Trip to Turkey: Its culinary identity

Turkish cuisine is increasingly appreciated by lovers of international gastronomy. Based on fresh ingredients, the dishes are healthy and tasty. So on a trip to Turkey it is almost an obligation to try their most famous dishes.

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While each region offers an infinite variety of local dishes, the following recommendations are the most popular in the entire country.

Here are 5 famous dishes you should try on a trip to Turkey:

Çorba (soup):

lMost meals start with this soup. Mercimek çorbası mixes bulgur, lentils and mint. Another type is İşkembe çorbasi, clearer and made from viscera, which is believed to prevent hangovers. This soup is also eaten for breakfast.

Dolma (stuffed):

From zeytinyağlılar to yaprak dolmasi (stuffed grape leaves) and imambayildi (eggplant stuffed with tomato, onion and herbs), these cold dishes represent a light first course or a refreshing summer meal. Dolma etli, stuffed with meat, like soğan dolması (onions stuffed with lamb or beef) - is served as a main dish, hot.


Turned into a basic product in the world, kebabs can be prepared in a hundred different ways: toasted on a skewer (şiş kebap); roasted over low heat on a spit (döner); seasoned with butter foam, tomato sauce and cream (iskender); with chili (adana); with aubergine slices (patlican), or pistachio fillings (fistikli).

Köfte (meatballs):

Delicacy in itself, although without much pretense, köfte are usually made from a mixture of lamb, veal, egg and seasonings, other common variants are çiğ köfte (raw veal or lamb mixed with bulgur) and mercimek köfte (a vegetarian version made with lentils).

Lahmacun y pide:

Also called Turkish pizza, they carry a double base of crispy dough. The first one is thin, round and has chopped lamb, parsley and chili; the second is thicker, it is long and rectangle, filled with kaşar (cheese) or sucuk (spicy sausage) and closes at the sides.

In this article we continue developing other typical dishes that you cannot stop trying when you start a trip to Turkey.

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