The 7 romantic islands of Greece

Greece is one of the top vacation destinations for couples worldwide. People from around the globe travel to the Hellenic country to capture some of the magic that Greece has to offer. Here, they enjoy some of the best beaches in the world, excellent nightlife, delicious food and many other experiences that couples of all ages can enjoy.

While all the islands in Greece are great, and have a lot to do, some stand out over the rest. Here we will take a look at some of the best islands that Greece has to offer and that are best suited for romance:


Santorini is an especially popular destination for couples. Not only is this a great destination for romance, but there are many weddings here and it is also a great destination for honeymooners. The island is suitable for all kinds of romanticism, especially because the landscape is unique and the colors offered by the island seem taken out from dreams. Here, lovers can contemplate one of the best sunsets in all of Greece. Every night, couples from all over the world look at it from their favorite viewpoints, like the town of Oía.


This island is also known for its romantic air. In Mykonos you can also experience some wonderful sunsets. In addition to that, this island is also known for its great nightlife and beaches. This is a great place for couples who love to relax by the sea, enjoy great sunsets, and experience a party vibe.


The Hydra island is especially suitable for couples looking for something out of the ordinary. Because vehicles are not allowed here, the island tends to be a very quiet. However, you can enjoy all the great things that a typical Greek island has to offer, such as dram beaches and delicious cuisine.



Crete is the largest island in Greece, which means there are options for everyone. There are sandy beaches, a thriving nightlife, shopping, and delicious cuisine that is unique to the island. In short, the island provides for all kinds of tastes. There are also many resorts, so it's also a great island for couples who want to relax and spend most of their time in a comfortable hotel. You can also do 100% sightseeing and enjoy the famous archaeological site at the Palace of Knossos and the Samaria Gorge (the longest in Europe). In fact, if you love the outdoor activities, Crete is a great destination for hiking and other outdoor sports.


Milos is a charming little island that is a bit off the beaten path. This is the perfect place for couples looking for a simple destination to relax and unwind. On this island there are some excellent beaches, delicious food and some popular attractions, such as the popular Catacombs of Milos, to visit while you are here. This is the legendary island supposed to be birthplace of the goddess of lust and love, Aphrodite.


Rhodes is a unique island that is also a great destination for couples. The island is captivating and there are plenty of sites here that will satisfy history fans. As this was the headquarters of the Knights of San Juan, the island has a unique medieval presence. There are also some wonderful beaches here.


This island is one of the most popular in all of Greece to visit. Corfu has many interesting sites for people to enjoy tourism. There's also ample nightlife, some wonderful beaches, and cuisine you'll want to experience. In turn, there are some great resorts here that also attract couples from all over the world. These are even great places to celebrate a honeymoon, wedding, anniversary, or other romantic occasion!


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