What to eat on a trip to Turkey

As we expressed in our previous article, Turkish cuisine is increasingly appreciated by lovers of international cuisine. So on a trip to Turkey it is almost an obligation to try their most famous dishes.

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While each region offers an infinite variety of local dishes, the following recommendations are the most popular in the entire country.

Here are the last 5 famous dishes you should try on a trip to Turkey:


This large, paper-thin bread is present in two of the most popular snacks you should try on a trip to Turkey: dürüm (a version of the rolls, where the lavaş is served seasoned and rolled, usually stuffed with meat ) and gözleme (where the lavaş is filled with cheese, potatoes, or spinach; folded and cooked on a very hot tray).

Mantı (stuffed pasta):

similar to ravioli, it is a type of pasta stuffed with veal or lamb, sautéed in a yogurt and garlic sauce. Vegetarians can look for patatesli manti, stuffed with potatoes.


a breakfast that includes scrambled eggs with tomato, onion and green pepper. It is usually flavored with peynir (cheese) or sucuk (spicy sausage), and it is a dish that you will find at any time in any cafeteria if you enjoy a trip to Turkey.


halfway between appetizer and tapas, it is the first course of most restaurant meals. Choose from soğuk mezeler (cold meze), which may include patlican salatasi (aubergine puree), börülce salatası (black-eyed bean salad), or lakerda (marinated tuna). Ara sicklar (hot meze), such as kalamar tava (fried squid), are not included in the menu, but can be ordered à la carte.


These are seasonal vegetables cooked in zeytinyağlı (olive oil), with lemon, sugar and salt, cooled and served at room temperature. Depending on the harvest, you will find enginar (artichokes), taze fasulye (green beans), kabak (zucchini), bakla (beans), patlican (eggplant). Vegetables stuffed with rice and spices are a type of zeytinyağlılar, a typical dish that you must try while enjoying a trip to Turkey.


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