Why choose a cruise through the Greek Islands?

A true trip to Greece is complete only when you tour its beautiful islands on a cruise. Cruises to the Greek islands are growing in popularity as they are a comfortable and relaxed way to travel.

A cruise to the Greek islands provides the opportunity for a thorough repose as all key decisions are made long before you embark. For example, the route is chosen in advance and the prices are known in advance (and include almost all expenses). Cruises to the Greek islands located in the Aegean Sea, such as Mykonos, Crete, Santorini, Milos or Rhodes, and others, provide the most important cultural mark among those organized on all seven seas. They range from four-day and three-night cruises, with visits to various islands, to authentic odysseys of more than a week!

See also the package for Athens, cruise through the Greek islands, with Delphi and Meteora in addition to the Turkish coast!

Greek island cruises also combine Greek ports with others in Turkey such as Kusadasi. This Turkish port is highly frequented by cruises around the Greek islands due to its proximity to the ruins of Ephesus and its bazaar.

The cruise ships travel great distances at night, so the days are free for the passengers to go on excursions and enjoy all the services provided onboard; this brief contact with some islands, however, can be extremely useful when organizing future trips!

In general, the cruise season to the Greek islands opens in late March and ends in late October. One of these excursions could be the perfect opportunity to turn yourself into a true explorer!

A cruise around the Greek islands, the best option

The hospitality of the Greek people, the historical monuments, the gastronomy, the unique landscapes and the blue water beaches are just some of the attractive features that will be offered on our Greek island cruises. A feast of colours and sensations in this sunny corner of the world! During the cruise you can enjoy the sun on deck combined together with other fun and cultural activities.

Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Rhodes, Patmos or Folegandros are just some of the cosmopolitan islands that you can visit on one of our cruises. Each island has its own unique character, its own story to tell, giving us moments that we will never forget. But ... Why is a cruise the best option to see a place? When traveling on a cruise you can visit many different places at a single time, in a safe, comfortable, fully- and well-organized way, in the company of your family or your partner. Also, during a cruise, you can get to meet new people from different countries and make new friends.

Whether you want to relax on dream islands, swim and enjoy the sun or visit places where ancient history has left its mark, we can help you live the dream: tours to museums and important archaeological sites, walks through typical Greek alleys, diving, sunbathing on golden sand beaches, enjoying sunsets from charming corners of the islands, dinners in traditional restaurants, and tasting the famous Greek gastronomy ... An exquisite balance between educational activities and relaxation.

In short, comfortable cruises around the Greek islands are the perfect option for cultural trips and for all tastes. Enjoy a one and only experience on a luxurious cruise and give your partner or family an exclusive and incomparable adventure. At the end of your cruise, what will remain are beautiful memories and powerful emotions that will last forever.


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