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Best places to dive in Greece

February 07, 2022 4 min read.

Greece has more than 16,000 kilometers of coastline, making it a country that has a lot to offer for diving enthusiasts. While this activity was limited for a long time due to strict regulations, it is currently enjoying a considerable increase in popularity. Therefore, we present you the best diving places you can find in Greece.

Schinaria, Crete

Due to its coastline, Crete is definitely a great location when it comes to diving. This is why, if you are fascinated with marine life, head to Schinaria (or Skinaria), located south of Rethymnon. In fact, the seabed of this small beach is home to an abundance of moray eels, black fish, octopus and other marine species. With its stunning clarity of water, Schinaria Beach is often a must-see diving destination when exploring the sea sorrounding the island.

Kea, HMHS Britannic shipwreck

If exploring wrecks sounds fun, then you're in luck because Greece is home to one of the world's most famous wrecks. The HMHS Britannic was a World War I hospital ship that sank off the coast of the small island of Kea, also called Tzia, in 1916. Experience is needed as the depth and complexity of the wreck make it a difficult dive for beginners. Thus, it can only be explored by advanced divers.

Paleokastritsa, Corfu

On the northwest coast of Corfu, Paleokastritsa is known for its beaches covered by crystal-clear turquoise waters. As such, the rocks and reefs off the nearby coast provide underwater amusement parks ideal for diving fans. Kolovri beach is a favorite, as it is home to reefs up to 40 meters deep, as well as an underwater arch.

Nea Kameni, Santorini

Being a volcanic island, Santorini offers exciting diving possibilities. One of the best places is Nea Kameni, formed by volcano eruptions. The Santa Maria wreck, a 34-meter-long steel passenger ship that sank in Taxiarachis Bay in 1975, is 18 meters below the surface and awaits divers and even those lacking  experience. Additionally, the nearby waters feature rocks, underwater lava formations, and sea caves that are worth exploring.

Mirmigi Reef, Lesbos

On the northwest side of Lesbos (Mytilini), near the town of Petra, the Mirmigi Reef is a popular diving site, blessed with abundant marine life and beautiful topography, including volcanic formations. It is a perfect experience for beginners thanks to the excellent visibility and the absence of currents. The reef starts at approximately 5 m (16 ft) and progresses up to 36 m (118 ft) deep.

Kefalonia, shipwreck of HMS Perseus

The Ionian island of Kefalonia is also an attractive destination thanks to its incredible coastline, its spectacular beaches and its varied nightlife. But for divers, it's the wreck of HMS Perseus that makes the island magical. This British submarine built in 1929 sank during World War II in 1941, after hitting an Italian mine, 11 kilometers from the coast. The shipwreck is located 52 meters below the surface and is definitely a favorite spot among divers.

Elephant Cave, Crete

If you visit Crete and are close to Chania, explore the Elephant Cave. This partially filled underwater cave is located in the Drepano area of ​​Akrotiri. Home to an impressive series of red and white stalagmites and stalactites, it is a fascinating dive for experienced divers. The cave, formed over several millennia, houses a unique treasure: the fossilized remains of an extinct elephant, which includes vertebrae, teeth, and a tusk. The remains of other animals are also on view.

Marathonisi, Zante

On the Zante coast (also called Zakynthos), the uninhabited island of Marathonisi is one of the main nesting areas for Caretta Caretta sea turtles. As such, diving in the area will allow you to see this species of turtle swimming, but you will also be able to see other local species such as flying fish, octopus, eels and parrot fish.


Located in the Aegean Sea, just 7 km from Turkey, Chios has a number of fascinating diving spots to discover. Home to stunning underwater caves, colorful reef formations, vibrant marine life, vertical walls, and glorious shipwrecks, Chios is a great diving destination for both novice and advanced divers.

Mykonos, shipwreck Anna II 

Diving lovers gather here. Mykonos may be the Greek party island, but there is also a constant celebration under the waves. Sunk in the southeastern region of Mykonos is the Anna II Shipwreck, a 62-meter-long cargo ship, which is a perfect playground for shipwreck diving experts. The boat, at the ideal depth of 25 meters, is still in excellent condition and accessible to explore. But the surrounding area is equally captivating, especially the reef and its sponge colony.

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