sweet Malvasia wine, which is made from grapes grown in the island’s vineyards. 

Other popular dishes on Salina include various types of pasta, including the local specialty, spaghetti alla bottarga, which is made with cured fish roe.

Visitors can also enjoy a variety of grilled or roasted meats, such as lamb or rabbit, as well as fresh salads and delicious desserts. 

Overall, Salina’s cuisine is a delightful mix of fresh, local ingredients and traditional Italian cooking techniques, making it a must-try for any food lover.

Festivals of Salina

Salina is home to several festivals and events throughout the year that celebrate the island’s culture and traditions. Some of the most popular festivals include:

  1. Feast of Saint Joseph: This festival takes place on March 19th and is celebrated throughout Italy. In Salina, it is a religious festival that includes a procession, music, and fireworks.
  2. Malvasia Wine Festival: This festival takes place in June and celebrates the island’s famous sweet Malvasia wine. Visitors can enjoy tastings, music, and traditional food during the festival.
  3. Sant’ Anna Festival: This festival takes place in July and celebrates the island’s patron saint, Saint Anne. It includes a procession, music, and a fireworks display.
  4. Caper Festival: This festival takes place in September and celebrates Salina’s famous capers. Visitors can enjoy tastings, cooking demonstrations, and traditional music during the festival.
  5. Aeolian Islands Film Festival: This festival takes place in December and showcases films from Italy and around the world. It is a great opportunity for film lovers to explore the island’s culture and enjoy beautiful views of the sea.

These festivals and events are just a few examples of the many celebrations that take place in Salina throughout the year. They are a great opportunity for visitors to experience the island’s unique culture and traditions.

How Is the Culture in Salina?

The island’s culture is influenced by its long history and diverse influences, including Greek, Roman, and Arab. The local people are friendly and welcoming, and visitors to Salina can experience the island’s unique culture through its architecture, art, and music.

Salina’s architecture is a beautiful mix of traditional Italian and Aeolian styles, with beautiful churches and historical buildings scattered throughout the island. The island is also home to several art galleries and studios, showcasing the work of local artists and artisans.

Music is an important part of Salina’s culture, with traditional Aeolian music played at festivals and events throughout the year. The island is also home to several talented musicians and performers, who showcase their skills in local bars and restaurants.

To summarize, Salina’s culture is a beautiful blend of history, art, and music. 

Destinations near Salina

Salina is a wonderful destination due to its historical heritage and fascinating landscape.

In turn, due to its proximity to Rome and Assisi, many travelers combine their visit to Salina with these destinations, so you will find these sites in several of our offers.

Are you looking to visit historical sites? Do you want to see incredible volcanos? Do you want to taste delicious wine?

If your answer is "yes", at Greca we have several proposals for tourist packages to Salina, which you can modify and adapt according to your needs and times.

There are travel packages for all tastes. Choose your own adventure according to your needs!

How much does it cost to eat in Salina?

In general, a meal at a mid-range restaurant in Salina can cost anywhere from 20 to 40 € per person, depending on what you order and the type of restaurant you choose.

What month is cheapest to travel to Salina?

The cheapest month to visit Salina is typically during the low season, which is from November to March.

When is the high season of Salina?

The high season of Salina is typically from June to August, when the weather is warm and sunny, and many tourists visit the island for its beaches, festivals, and outdoor activities.

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