Top 3 places to elope in Greece

When we think about weddings, the first things that come to our minds are exotic decorations, a lot of food, and many guests. This varies according to our budget and personality, but recently, more people are attracted to celebrating their love unions through intimate ceremonies.

A day focused on just the two love birds, without the stress of taking care of all the minor details that a traditional wedding may necessitate, is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among young couples. These weddings are less stressful, budget-friendly, and private

Through time, elopement ceremonies are becoming more popular as they give the couple the freedom to decide where and how to marry and reflect on what feels right for both of them in the relationship. Elopement ceremonies are a personal decision that makes your marriage start in the way you want. 

The first thing to consider after deciding to elope is the requirements for eloping in your wedding destination. For example, in Greece, you won’t need to be a local, but you should be aware of the paper’s requirements to proceed with your desired ceremony. 

Requirements for eloping in Greece:

  1. A valid passport
  2. A certified copy of a birth certificate with an Apostille stamp
  3. An official Apostille translated into Greek, which can be certified by a lawyer, a foreign ministry’s translation department, a certified translator, or the Greek consulate from your home country
  4. Notarized proof of freedom to marry or affidavit of marriage 
  5. If applicable, a decree of absolution from a prior marriage. 
  6. A copy of the local newspaper in which your marriage intentions were announced.

What will it cost to elope in Greece?

After you've completed this and gathered all of the necessary documentation, head to the town hall to apply for a marriage license, which you'll receive eight days later. The total cost of this procedure is, on average, 307 euros (363 USD).

Where to elope in Greece?

1. Santorini

If you are looking for an environment of love and romance, Santorini is the perfect option to elope in Greece. The island offers unique landscapes that will make your union unique and unforgettable, and you will never run out of options for entertainment with the huge offer of bars, restaurants, clubs, and interesting sites to visit after your ceremony. 

2. Meteora

The incredible and huge rock formations of Meteora can be the perfect setting to do your love votes. Located in central Greece, this area is filled with medieval monasteries that are interesting to explore and have a variety of great places to stay and spend your first days as a married couple. 

3. Zakynthos

If your dream ceremony is next to the beach, then Zakynthos has everything you need. The crystal waters of the famous shipwreck beach can be the perfect background for your lifetime pictures. Sealing through the caves located in the surroundings is an amazing experience to explore, and trust us, they are very romantic!


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What will it cost to elope in Greece?

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