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The ideal destinations for senior adults who travel alone

April 10, 2023 5 min read.

In these times, when senior people are mentioned, a very different image from that of decades ago is projected on our heads. Gone is the idea that the beloved "grandparents" do not leave their homes or maintain a passive life. On the contrary, many elderly people are observed giving their lives a healthy attitude, gym, walking or touring. In short, it can be said that today's "grandparents" are more active than those of long ago and take advantage of this stage of life to fulfill wishes or pending projects. One of them is traveling. 

With these changes, the strategies had to be rethought, as is the case with Greca Travel, which today includes packages specially made for them.

Anyone who has traveled a lot can surely tell you that there are certain tourist destinations that are better suited for certain people in a certain age group compared to other groups.

There are some tourist destinations that mostly attract young students, such as Barcelona or Mykonos (although of course there are options for adults within these two incredible places).

On the other hand, other destinations largely concentrate more "mature" tourists, the elderly, who are the age group on which our report focuses.

Among the most common options is the organization of group packages. In addition to making a leisurely itinerary, easy access and permanent attention, the necessary accompaniment is provided for security, in places where the culture, traditions and language are completely different.

A good alternative for the beloved "grandparents" is a package to Turkey and Greece. A journey full of history for those who want to know the most important aspects of ancient Athens, exploring its cultural and historical places, up to Santorini, the famous "blue and white island".

This package may include a cruise. This is one of the classics of tourism for the elderly to enjoy a relaxing promenade. The boats are authentic floating cities, with many activities for the elderly and fully accessible facilities. Among the preferred cruises, those that cross the Mediterranean stand out. For example, the beautiful Italian coast or the Greek islands have a very varied offer of circuits.

But, when it comes to cruises, there is nothing written. For older people who prefer more exotic destinations, there are winter Nile routes. Another more romantic option is to join a cruise on a sailboat. There are many destinations with this type of luxury boat. Cruises allow you to visit almost any coastal area on the planet and its main cities. All this with exquisite attention and all the comforts.

Another classic for tourists of the third age is to spend a few days in a spa. In all the countries with beautiful beaches (Greece, Italy, Turkey, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates) that Greca Travel operates, there are facilities adapted for the elderly, with activities and care to improve health and in spectacular settings.

There are very popular cities and destinations, which, sometimes, remain in the pipeline. Senior citizen years are a perfect time to fulfill those pending wishes. Among the sites preferred by the elderly, these destinations stand out:

The pyramids of Egypt

Africa remains a place that attracts many. Above all, the Egyptian pyramids, which are on almost all bucket lists. There are many offers that combine this destination with others nearby.


From the Holy City to the Eternal City, Rome is also a classic destination for senior tourism, and there are many vacation packages to learn about its history and impressive cultural offerings.

Amalfi Coast

Small steep villages on the hills, a deep blue sea, underground caves and a road that winds between plantations. This is the Amalfi Coast in the south of Naples, a strip of about 50 km along a promontory, which constitutes one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Europe. A quiet tourist destination, full of beautiful bars and restaurants, and unique views.

Greek Islands

Through a cruise, after touring the impressive and ancient Athens, you will be able to visit the beautiful Greek islands. The boats are authentic floating cities, with many activities for the elderly and fully accessible facilities. A must-see ride.


Istanbul can also be reached via cruise ship. This is one of the largest cities in the world. Without a doubt, it is the most famous and populated city in Turkey. The beauty of Istanbul is governed by the slits that mark the Bosphorus Strait (which separates Asia from Europe) and the Golden Horn that connects bridges and ships. It also governs the colors provided by dozens of mosques. This destination can be walked slowly, with the help, security and information provided by our guides.


Strolling in the gondolas is one of the most sought after activities among the elderly. This unique city is built on an archipelago of 118 small islands linked together by 455 bridges, including the islands of Murano and Burano. Undoubtedly, in Venice, you will be able to visit its beautiful streets on the water, contemplate the Grand Canal, visit San Marco Square with its Basilica ("The most elegant hall in Europe” as Napoleon Bonaparte defined it). In addition, visit the Ducal Palace and enjoy the beautiful view from the Rialto Bridge. Unforgettable.

The precautions to take when traveling with the elderly

Among these cares, we must value those related to health and accessibility. As some exclusive sites for the elderly indicate, older tourism has its own characteristics that differentiate it from the rest. But the most important thing would be to make sure that good health insurance is included in the agency's offer. In addition, check the existence of special menus and, if possible, keep a medical report that includes the diseases that are suffered. With these precautions and good planning to avoid stressful situations, it is possible to live some very pleasant trips at this stage. Good trip!

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