Discovering Greece: The magnificent lake in Melissani Cave

Kefalonia Island has a lot to offer. Without a doubt, Melissani lake is one of the main attractions in this beautiful Greek island, located one mile away from Sami city. This lake is covered by a cave and attracts thousands of tourists annually. The outer part of the cave is surrounded by forests, and its interior will leave you mesmerized: crystal blue waters under an incredible rocky posterior.

Forgotten for centuries, this gift of nature was rediscovered by speleologist, Giannis Petrohilos, in 1951. Two years later, the top part of the cave collapsed due to an earthquake, allowing the sun to touch the crystal water.  A wonder to one’s eyes, it almost seems like a boat on the water is floating in the air. 

With two large corridors and one island in the middle, it appears as if the cave forms a “B”. Along a long path, a second cave is seen and its vaulted ceiling is adorned with stalactites and stalagmites dating back almost 20,000 years. The depth of the lake varies between 20 to 30 meters. 

In Greek mythology, it is known as the Cave of the Nymphs. According to legend, nymph Melissani, who loved the god Pan that never reciprocated his love for her, committed suicide by throwing herself in the water. In the middle of the lake, ruins of a temple were found on the small island. In 1963, during an excavation, it gave way to exhibits dedicated to the nymph as a small terracotta statue, and a tray representing the god Pan, shedding light on her tragic story.

Why visit the caves?

Without a doubt being an unforgettable experience, this impressive wonder of nature is one of the most attractions within the Kefalonia Island.

When to visit?

It is usually recommended to visit the caves on a bright, sunny day. However, paying a visit in the break of dawn or sunset is also quite interesting and definitely worth it. 

How to arrive at the caves? 

It is an easy access taking a short trip, coming from Sami or Agua Efimia

The famous Cave of the Nymphs is an incredible destination that you will thoroughly enjoy when visiting the Kefalonia Island. Get in touch with nature and discover the myths behind every site, which will most likely leave you wanting to come back for another visit. 

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