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How to Plan an Affordable Trip to Greece

March 10, 20225 min read.

Greece is a very popular destination, and travelers from all over the world want to go there and explore the wonders it offers. When planning a trip to Greece, you will find many options that can range from the most expensive and luxurious to something less extravagant and budget-friendly. 

Take into consideration that the idea of traveling to Greece not being necessary is going to let you break. You can follow some tips to lower your budget and save money with the amazing deals and packages they offer to travelers.

Follow these pointers to make your low-cost trip to Greece a reality!

1. Visit Greece during the low seasons

As obvious as it might sound, when you travel to Greece during the low season (in the winter months, especially in January or February), you can save on the cost of tickets, accommodation, and other activities. Between October and November, prices are also more accessible for users.

Of course, we must take into consideration that the weather will not be our best ally, especially if among the travelers there are people who want to do outdoor activities. But if this is not a limitation, or we want to enjoy winter sports, traveling on these dates is definitely the best option!

If you want to still enjoy the warm weather of Greece, consider visiting the country between June and September. Prices might be slightly higher than in winter, but they are considerably cheaper than in summer. Also, you will have more entertainment options as businesses start operating again, preparing themselves for the wave of tourists they will receive in the upcoming months. 

Usually, the accommodations have low occupancy, and therefore, the prices go down. The airlines also have less demand, so the tickets will be much cheaper than in other months of the year. And if none of this convinces, let's take into consideration that the places of interest, museums, and other attractions will be less congested than in high season.

2. Enjoy good but cheap food

When we travel, we want to try everything, and that is part of the experience of exploring the destination we know. However, we should not, therefore, spend a lot of money on fine dishes or restaurants if we want to save.

Local food is delicious and usually cheaper. At the same time, remember that locals won’t afford to eat in places with tourist prices, so you will find hundreds of street restaurants, bakeries, and stands selling food for a very affordable price, and at the same time, you will be tasting the local and authentic gastronomy of Greece. 

3. Book as early as possible

You will get better deals on transportation, entrances, and reservations if you book well in advance. For example, ferries that move from one island to another are usually more expensive if you buy your tickets at the last minute. 

Comparing prices is also very important, as you will find many competitive transportation companies offering the same service but with different deals. Make sure to study your options and choose the one that best fits your budget. Also, slower ferries are cheaper than those fast-boats, so chill and enjoy the trip while saving some money.

4. Take advantage of entrance fees

Most of the entrance fees to museums, monuments, and tourist sights in Greece are affordable, as they maintain a considerable price for locals. Make sure to ask for student or age discounts, for example, for kids or people over 60. 

5. Find cheap accommodation

Find accommodation that covers the minimum requirements for you to stay comfortably. We recommend you don’t go luxurious, as most of the time you will be outside your hotel exploring the beauties of Greece. Early booking applies here too, as usually hotels in the country start getting reserved a long time in advance and prices vary according to the time in anticipation that you reserve your room. 

6. Use public transport to move from one place to another

Almost all cities in Greece have a good public transport system that connects the main points of interest and even one city with another. In the largest cities, buses are the most common means of transport used, making the process of moving from one place to another very pleasant, saving not only money but also time.

It is easy to access, and the rates are usually accessible to the entire population. If you want to travel from one place to another within Greece by plane, there are low-cost airlines on which you can get incredible discounts.

7. Don’t be afraid of package deals 

Most of the time, you save a lot of money by contacting travel agents and getting a full-package travel service from them. They have the best deals with the hotels and transportation companies, and they can adapt the whole trip according to your budget. 

Most all-inclusive packages are the best options for those who are traveling with a limited amount of money, as they won’t care about extra payments for accommodation, food, or entrances. Make sure to explain to your travel agent what you want on your itinerary and to receive as many details as possible to prevent surprises during your trip.

These are just some of the tips we have for you. Always keep in mind that traveling on a budget is possible as long as you make a precise itinerary and don't try to cover too much in one trip, and of course, anticipation plays a fundamental role in the final cost.

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