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The Port of Piraeus, Gate of Athens

February 07, 2022 3 min read.

Piraeus has been the port (and gate) of Athens since the time of Themistocles and is one of the most important in the Mediterranean. It belongs to the Atiki region and the province of the same name.

Piraeus is a recently built city, where large industrial facilities and shipyards are located. Currently, it is a suburb of the capital, which is linked by large neighborhoods that cover the 10 km distance between them. The port is made up of three natural bays.


Located to the northwest, Kantharos is the main port and from where the great ships depart for tourists, merchandise and fishing. Despite the fact that the port exceeds 10 million passengers annually, this area has no tourist interest.


Also known as Pasha Limani (formerly name), Zea is the marina where the largest and most luxurious yachts dock. The port, formerly a refuge for the military navy, is today used as a port for recreational boats and as a stopover for shipping lines that go to the islands of the Gulf of Aegina. Near the pier, you can see some sections of the walls of Themistocles.

Additionally, this port has an interesting promenade full of bars, shops, restaurants and terraces that make the area one of the liveliest places in Athens, especially in summer. Zéa is a gulf located on the eastern side of the Akti peninsula, which is very well protected due to its narrow mouth.

From a cultural point of view, this area is home to the Piraeus Archaeological Museum and the Ancient Theater of Zea.


Also known as Munichia, Mikrolimano is a port similar to Zea but smaller and more charming. It is a small dock, which formerly received the name of Turkolimano and was fortified. Today, large yachts give way to fishing boats and restaurants to taverns specializing in fresh fish.

When the sea is calm, you can see some sections of the defensive buildings from the 4th century BC, which have been submerged. From the small hill of Kastela (86 m), where the ancient acropolis was located, behind the port, you can enjoy a wide panoramic view of Piraeus and the Gulf of Aegina.

The Akti Miaouli promenade

It is a lively promenade that opens to the main port, named by the Venetians Porto Leone because it was decorated by a large marble lion. This lion was taken as spoils of war by Francesco Morosini and installed in the Arsenal of Venice in 1629. Along the promenade, the modern buildings of the Maritime Station and Customs are opened, and there are docks for the passengers who head to the islands and Italy. On the opposite shore is the small peninsula of Eetionea, which was in ancient times a military arsenal protected by the walls built by Conon in the years 394-391 B.C. To the south, the Akti peninsula stands out; to the east are the collected ports of Zea and Mikrolimano.

Néo Fáliro

Neo Falero was the first summer resort for the Athenians and saw the first mixed baths for men and women in Greece. In present times, it is dominated by the very modern Peace and Friendship stadium, which is considered one of the most important in Europe; It was founded in 1985. It has an area of ​​28,000 square meters and a capacity for 17,000 spectators.

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