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Greca began like one of those incredible experiences that you only hear about from friends and acquaintances. Guido Colombo, the founder and CEO of greca, decided at the young age of 21 to leave his native country and travel the world. Soon afterwards, he fell in love and decided to settle down.

Over the years and having worked in tourism for large wholesalers and tour operators, he decided that it was the right time to offer each traveler the peace of mind and security that big brands provide, with the quality, price and technology that a 21st-century traveler needs and expects.

Since then, greca has grown consistently, from a handful of travelers in the early days to thousands of visitors every year; from covering a single country to expanding over to more and more regions; from being anonymous to being recognized with awards by the local and the international press alike.

In the future, greca plans to continue building on what has done so well, with more types of products, more destinations, in more languages, with a 24-hour service and with a "greca" foundation that supports environmental and educational initiatives. In this way we aim to establish, what, why and how we do things, as the definitive and global standard in the travel arena. 

Why greca?

Through technology, personal service, and ambitious planning, Greca comes to uproot the bad habits of the tourism industry, change them and create greater opportunities for the traveler of the 21st century:

* We are travelers, just like you!
No pressure. When you are ready, we will be!
Technology to add more and better value to your trip.
* Complex products, easy to book, no buts!
Crystal-clear services and inclusions, no hidden costs!
* It's your money. We compress the cost to the last penny and we never round up!
Flexible in payments, conditions, inclusions, and more. We listen to you!
24-hour emergency center. We take care of you 365 days.

A few words from our founder:

"Every single one of our destinations are best lived and experienced through your interaction with the locals in their daily routine, by finding out a little more about their history and traditions. Here at Greca, our mission is to give you access to this world, from the moment you get in touch with us to the end of your trip. We invite you to discover the greca way in any of our destinations that you choose, and we assure that it will be an experience you will definitely cherish and never forget."

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Trust 8 real and full years of experience, safe travels and faithfulness towards our travelers.
With over 8 years of experience, we are the only web page for and by travelers. Here at Greca, we want to deliver our travelers with one of a kind trips, so you can feel and live like a local.