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Travel Packages in Bled

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General Information about Bled

Bled is a small town in Slovenia and one of the most impressive destinations in Europe. If you are looking for a complete place to travel, Bled is your destination.

Located in the center of the Julian Alps, Bled is famous for its crystal clear lake, Lake Bled, surrounded by mountains that offer spectacular views of the area.

The island of Bled is located in the center of the lake, where the Church of the Assumption, one of the most emblematic places of the region, is located. 

You can rent a boat and sail to the island, enjoying the peacefulness of the lake and the scenery.

Besides the lake, Bled is known for its wide variety of outdoor activities. 

You can go hiking in the Julian Alps, cycling along the forest trails or enjoy the adrenaline rush of rafting on the rivers in the area.

If you are looking for something more relaxing, enjoy a soak in the thermal waters of the town's spas.

The local gastronomy is another attraction of Bled, with a wide variety of dishes and wines that make each meal a unique experience.

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In short, Bled is a magical place, full of nature, activities and delicious cuisine. If you are looking for a unique and exciting tourist destination for a family vacation in Slovenia, don't miss the opportunity to visit Bled on your next trip.

What to See in Bled

Thanks to the location of Bled, it has many activities and places of interest which you cannot miss on your trip. Here you can find some of the most emblematic places:

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is a beautiful glacial lake located in the heart of the Julian Alps in Slovenia. It is famous for its crystal clear waters and the picturesque island at its center. 

The island is home to the Church of the Assumption, one of the architectural gems of the region, and is a popular destination for visitors who arrive by boat to enjoy the view.

The lake was formed during the last glaciation and is of karst origin. 

It has a depth of 30.6 meters and covers an area of approximately 1.5 square kilometers. 

The water of the lake is crystal clear and cold, and is said to have healing properties due to its high mineral content.

Lake Bled is a major tourist destination in Slovenia, and offers a wide range of activities for visitors. You can take a boat ride to the island, hike through the Julian Alps, enjoy the beauty of the lake from land, or relax in one of the many cafes and restaurants surrounding the lake.

Bled Island

Bled Island is a small island located in the center of Lake Bled. It is one of the most emblematic sites in the region and is famous for its church of the Assumption, one of the architectural jewels of the area.

The island is accessible by traditional rowing boats called pletnas, which can be rented in the port of the town of Bled. 

The pletnas are operated by local fishermen and take visitors on a leisurely trip across the lake. Once you reach the island, you can walk up a stone staircase that leads to the Church of the Assumption. 

The church is baroque in style and is known for its bell tower and hand-carved altar.

In addition to the church, Bled Island has other tourist attractions such as a small souvenir store and several cafes and restaurants serving delicious local food.

The island has a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages, when it was owned by the Brixen bishops. For centuries, the island has been an important pilgrimage site, and today it is a popular tourist destination.

Bled Castle

Bled Castle is a hilltop fortification overlooking Lake Bled in Slovenia. It is one of the most iconic sites in the region and is famous for its rich history and impressive architecture.

The castle was built in the 11th century and has undergone several renovations and remodeling over the centuries. 

Today, it is a museum that houses a collection of historical objects and artifacts that tell the story of the region.

From the top of the castle, you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the lake and the Julian Alps. 

There is also a Gothic chapel in the castle, which is a popular venue for weddings and other types of events.

Bled Castle also offers a variety of activities for visitors, including wine tastings in its subway cellar, craft workshops, and guided tours to discover the history of the castle and the region.

The Vintgar Gorge

The Vintgar Gorge is a gorge located near the village of Podhom in Slovenia. It is one of the most beautiful and natural places in the region and offers a unique experience to visitors.

The canyon was formed by the Radovna River and stretches for almost 2 kilometers. 

Along the canyon, there are a series of waterfalls, rapids and crystal clear pools that offer breathtaking views and unique photo opportunities.

There is a nearly 1.6-kilometer wooden trail that winds through the canyon and allows visitors to see it up close. The trail also passes over several waterfalls and offers panoramic views of the vegetation and breathtaking natural beauty of the site.

Vintgar Canyon is a popular place for hiking and enjoying a day outdoors in nature with the family. It is also a popular spot for photography and wildlife viewing, including trout and waterfowl.

Triglav National Park

Triglav National Park is a natural area in Slovenia. It is the largest national park in the country and has a wide variety of landscapes, from mountains, rivers and lakes to forests and large grasslands.

The name of the park is due to the fact that the highest mountain in Slovenia, Mount Triglav, is located in the terrain of the national park. 

The park has many trails through the different mountains perfect for hiking.

Lakes, rivers and waterfalls can also be found in the park. The Sava River originates in the park and is one of the most important rivers in Slovenia.

In addition, the national park is known for its rich diversity of wildlife and large amount of flora and fauna, making it a perfect place for nature lovers and mountain relaxation.

Traditional Food of Bled

Traditional Bled food is based on Alpine cuisine and features a wide variety of rustic and tasty dishes. One of the most famous dishes is the traditional 'kremna rezina' or Bled cream cake, which is made with layers of puff pastry, custard and whipped cream.

Another typical dish is Bled trout, which is caught in the lake and prepared in various ways, either grilled, fried or smoked. 

Pork sausages and meat stews are also very popular, as well as 'žganci', a dish of cornmeal dough that is often served with stews or game meat.

In addition, the use of mountain herbs and spices, such as thyme and oregano, to flavor dishes is common in Bled. Traditional baked goods, such as rye bread and cornbread, are also produced.

Overall, Bled's traditional food is simple, tasty and nutritious, with dishes that reflect the nature and rural life of the Alps. If you have the opportunity to visit Bled, don't miss the chance to sample its delicious traditional cuisine.

Cultural Aspects about Bled

The Bled region has a rich history and cultural heritage. In the Middle Ages, Bled Castle was built on top of a hill to protect the area from possible invasions and attacks.

The town of Bled has numerous churches and historical monuments, such as the Church of St. Martin, the Church of the Assumption and the Chapel of St. Anne.

The region is known for its traditional handicrafts, including wood carving, pottery and Easter egg painting. 

These handcrafted products can be found in local stores and in the town's markets.

As for festivals and cultural events, Bled hosts every year such as the Literature Week, the Bled Classical Music Festival, the Medieval Festival and the Antique and Rare Book Fair

These events attract visitors from all over the world and are the perfect opportunity to experience culture and history first hand.

Music and folklore are a fundamental part of Bled's culture, with numerous dance groups and local musicians enlivening the streets and festivals.

Take a look at Greca's travel guides and enjoy a complete vacation.

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