Discovering the Cyclades islands: Syros

Syros is an island of contrasts, a complete mix between cosmopolitan and traditional, where beaches and theaters are found in the same place. Syros is an important port town, and back in the 19th century, it was even more important than Piraeus, Athens' port.

Definitely, the capital of the Cyclades islands has a lot to offer you. Syros might not have the white sands and the same quantity of beaches as its neighbors, but what makes it special are the amazing festivals, such as the Aegean Festival, the art scene and culture in general that it has to offer. The architecture of Syros is very interesting also, with a neoclassical style ready to be photographed. 

Once there, you need to visit Ermoupoli, the main town on the island, where you will find a spacious main square near the Town Hall, a beautiful 19th-century masterpiece. The Apollo Theater is the small version of Milan’s La Scala, and it constantly offers different musical performances that you should not miss. The Hellas Club and the Pallas cinema will make you appreciate the urban architecture of the area.

In Ermoupoli, you will see different Orthodox and Catholic churches and monasteries, giving the town a dual identity. In the principal town, you will also find a great beach with coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and shops. If you want to try your luck, head to the casino in the city, located in a mansion dating back to the 1830s. 

In the upper part of the town, the second town on the island, Ano Syros is located. It is a very classic Cycladic village, with the typical white houses and narrow alleys that connect one place to another. Ano Syros has a medieval atmosphere and will give you stunning views of the Aegean Sea, with great terraces to enjoy a coffee or a drink. From up there, pay a visit to the Cathedral of St George, which dominates the town, and the Vamvakaris Museum, dedicated to the popular rebetiko musician

If you want to include a visit to the beach while visiting Syros, Galissas, Delfini, Kini, Finikas, and Dellagratsia are serene landscapes to enjoy a family holiday. Some of these beaches might get busy, so make sure to pick the ones that adapt better to your taste and needs. 

Something else also remarkable about Syros is the incredible cuisine the locals offer, and the quality of the gastronomy is what makes the island a top destination. Some plates to try are kaparosalata (salad with capers), maintanosalata (salad with parsley), frisoura, ladopita, delagraciano and the San Michali cheese. Local sweets are also remarkable on the island, called loukoumia in Greek, they are full of flavors such as rosewater, pistachios, and almonds. We advise you: they are addictive!

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