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Tours in Petra

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What Is Petra Known For?

Petra is an archaeological site of great importance within Jordan. Located in a narrow valley, near the Gulf of Aqaba between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea.

It is considered one of the wonders of the ancient world and the modern world. It is excavated and sculpted in stone, and it is thanks to its tombs and monuments carved into the reddish mountain strip that it is considered a World Heritage Site.

Petra was an ancient city in the East where the Nabataean people settled and took advantage of the fact that many trade routes both east and west would connect with the city. This helped the city to prosper and witness the passing of history.

Walk Through Petra

The tour of the ancient city can be exhausting but do not be discouraged because the wonders that are between the cliffs are worth the effort.

From the entrance of the city, the Siq, which is a path of one kilometer of cliffs to the end of it, where the world-famous monument in Jordan is located: The Treasury, Petra is a place of different architectural sites that will leave you with the open mouth.

The Royal Tombs that were excavated in the rock with engravings capture the attention of travelers as well as its Great Theater and the various temples, altars, and buildings with large columns and striking designs.

To reach certain archaeological monuments you will have to follow a hiking trail, some are simple and short, and others are steep and long. We assure you that all roads will have something that will leave you fascinated!

Activities in Petra

Petra is a fascinating ancient city, its incredible archaeological monuments are what fascinate tourists, but beyond the routes and roads that you can take to discover the tourist attractions, the place offers two very interesting activities.

On the one hand, you can experience what life is like in Petra. The city offers the possibility of having tea with the citizens and even being able to sleep in a Bedouin camp. The Bedouins are nomadic Arabs who inhabit the vacant places of the East.

The activity most chosen by travelers is getting to know the city at night. This tour is done by candlelight, it is said that at least one thousand eight hundred light up and mark the tour of the ancient city. During the walk, you will be able to listen to soft and suggestive Bedouin music in the background.

What to See and Do in Petra

Petra is a famous destination for being a center of great archaeological value. Tourists from all over the world choose to visit this ancient city for its architectural monuments and the great weight of its history.

Thanks to its proximity to other sites full of culture and history such as Egypt or Turkey, travelers choose to combine their excursions to Petra with these destinations.

Would you like to go on excursions to the most interesting places in Jordan? Would you like to save time when visiting tourist attractions? With Greca we offer you day tours through the most fascinating sites of the ancient city of Petra. Don't wait any longer and save your precious time with our excursions!

Are the tours in Petra in English?

Clear! The tours that you contract with our agency can be in English or Spanish. Clarify with your travel agent which one you prefer.

Availability of excursions in Petra

With Greca we assure you that there are excursions available for the place of interest that you want to visit.

Can you do the tour of Petra in one day?

Yes! The visit to the most striking places in the city can be done in a single day, but if you do not want to miss any detail, we recommend visiting it in two days.

Is the Petra tour only on foot?

Since there are narrow or steep passageways, the tour of the city is on foot but there is also the possibility of going on horseback.

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