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Travel Packages in Disneyland

100% Guaranteed Departures

Explore Disneyland Paris

Do you want to explore Disneyland Paris? We tell you everything you need to know about this fabulous destination.

Located in the heart of Europe, Disneyland Paris unfolds all its magic and adventure for those tourists who want to live a unique experience.

This fantasy oasis is located on the outskirts of the romantic city of Paris and is an extraordinary theme park, which has two main parks: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park.

In both, you will discover wonderful worlds, because from iconic castles to intergalactic adventures, every corner has something amazing for all ages, whether it be the incredible parades, live shows, or encounters with beloved characters from the Disney universe.

Likewise, Disneyland Paris has delicious cuisine, exclusive shops, a wide range of entertainment, and many accommodation options to suit all tastes.

Visit Disneyland Paris and immerse yourself in this wonderful ideal world!

The Disney Experience

Disneyland Paris is without a doubt a fascinating place, where you can be surprised by all its details full of magic.

Below, we tell you a little about what you will find in the beautiful Disneyland Paris so that you don't miss anything during your stay.

1. Iconic Attractions

At Disneyland Paris, the options are endless. From the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle to the space adventures at “Star Wars: Hyperspace Mountain,” each attraction offers a unique and exciting experience.

2. Magical Encounters

Don't miss the opportunity to meet your favorite characters. From Mickey Mouse to Disney princesses, character encounters are memorable moments to share.

3. Unforgettable Shows

Enjoy dazzling parades and exciting live shows. From "Disney Illuminations" to exclusive shows, magic comes to life at every performance.

4. Exquisite Gastronomy

Explore a variety of themed restaurants and savor culinary delights from around the world. From fast food to fine dining, there are options to satisfy every palate.

5. Shopping and Souvenirs

These stores offer everything from exclusive souvenirs to collectible items. Don't forget to bring along a special souvenir of your magical experience at Disneyland Paris!

Eat at Disneyland Paris

Eating at Disneyland Paris is a great experience, as you will find a large number of restaurants decorated with extraordinary themes and many street food stalls.

In addition, being located in Paris, the Disneyland adventure is nourished by French gastronomy, so you will find beautiful Parisian cafes and brasseries with delicious culinary offerings.

And for those who like to try international dishes, you will also find very good options for Asian, Italian, and American food.

It should be noted that if you are traveling with children or if you like to give free rein to your little interior, snacks such as popcorn or ice cream will be waiting for you to accompany your walks, flooding the environment with delicious aromas.

Special events

Disneyland Paris is an amazing destination all year round. The different special events and seasons in which the place is dressed according to the occasion and the festivals and matching decorations take over the place collaborate in generating its magical and unique atmosphere.

Below we tell you about some of the notable events and eras, however something special always happens at Disney.

1. Disney's Halloween Festival

A festival full of scares and laughter with spooky parades, enchanting decorations, and encounters with costumed characters.

2. Disney's Enchanted Christmas

Experience the magic of Christmas with snowy parades, sparkling decorations and a touch of festive charm throughout the park.

3. Festival of Pirates and Princesses

An epic battle between pirates and princesses with colorful parades, energetic shows and magical encounters.

4. Disney Loves Jazz

A unique event with live jazz music, Disney characters and exclusive entertainment at the Walt Disney Studios park.

Traveler Testimonials

Travelers who have visited Disneyland Paris agree that magic is in the air, as all the special attractions and decorations make this fantastic place an enchanted land.

At the same time, the testimonies coincide in the joyful and festive atmosphere that exists there, because at every moment something fabulous happens, whether it is meeting a favorite character or witnessing a unique show or a moving interaction.

Finally, tourists highlight the good attention received in the park and the proclamation of returning to Disneyland Paris for more wonderful adventures is unanimous.

Destinations Near Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is a wonderful destination due to its cultural heritage and natural beauty.

In turn, some travelers choose to combine their trip to Disneyland Paris with a visit to the center of Paris and Versailles, as they are close and unmissable destinations.

At Greca we have several proposals for packages to Disneyland Paris, which can be modified and adapted according to your needs and times.

There are travel packages for all tastes. Choose your own adventure according to your needs!

What is the best time to visit Disneyland Paris?

Each season offers a unique experience. The choice depends on personal preferences. Special events, such as Halloween and Christmas, are often popular times.

Do you offer services for people with special needs?

Yes, Disneyland Paris offers services adapted to various needs. From accessibility at attractions to special assistance, they make sure to provide an inclusive experience.

How can I maximize my time in the park?

Planning is key. Use FastPass to reduce wait times, take advantage of off-peak times, and download the official app to access show times and character encounters.

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