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Travel Packages in Strasbourg

100% Guaranteed Departures

Visit Strasbourg

If you want to visit Strasbourg, keep reading, here we tell you everything you need to know so you can get everything.

Strasbourg is a fabulous city located on the border between France and Germany, inviting you to explore a fascinating cultural fusion.

Strasbourg's historical wealth can be seen in every corner, one of its jewels being its old town, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, where the cobbled streets lead you to discover architectural gems such as the majestic Notre Dame Cathedral.

At the same time, the city offers incredible postcards, such as those of its canals, which wind through the city, allowing you to enjoy unforgettable boat trips, or those of La Grande Île, the historic heart of Strasbourg, where you will find a melting pot of architectural influences.

Finally, we recommend visiting the European Parliament and the Christmas markets in winter. And if you get the chance, the music festival in the summer is an amazing experience.

Visit Strasbourg and immerse yourself in this city full of charm!

What to See in Strasbourg

Strasbourg offers a fascinating combination of history, architecture, and cultural experiences that captivate all your senses. Below, we tell you about some of the must-sees in Strasbourg.

1. Notre Dame Cathedral

The imposing Notre Dame Cathedral, with its intricate Gothic architecture, is a must-see landmark. Climb to the observation deck for panoramic views of the city.

2. La Petite France

Immerse yourself in the charm of La Petite France, a picturesque neighborhood with half-timbered houses, winding canals, and cobblestone streets. It is the perfect place to explore on foot.

3. Rohan Palace

Explore the Rohan Palace, which houses three museums: the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Decorative Arts, and the Museum of Archaeology. Discover exceptional collections ranging from medieval art to contemporary pieces.

4. Boat Trip through the Canals

Discover the city from a different perspective with a relaxing boat ride through the canals. Explore the hidden corners and enjoy the unique views this experience offers.

5. European Parliament

Visit the European Parliament and discover Strasbourg's crucial role in the European political scene.

6. Christmas markets

In winter, immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas markets, where bright lights and enticing aromas create an unforgettable festive atmosphere.

Strasbourg: Gastronomic Identity

The gastronomy of Strasbourg reflects the rich culinary tradition of the Alsace region. Its typical recipes offer a combination of unique flavors that reflect the gastronomic identity of the region, in which different cultures coexist and feed off each other. Some of its most representative dishes are:

1. Choucroute: An elaborate combination of sauerkraut (fermented cabbage), sausages, pork and potatoes. It is the signature dish of the region and a delight for lovers of intense flavors.

2. Baeckeoffe: A traditional Alsatian stew that combines pork, lamb, and beef with potatoes and onions, all slowly cooked in white wine.

3. Flammekueche (Flambée Tart): A type of very thin pizza covered with fresh cream, onion, and bacon. It is a very popular dish in the region.

4. Foie Gras: A pâté made from goose or duck liver, considered a gourmet delicacy and an important part of French gastronomy.

5. Kugelhopf: A sponge cake shaped like a crown, made with dried fruits, and often served as a dessert or accompaniment to coffee.

Strasbourg Festivals

Strasbourg is a city rich in culture, not only because it is located on a border that inescapably places it as a receptacle of different traditions, but because its vibrant festivals attract artists and travelers from all over the world, celebrating diversity and creativity.

Below we tell you a little about the two most important events in this city.

1. Strasbourg Mon Amour

This famous festival is celebrated in February, transforming the city into a romantic setting with cultural events, concerts, and classic film screenings.

Additionally, the Christmas market, one of the oldest in Europe, lights up the streets with its festive magic, offering traditional crafts and a charming atmosphere.

2. Contemporary Art Festival

The city becomes a melting pot of art and expression during the Contemporary Art Festival, allowing emerging and established artists to exhibit their works throughout the city. Strasbourg not only preserves its heritage but also celebrates innovation and creativity through these vibrant festivals.

Traveler Testimonials

Travelers who have visited Strasbourg highlight its great historical legacy, which can be seen in every corner, from the cobblestones of the streets of the historic center to its most majestic architectural jewels.

In turn, traveler testimonials describe Strasbourg's canals as one of the most picturesque attractions in the city, as they are overflowing with charm and are where you will get the best photographs.

Likewise, the gastronomy of Strasbourg and the hospitality of the people are widely mentioned by all the lucky tourists who were able to enjoy this beautiful city.

Destination Near Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a wonderful destination due to its historical legacy, visible in every corner, its natural beauty, and its vibrant cultural scene.

In turn, some travelers choose to combine their trip to Strasbourg with a visit to Colmar, given its proximity.

At Greca we have several proposals for packages to Strasbourg, which can be modified and adapted according to your needs and times.

There are travel packages for all tastes. Choose your adventure according to your needs!

What is the best time to visit Strasbourg?

Spring and autumn offer pleasant weather and fewer tourist crowds.

Is any type of visa needed to visit Strasbourg?

If you are an EU citizen, you do not need a short-stay visa. Check the requirements according to your country of origin.

What are some off-the-beaten-path activities to do in Strasbourg?

Exploring the Parc de l'Orangerie, taking a boat tour through the canals, or visiting the Chamber of Wonders are unique experiences off the beaten track.

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