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Travel Packages in Lourdes

100% Guaranteed Departures

Trip to Lourdes: What You Need to Know<a id="trip-to-lourdes-what-you-need-to-know"></a>

If you want to make a trip to Lourdes, keep reading, here we tell you everything you need to know so you can get everything.

Lourdes, located in southwestern France, is famous for its religious importance and natural beauty. It is a Catholic pilgrimage center due to the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in 1858 to a young woman named Bernadette Soubirous.

One of its most notable sites is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes. It attracts millions of visitors annually, seeking healing and spiritual peace in its miraculous waters.

In addition to its spiritual context, Lourdes has natural charms with the Pyrenees as a backdrop, offering opportunities to explore mountain beauty, picturesque trails, and outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing.

Likewise, the city is home to emblematic sites such as the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary, the Grotto of Massabielle where the Marian apparitions are said to have occurred, and the Sanctuary of Saint Pius X, one of the largest religious structures in the world.

With its unique combination of spirituality, history, and stunning natural environment, Lourdes stands out as a unique destination that attracts pilgrims, tourists, and nature lovers alike.

What to See and Do in Lourdes<a id="what-to-see-and-do-in-lourdes"></a>

Lourdes is a destination that attracts tourists from all over the world who seek to connect with their spirituality, not only through its notable religious sites but also through its natural beauty.

Below we tell you a little about the highlights of Lourdes, keep reading so you don't miss anything.

1. Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes<a id="1-sanctuary-of-our-lady-of-lourdes"></a>

The spiritual heart of the city, this sanctuary is visited by millions of pilgrims each year. The Massabielle Grotto, where the Virgin Mary is believed to have appeared to Bernadette Soubirous in 1858, is the focal point, with its waters considered healing.

2. Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary<a id="2-basilica-of-our-lady-of-the-rosary"></a>

An impressive basilica that dominates the landscape with its imposing architecture. It houses a series of chapels and is an important place of devotion for the faithful.

3. Fortified Castle and Pyrenean Museum<a id="3-fortified-castle-and-pyrenean-museum"></a>

This medieval fortress offers a panoramic view of the city and showcases the history of Lourdes and the Pyrenees through fascinating exhibitions and artistic collections.

4. Pic du Jer<a id="4-pic-du-jer"></a>

With a funicular railway ascending to the top, Pic du Jer offers exceptional panoramic views of Lourdes and the surrounding mountains, making it an ideal location for hiking and photography.

5. Natural Spaces<a id="5-natural-spaces"></a>

The surrounding area of ​​Lourdes provides opportunities to explore natural beauty, from scenic walks to outdoor activities such as skiing in winter and enjoying natural settings in summer.

First Class Gastronomy<a id="first-class-gastronomy"></a>

The gastronomy of Lourdes is another of the attractions of this destination, as it delights travelers with the traditional flavors of southwest France. Local dishes reflect the richness of Pyrenean cuisine and regional ingredients.

One of its most notable dishes is duck confit, a tender and tasty delicacy. So is foie gras, appreciated for its exquisiteness.

Cheeses, such as Ossau-Iraty, a sheep's cheese, and Bleu des Pyrénées, offer intense, authentic flavors. And cold cuts, like the Bayonne jambon, add succulence to the table.

And for sweet lovers, the desserts do not disappoint: the Basque cake, with its cream or fruit filling, and the macarons, sweetened with local flavors, are a temptation for those with a sweet tooth.

The cider and wines of the region complement these delicacies with their unique flavors. At Lourdes, food not only nourishes the body but is also a tribute to the rich culinary heritage of southwestern France.

Festivals of Lourdes<a id="festivals-of-lourdes"></a>

In addition to its delicious cuisine and sites of great interest, Lourdes comes alive with festivals that celebrate its culture, faith, and traditions. We tell you a little about those festivities, which if you have the opportunity to witness, we are sure you will love them.

1. Festival of Light<a id="1-festival-of-light"></a>

The Light Festival in February illuminates the city with light shows and music, creating an enchanting atmosphere in the middle of winter. It is at this moment that the city becomes magical, and an atmosphere full of romance invades the stage.

2. Summer Festival<a id="2-summer-festival"></a>

During the summer, the Summer Festival offers a variety of cultural events, from open-air concerts to theater performances, filling the streets with festive vibes and entertainment for the whole family.

3. Celebration of the Virgin<a id="3-celebration-of-the-virgin"></a>

The celebration of the Virgin of Lourdes on February 11 is one of the most important moments, attracting pilgrims from all over the world to commemorate the Marian apparitions.

4. National Holidays<a id="4-national-holidays"></a>

Additionally, Lourdes joins French national celebrations such as the National Day of July 14 with parades and activities that add a festive touch to the city. These events showcase the vitality and cultural diversity of Lourdes throughout the year.

Traveler Testimonials<a id="traveler-testimonials"></a>

Travelers who have visited Lourdes highlight its incredible natural beauty and the power of this city to penetrate the depths of the hearts of the faithful. Without a doubt, Lourdes is a city where thousands of devotees have peace and tranquility.

In turn, testimonies from travelers agree that the fortified castle is an amazing place where you can learn about the history of the city and get incredible views.

Likewise, the gastronomy of Lourdes is widely recommended by all the lucky ones who were able to enjoy this wonderful destination, since its offer of special dishes is worthy of admiration and satisfies the most demanding palates.

Destination Near Lourdes<a id="destination-near-lourdes"></a>

Lourdes is a wonderful destination due to its historical legacy, visible in every corner, its natural beauty, and its vibrant cultural scene.

In turn, some travelers choose to combine their trip to Lourdes with a visit to Pau, given its proximity.

At Greca we have proposals for packages to Lourdes, which can be modified and adapted according to your needs and times.

There are travel packages for all tastes. Choose your adventure according to your needs!

What is the best time to visit Lourdes?

Spring and fall offer pleasant temperatures and fewer crowds, ideal for exploring without the crowds.

Do you need to be Catholic to visit the sanctuaries?

No, the sanctuaries are open and welcome people of all beliefs and religions.

What outdoor activities can you do near Lourdes?

Hiking in the Pyrenees, skiing in winter, and visiting natural parks are some of the nearby options to enjoy the outdoors.

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