Tips for haggling in the great Turkish Bazar

As we indicated in the previous article about the Grand Bazaar, most sellers expect you to haggle before closing a purchase in this shocking place, especially if you plan to purchase more than one item.

And that is why we offer you some tips to remember in your experience at the Grand Bazaar located in Istanbul.


-Start asking the price of the item (ne kadar?). You should not appear convinced of your purchase, as overt enthusiasm will increase the starting price. Never be the first to say how much you think it is worth, even if you feel coerced. The price asked by the seller will serve as a guide. The final price will probably be between one third and two thirds of the first price requested.

-Decide how much the item you want to buy is worth to you. Take into account the work required to manufacture it, the antiquity, the rarity ... You will find everything from Chinese imports with low prices to carpets over 300 years old.

-Respond with a price that is half of what you are willing to pay. You will find that most vendors are polyglots; if not the case, haggling takes place by dialing numbers on a calculator, which goes from hand to hand.

-Raise your price little by little. The final rate should be half the one proposed by the seller.

-Don't be afraid to leave. If the seller is willing to further lower its price, it will follow you. If not, and if you are willing to pay the last discussed price, there is nothing wrong with going back to the store a few minutes later.

- Above all, remain calmed and be pleasant all the time. Aggressive haggling won't get you anywhere, especially in Turkey. This exchange of views should be more like a playful dance.

Also, it is worth clarifying that in the Grand Bazaar there are also some stores where prices are fixed. Respect the seller's choice, although, of course, no one prevents you from asking for a sale or trying to haggle. They will respond to you with the final offer. Lastly, don't rush into the Grand Bazaar - stop by to compare the best deals and calculate the exchange price.

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