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Travel Packages in Kalavryta

100% Guaranteed Departures

General Information about Kalavrita

Are you thinking of traveling to Kalavrita? So, here we tell you everything about this wonderful destination.

Kalavrita is a town and municipality in the Achaea region of Greece. It is located in the north of the Peloponnese peninsula, in a mountainous area at about 750 meters above sea level. Kalavrita is known for its rich history and beautiful natural landscapes.

During World War II, Kalavrita was the scene of a massacre by Nazi forces. In December 1943, German troops massacred more than 500 men and boys in retaliation for the killing of several German soldiers by Greek guerrillas.

Today Kalavrita is a popular tourist destination thanks to its beautiful nature and rich history. Visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, skiing, and horseback riding. There are also several historical and cultural sites to visit, such as the Mega Spilaio Monastery and the Kalavrita History Museum.

Places of Interest in Kalavrita

Kalavrita is a city steeped in history and culture, with a large number of interesting sites to visit. Some of the most prominent places are:

  1. Mega Spilaio Monastery: This impressive Orthodox monastery was founded in the 14th century and is located on a cliff near Kalavrita. It is one of the oldest monasteries in Greece and is famous for its impressive architecture and ancient frescoes.
  2. Kalavrita History Museum: This museum tells the story of Kalavrita, from ancient times to World War II. It houses a wealth of historical artifacts and objects, as well as documents and photographs illustrating the city's rich history.
  3. Kalavrita Massacre Memorial: This memorial is dedicated to the victims of the Kalavrita massacre, which took place in December 1943. It is a moving and emotional place that reminds visitors of the tragedy of World War II.
  4. Vouraikos Train: This old steam train is an exciting way to explore the mountains and natural landscapes that surround Kalavrita. The train traverses impressive canyons and offers spectacular views of the region's mountainous landscapes.
  5. Skiing at the Kalavrita Ski Resort: During the winter months, the Kalavrita Ski Resort is a popular destination for snow lovers. With slopes for beginners and experts, as well as a wide range of services and amenities, it is an excellent option for those looking for winter activities in Greece.

What to Eat in Kalavrita?

Kalavrita is a city surrounded by mountains and is located in a region of Greece known for its rich gastronomy.

Some typical dishes that you should try when you visit the city are Kokoretsi, a dish that is made with lamb intestines stuffed with spices and herbs, and then grilled, and Kontosouvli, a dish that consists of large pieces of pork. marinated in herbs and spices, then grilled on a rotating spit.

Also, we recommend you to try Feta psiti. Grilled feta is a specialty in Greece, and in Kalavrita it is served with olives and olive oil. It is a simple but delicious dish that is perfect as an appetizer or a side to other dishes.

Festivals of Kalavrita

Kalavrita is a city that celebrates many festivals and cultural events throughout the year. Here are some of the most popular festivals in Kalavrita:

  1. Harvest Festival: This festival is held in September and is an opportunity for local farmers to present their products. There is a wide variety of food and drinks to try, as well as traditional music and dance.
  2. Snow Festival: During the winter months, the city celebrates the Snow Festival. This festival includes winter sports, competitions, live music and hot food and drinks to combat the cold.
  3. Kalavrita Carnival: Carnival is a very important festival throughout Greece, and in Kalavrita it is celebrated with parades, music and traditional dances. The inhabitants of the city dress up and take to the streets to celebrate.
  4. Festival of Dance: This festival is held in July and features a variety of traditional dances from all over Greece. It is an opportunity for visitors to experience the rich culture and traditions of the country.
  5. Kalavrita Music Festival: This festival takes place in August and features a wide variety of local and international musicians and artists. It is a popular event for music lovers and is an opportunity to experience the music and culture of the region.

How Is the Culture in Kalavrita?

The culture in Kalavrita is rich and varied, dating back centuries. The city and the Peloponnese region in general have a long history and tradition, which has left an important imprint on its current culture.

The Orthodox religion is an important part of the culture in Kalavrita, and there are many churches and monasteries in and around the city. The local people are very religious and celebrate many religious holidays throughout the year.

Music and dance are an important part of the culture in Kalavrita. There are many traditional music and dance groups that perform throughout the year, and can be seen and heard at local festivals and events.

Kalavrita has a rich and turbulent history that has left its mark on the local culture. The city is famous for its role in World War II, and there are many historical sites to visit, including the Resistance Museum and the Agia Lavra Church.

In addition, Kalavrita is known for its traditional crafts, including pottery, wood carving, and jewelry. There are many workshops and shops where you can buy these handicrafts, and they are an important part of the local culture and economy.

What to See and Do in Kalavrita

Kalavrita is a wonderful destination due to its historical heritage and fascinating landscapes.

In turn, due to its proximity to Athens and Napflio, many travelers combine their visit to Kalavrita with these destinations, so you will find these sites in several of our offers.

Are you looking to marvel at the most incredible story? Do you want to know a fascinating culture? Do you want to taste exquisite cuisine?

If your answer is "yes", at Greca we have several proposals for tourist packages to Kalavrita, which you can modify and adapt according to your needs and times.

There are travel packages for all tastes. Choose your own adventure according to your needs!

How much does it cost to eat in Kalavrita?

Fast food in a kebab shop or pita gyros costs around 3-5 euros per person.

What month is cheapest to travel to Kalavrita?

In general, the cheapest months to travel to Kalavrita are during the low season, which is from November to May (except for specific dates such as Christmas, New Years, Easter and other holidays).

What is the best time to visit Kalavrita?

Peak season in Kalavrita is during the summer months, which run from June to August.

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