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Travel Packages in Tours

100% Guaranteed Departures

Traveling to Tours: General Information<a id="traveling-to-tours-general-information"></a>

If you want to travel to Tours, keep reading, here we tell you everything you need to know so you can get everything.

Tours is a city located in the Centre-Loire Valley, in the department of Indre-et-Loire. Tours was formerly the capital of Touraine, a region called “The Garden of France”. This wonderful city weaves rich French history with contemporary delights.

Additionally, this gem is known for its impressive castles, such as the iconic Château de Villandry with its exquisite gardens. For architecture lovers, it is recommended to visit the Saint-Gatien Cathedral of Tours, a Gothic masterpiece that rises majestically on the horizon.

But Tours not only captivates with its historical heritage; It also offers unparalleled gastronomic experiences. Immerse yourself in the delicious local culinary scene, from traditional markets to the cozy cafes that line the picturesque streets.

Likewise, in the Val de Loire wine region, you can taste some of the most famous wines in France.

And for shopping lovers, Rue Nationale will enchant you with its elegant boutiques and shops. Explore the local market Les Halles, where fresh flavors and regional products will delight your senses. And don't forget to try local delicacies, such as the famous rillettes and exquisite cheeses.

Additionally, Tours serve as an ideal starting point for exploring the nearby treasures of the Loire Valley. Embark on excursions to the majestic castles that punctuate the region, or enjoy boat trips along the Loire River.

What to See and Do in Tours<a id="what-to-see-and-do-in-tours"></a>

Tours offer a range of experiences enriched by the mixture of the historical and the modern. Holidays in Tours are synonymous with a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere, intended to satisfy all tastes.

Next, we tell you a little about the most interesting proposals that Tours has for you.

1. Villandry Castle<a id="1-villandry-castle"></a>

Discover the timeless elegance of Château de Villandry. This Renaissance architectural gem stands out for the experience of true 16th-century “à la française” gardens.

In addition to contact with nature, the castle presents a museum with guides to delve into the past. Its historical importance led to it being designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1934.

2. Saint-Gatien Cathedral<a id="2-saint-gatien-cathedral"></a>

Visit the Saint-Gatien Cathedral and admire the grandeur of the Saint-Gatien Cathedral, a flowery Gothic jewel that dominates the Tours skyline. Marvel at its collection of exceptionally famous stained glass windows, which, together with the bells and choir from the 12th century, make the cathedral an unmissable site.


3. Museum of Fine Arts of Tours<a id="3-museum-of-fine-arts-of-tours"></a>

The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Tours invites you on a magical tour of paintings, sculptures, and art objects dating from the Renaissance era. This cultural journey is crowned with a cedar of Lebanon that stands in the museum courtyard and was declared a Notable Tree of France.

4. Bike Tour along the Loire<a id="4-bike-tour-along-the-loire"></a>

Finally, the recommendation to explore the meandering nature of the Loire River through the network of cycle paths is a must. Rent a bike and explore the majesty of the Loire River alongside enchanting landscapes and the region's vineyards that provide a unique experience.

The 3 Must-See Gastronomic Tours<a id="the-3-must-see-gastronomic-tours"></a>

Gastronomy in Tours is a culinary experience that combines the rich tradition of the Loire Valley region with contemporary creativity.

Known for its diversity and quality, Tourangelle cuisine stands out for fresh ingredients and authentic flavors, many of which can be found in the Les Helles market, a historic gastronomic and cultural hotspot in Tours.

Below we mention the 3 must-sees of the gastronomic culture of Tours.

1. Rillette de Tours<a id="1-rillette-de-tours"></a>

Sausage is made from shredded meat (usually pork) cooked in its fat. This delicacy is cooked in Tours with less fat than in other places in France.

2. Local Cheeses<a id="2-local-cheeses"></a>

Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine is one of the flagship cheeses of the central region of France. It is made with goat's milk. Also worth highlighting is Valençay, a pyramid-shaped cheese that is also a delicacy appreciated by cheese lovers.

3. Rillons de Tours<a id="3-rillons-de-tours"></a>

Millions de Tours, also known as chicharrones de Tours or Touraine, are pieces of pork breast caramelized by slow cooking.

Festivals of Tours<a id="festivals-of-tours"></a>

A city with as much historical and architectural wealth as Tours cannot be fully explored without following the tour through its local festivities. The variety of activities speaks of the different faces of this incredible city.

For film buffs, the fundamental recommendation is the Très Court International Film Festival which will take place from Friday, June 7 to Sunday, June 16, 2024. The screening of short films encompasses a competition that brings together both national and international cinema.

For those interested in exploring wine culture, Vitti Loire is recommended. This festival, which takes place on the last weekend of May, brings together amateurs and experts to taste the widest variety of wines. Producers and artisans show the fruits of their labor in an event that includes a gastronomic walk, excursions through the vineyards, and even workshops open to the public.

For music lovers, the Music Festival is celebrated on June 21, the summer event floods the city. The diversity of genres leads to enjoying classical, urban, and contemporary music, both on the street and on stages set up in the city.

At the festivals, the Tours scene opens up for the enjoyment of locals and tourists.

Traveler Testimonials<a id="traveler-testimonials"></a>

Travelers who have visited Tours relate their fascination with the history palpable when walking the streets of this city. They often comment on their surprise at the breadth of activities available to do, both outdoors and indoors.

The impact that the Château de Villandry castle, the Saint-Gatien cathedral, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Tours have on your perception of France is, according to your comments, wonderful.

The testimonies also highlight the closeness to nature that they felt in the botanical garden of Tours as well as on walking or cycling tours to the Loire River.

The travelers also highlight the enjoyment and learning they acquired from gastronomy and winemaking that opened their palates and minds to a way of understanding the cuisine and drink typical of the Tours area.

Destination Near Tours

Tours is a wonderful destination due to its historical legacy, visible in every corner, its natural beauty, and its vibrant cultural scene.

In turn, some travelers choose to combine their trip to Tours with a visit to Paris, given its proximity.

At Greca we have proposals for packages to Tours, which can be modified and adapted according to your needs and times.

There are travel packages for all tastes. Choose your adventure according to your needs!

What is the best time to visit Tours?

Spring and autumn offer pleasant weather and fewer crowds, ideal for exploring the Gardens of Tours.

What outdoor activities can you do near Tours?

In addition to hiking and cycling, in Tours, there is the possibility of boat trips, visits to vineyards, and open-air festivals.

Are there transport options from Tours to other parts of Corsica?

Yes, there are ferry and bus services that connect Tours with other cities and destinations on the island.

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