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Travel and vacation packages to Greece and Italy

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Greece is, without a doubt, one of the main tourist destinations in Europe. Both mainland Greece and the bundle of islands that spread across the Aegean and the Mediterranean are the source of huge numbers of tourists each year. Who has not ever had the image of a group of white houses and a blue background, or the silhouette of the Acropolis over the city of Athens?

Greece is a land of monuments and archaeological remains. Mythology, stories and legends also ride through this country that is divided, as we said before, between mainland Greece and the islands of Greece. In total, almost six thousand islands including the Saronic, the Ionian, the Cyclades, the Aegean islands, Crete and the Dodecanese archipelago

Italy is also one of the most visited and touristically demanded countries. It appeals with its  gastronomy, architecture, history and rich culture. You will be able to find interesting cities like Venice, which you should definitely visit; Florence, one of the most beautiful cities, cradle of the Renaissance and where you will see art everywhere; Rome, full of architecture and history that we have always seen in books and movies; and Naples, known for being the birthplace of pizza.


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