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Travel Packages in Folegandros

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General Information about Folegandros

Folegandros is a small island of Greece located in the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea. The island has an area of about 32 square kilometers and a population of about 650 inhabitants.

Folegandros is known for its impressive cliffs, sandy beaches and its authenticity and simplicity, as the island is not yet very developed touristically.

History of Folegandros

Folegandros has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The island was ruled by the Venetians and the Ottomans in the past, before becoming part of the Greek state in 1829.

During the 20th century, the island suffered a massive exodus of its population to the city of Athens, but since the 1980s, Folegandros has experienced a resurgence in tourism, although it remains a very authentic island.

Main Sights of Folegandros

These are some of the most important attractions of Folegandros.

On the one hand, the capital of Folegandros or Chora: The capital of the island is one of the most beautiful of the Cyclades, with whitewashed houses and narrow streets. It is located in the upper part of the island and is the ideal place to enjoy panoramic views of the island and the Aegean Sea.

On the other hand, the beaches of Folegandros: The island has numerous sandy beaches and hidden coves, many of which can only be accessed on foot or by boat. The most popular are Agkali beach, Agios Nikolaos beach and Livadi beach.

Finally, the kastro: This ancient Venetian fortress sits atop a cliff at the southern tip of the island. From here you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the sea and the island.

How to Get to Folegandros

The easiest way to get to Folegandros is via the neighboring island of Santorini, which has regular connections to the port of Karavostasis in Folegandros. There are also ferries connecting Folegandros with other islands of the Cyclades and the port of Piraeus in Athens.

Cultural Aspects of Folegandros

Folegandros is an island with a rich culture and traditions. Throughout the year, festivals and feasts are held on the island, with music, dance and traditional food.

The church of Panagia is the site of the island's most important festival, held on August 15.

Visitors can also explore the Folegandros Folk Museum, which features objects and artifacts from the island's history.

What to Eat and Drink in Folegandros

The food in Folegandros is delicious and reflects the rich culinary tradition of the Cyclades. Popular dishes include Greek salad, the famous feta cheese, grilled sardines, grilled octopus and fresh fish from the Aegean Sea.

Visitors should also try the local sweets, such as pasteli (sesame seed and honey bars) and amigdalota (almond sweets). As for drinks, the island produces its own wine and raki, a Greek aniseed liqueur.

Best Time to Visit Folegandros

The best time to visit Folegandros is from May to October, when temperatures are warm and most tourist businesses are open.

During the summer months, the island can be quite crowded, so those who prefer a quieter experience may choose to visit in May or September.

Things to Do in Folegandros

Folegandros is a paradise for nature lovers and hikers. The island has numerous hiking trails that take visitors through spectacular scenery, rugged cliffs and secluded beaches.

Visitors can also enjoy activities such as scuba diving, fishing and sailing. Those who prefer a more relaxing experience can spend their days at the beach or exploring the island's villages and cobblestone streets.

Vacations in Folegandros

Folegandros is an ideal vacation destination for those looking for an authentic and relaxing experience in the Cyclades. The island is known for its breathtaking scenery, sandy beaches and rich, traditional culture.

Visitors can enjoy days full of outdoor activities, such as hiking and water sports, or simply relax on the beach and enjoy local food and drink.

The island is also ideal for those looking for a quiet vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the more popular tourist areas of the Cyclades.

Getting around Folegandros

The island is quite small and easy to get around. Visitors can get around the island by foot, bicycle or motorcycle. There are also buses that connect the island's main villages and tourist attractions.

Those who prefer a more exclusive means of transportation can rent a car or motorcycle.

It should be noted that most of the island's roads are narrow and steep, so drivers should be cautious when driving in Folegandros.

In short, Folegandros is a charming and authentic tourist destination in the Cyclades. With its beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery and rich culture, it is the perfect place for a relaxing vacation away from the hustle and bustle of Greece's more popular tourist areas.

Is it possible to practice water sports in Folegandros?

Yes, you can practice water sports on some beaches of Folegandros, such as the beach of Agios Nikolaos. There you can rent paddleboarding and snorkeling equipment, as well as take a boat tour around the island.

Are there any special rules about dress when visiting churches in Folegandros?

In general, women are expected to dress modestly when visiting churches in Greece, with shoulders and legs covered. However, in Folegandros, this rule is not as strict as in other parts of Greece.

Are there any special traditions or events in Folegandros worth experiencing?

Yes, the religious festival of Panagia, which is celebrated in the church of Panagia in the town of Chora, is an important event in Folegandros. The festival includes processions, music, food and traditional dances.

Are there any restrictions on photography in Folegandros?

There are no special restrictions on photography in Folegandros. However, when visiting churches and other sacred sites, it is important to respect the rules of conduct and decorum, as well as to ask for permission to photograph in Folegandros.

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