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Tours in Aegina

100% Guaranteed Departures

Aegina General Information

Aegina, also called Egina, is an island of the Saronic Gulf, in Greece. It is bordered to the west by Angistri Island and the south by Poros Island. It is also located 10 km from the Methana peninsula (Peloponnese) and 20 km from the port of Piraeus (the main port of Athens).

Currently, it has more than 13,000 inhabitants and its capital has the same name as the island.

In addition, it has a mountain landscape. The capital of Aegina is the homonymous city and the highest point is Mount Oros, 539 meters above sea level.

Visit Aegina

The best months to visit the island of Aegina are from April to June or from September to October since the weather during this time is warm and rainfall is scarce. The perfect month to get to know the island is May, due to the combination of temperature, little rain, and calm winds.

The number of days to visit Aegina depends on the activities you want to do there. Visitors usually go for a day or two to the island, from Athens.

To get to the island of Aegina you must do it by ferry (the only way) or plane to Athens and then ferry.

To go from the port of the island of Aegina to the center of the city of Aegina you can travel by car or hire a private transfer to your accommodation.

The clothes you should bring to Greece will depend on the time of year you travel. However, if you are not a person who suffers from climatic extremes, we recommend that you always dress lightly and, at most, wear a simple coat for the night.

What to See and Do in Aegina

On the island of Aegina, you can do different activities to have fun and a good time. Among other things, we recommend that you visit the main architectural attractions of Aegina, such as the temple of Apollo and the temple of Athena, the Isodia Theotokou church, and the museums of the island, among others.

Also, if you find yourself wondering where to go shopping in Aegina, we will tell you that this island has many shops where you can shop for clothes, gifts, accessories, jewelry, and even works of art, especially in the capital, Souvala and Agia Marina. You can also take the opportunity to buy fresh food, such as fish, fruits, and vegetables.

If nature is your thing, you can opt for a day of relaxation on the beaches of Aegina, most of which have service facilities such as restaurants, bars, and markets nearby. You can also do different activities of sailing and yoga outdoors.

Among the excursions to Aegina, we recommend that you check out Aegina from Athens, a full-day tour where you will get to know the main attractions of the island.

Nights Out in Aegina

The island of Aegina, unlike other Greek islands, is renowned for its laid-back nightlife.

If you are looking for a romantic dinner, to visit a tavern with a sea view, or to go out with family and friends, we recommend that you go to the center of Aegina.

Now, if it is still in your interest to go out dancing, you can go to the clubs in Agia Marina, a 20-minute drive from the capital (approximately 12 km).

Are the tours in Aegina in English?

Yes! The tours contracted from Greca can be in Spanish or English. Check with your travel agent.

Is Aegina safe?

Traveling to Aegina is extremely safe. We recommend that you pay some attention to your belongings in public places. However, the risk of theft is extremely low.

How much money to take to Aegina

The prices on this island of Aegina are usually somewhat high, as in most of the Greek islands. We recommend that you think about spending around €150 per person each day, between accommodation, food and crossings.

Private transfer in Aegina

From Greca we can assign you a private transfer so that you can enjoy your visit to Rome with comfort and safety.

Availability of excursions in Aegina

With Greca we make sure that you have availability of excursions in all destinations. Best of all, you won't have to wait to buy your tickets or stand in long lines for each attraction!

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