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Things to Check When Searching for All Inclusive Greece Vacations

March 09, 2022 4 min read.

Traveling is one of the most exciting experiences we can have in life. Exploring new countries and their culture, gastronomy, and sights is a life-changing adventure. When planning to travel, we need to take into consideration many things to make the best of it, as we don’t want our dream trip to become a stressful experience in our lives.

This is why many travelers decide to opt for all-inclusive vacation packages so there is no need to think about a hotel, transportation, or food. In Greece, these bundles also include transportation by ferry or plane between the Greek islands, entrances to museums, or important sights.

Planning an all-inclusive vacation in Greece? Check out these five recommendations:

1. Contact a Travel Agency

They are the experts in finding the best packages and deals for us to have the best experience visiting our chosen destination. We can do it by ourselves, but we will face many options, and it might get difficult to understand which one is the most beneficial for us. 

Travel agents have enough experience and relationships with the hotels, and for sure, they will adjust the search according to our budget and preferences. Don’t feel afraid and trust the experts!

2. A family-friendly or an adults-only hotel?

This is an important point to consider, as resorts and hotels in Greece are usually split between family-friendly and adults-only hotels. It is obvious that this can be a determinant factor that will make us love or hate our travel experience. 

Family-friendly hotels are equipped with entertainment for the little ones, adequate pools for everyone, and, in general, they will give us the perfect environment to enjoy with the full family, while adults-only hotels are considered more intimate, especially designed for us to relax in a quiet place. Both might include bars and restaurants, varying their offerings according to their audience.

3. Is it all-inclusive or partially-inclusive?

When selecting the right package, we need to make sure if all the amenities are included or not. Sometimes, all-inclusive packages might exclude alcoholic drinks, spa services, scuba diving or entrances to tourist sites. This can be beneficial or not for us, as it will depend on what we are looking for to do, drink, or eat.


Packages vary according to the resort we book and the travel agency we hire. It is important to explain to our agent what we expect to include in our package so they can organize it to cover the activities as much as possible. 

4. Where will we be located?

This decision depends on your mood for your vacation. For sure, we want a centric hotel if our plans are to explore the downtown of Athens or walk through the beautiful streets of Santorini. But some people prefer to reserve rooms in hotels apart from the crowds to have privacy and a more serene environment. 

In any case, you need to make sure your package includes transportation in case you are far from the main area of the city, or at least have easy access to transport. 

5. Pick your favorite beach

Greece is famous worldwide for the paradisiac beaches it offers, and it is almost impossible to not get lost among all the fantastic options, but we need to make sure to select our top favorites and include them in our adventure.

For example, if you are visiting Mykonos or Crete, you will have a wide choice of wonderful beaches to choose from, so make sure your package is aligned in distance and access with them. Pools are also important, and you can have a look at the options your agent gives you before making a decision. 

After checking the points mentioned above, we should have a clearer vision of what we need to know and do before traveling. Trust us, small details can make our trip the best of our lives. 

Are you ready to explore the wonders of Greece? Check out these amazing packages to the Greek Islands we have for you!

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