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Traveling alone as a Woman: ​​4 safe and impressive places for you

June 13, 2022 5 min read.

Traveling is a passion for many, and the process of choosing the next destination is one of the most exciting sensations. If you plan to travel, you should have a lot of destinations in mind, and depending on your tastes, budgets and available days, your travel options can be quite extensive.

Today many people choose to explore the wonders of the world alone, which is why destination selection must be made even more rigorously. For women, there are recommendations on certain safer countries so that they can freely enjoy every second of their well-deserved vacations.

Check out our list of the 5 safest and most impressive places if you are a woman planning to travel alone!

Rome, Italy

Italy, in general, is a very safe country to travel alone, not to mention the wonders that the capital of the world has to offer. Ignoring the petty crime that exists in all big cities, Rome is a safe place for women who want to travel and explore alone.

In Rome, you will find endless historical monuments, starting with the Roman Colosseum, cataloged as one of the seven wonders of the world and an icon of Rome in the world, and other attractions such as the Vatican City or the Trevi Fountain.

As a general recommendation, we always recommend that if you travel alone you join group tours and thus you can always be accompanied, being an excellent way to pass the time and learn even more about curiosities of the destination. In Rome there are numerous tours that will take you to see the main attractions of the city, such as the Marco Polo Package.

Tasting wines, enjoying magnificent gastronomy and discovering the beautiful Italian culture await you on your next trip to Rome!

Ljubljana, Slovenia

We could consider Ljubljana and Slovenia in general as perfection because both the city and the country are a paradise on earth. There you will get an interesting architectural variety immersed in nature, and it is the perfect destination for women who want to get to know one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

Slovenian cuisine is a delight, so don't hesitate to taste the most common local dishes, such as the typical Gibanica sweet. Ljubljana is the perfect destination if you are a lover of museums and libraries since there you can lose yourself among the many options and return home with new knowledge.

Among its most interesting sites, you will get the famous Bridge of Dragons, the Castle of Ljubljana, the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas and the National Library. Ljubljana is an excellent option if you want to get away from the chaos of big cities and relax in a beautiful capital full of life and relaxation at the same time.

Athens, Greece

The Greek capital is a good option to visit if you travel alone. Without a doubt, it is an unforgettable experience that you will not regret since it is an interesting city with a lot of culture, gastronomy and history.

Visiting the ruins of ancient Greece is an activity that you will enjoy as much as you imagine since you will be able to delve into the past and discover one of the most important civilizations in the world. Once in Athens, you cannot miss its greatest icon, the Acropolis, as well as its museum. Other must-see attractions in the city are the Plaka neighborhood, the National Archaeological Museum, the Monastiraki neighborhood and the Ancient and Roman Agora.

Athens is a perfect destination to enjoy in combination with the beautiful Greek islands. There are plenty of options to choose from, between the popular Santorini and Mykonos or if you prefer to visit the lesser-known Greek islands, they all have unique magic and are safe for individual travelers.

Dubai, United Arabs Emirates

We all dream of discovering the extravagance of Dubai, because this beautiful emirate is full of impressive tourist attractions that attract travelers from all over the world. Dubai is considered one of the safest cities in the world, with minimal theft and insecurity rates, so for women traveling alone, it is a very calm place.

If you are worried about customs, women are free to dress as they wish in Dubai, remembering that most of the residents are foreigners. Certain restrictions apply if you plan to visit mosques or religious sites, but in general, it is a place where you can wear shorts or enjoy the beach in a bathing suit. We recommend wearing moderate clothing if you plan to visit places where locals reside.

In Dubai the plans are countless, but we always recommend that you take a walk in the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, the iconic Burj Al Arab, the recently opened Museum of the Future, the marina, the Dubai Mall and the beautiful souks. Venture into the future and extravagant luxury!

If you plan to travel alone, don't let anything stop you. Always take the utmost precautions and make sure you plan your travel destination well in advance so that you get the most out of your vacation!

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