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Saint Patrick: Irish Tradition and Holiday Spirit

March 14, 20246 min read.

Saint Patrick is celebrated on March 17, a holiday commemorating the death of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Although this day has a strongly religious origin, today it is celebrated by devotees and non-devotees, since the joy surrounding this tradition is contagious and has transcended many barriers, even the passage of time.

This celebration has spread beyond the borders of Ireland and is now enjoyed worldwide with parades, music, dancing, and, of course, the famous green coloring. People dress in green outfits, paint shamrocks on their faces, and gather in pubs to enjoy Celtic music and a pint of beer.

Ultimately, it is a day to celebrate Irish culture, friendship, and joy, where everyone is welcome to join in the fun. Picture of Pascal Bernardon on Unsplash

Who was Saint Patrick?

Saint Patrick, born in the 5th century, was a Christian missionary and bishop, known for converting much of Ireland to Christianity. Although he was not born in Ireland, he was kidnapped and taken there as a slave. After escaping, he returned as a missionary to spread the Christian faith.

This missionary is revered and much loved in Ireland because he is credited with the Christianization of much of the island, making him a central figure in the country's religious history. It is also considered a symbol of national unity and Irish identity.

For these reasons, it is a holiday, St. Patrick's Day is a celebration of Irish heritage and culture and that feeling of brotherhood and congregation, together with the different cultural manifestations and artistic expressions, make the holiday a true Irish jewel that has everyone in love. Picture of Johnny Cohen on Unsplash

Why Clovers?

If you have ever been lucky enough to celebrate St. Patrick's Day you must have noticed that shamrocks dominate the decorations at every St. Patrick's Day party. Well, this is no coincidence, shamrocks are closely associated with Saint Patrick due to a legend.

This popular story holds that the saint used this three-leaved plant to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity to the Irish. The tradition of wearing shamrocks during St. Patrick's Day in Ireland, and worldwide, has since taken root as a holiday symbol.

Additionally, the vibrant green of shamrocks reflects the predominant color of Ireland and has become an emblem of Irish identity. Thus, shamrocks become a way to celebrate Ireland's culture, faith, and history during this holiday.

Why Wear Green on St. Patrick's Day?

Suppose you don't know when Saint Patrick's Day is but you live in a community that is enthusiastic about Irish tradition. In that case, it won't take long for you to realize that it is a special date as soon as you set foot on the street, as there is no shortage of clothing and accessories on this day. green accessories on all the celebrants.

But why this color? Well, although the commemoration of Saint Patrick has a religious origin, the popularization of this festival is crossed by different components that make up Irish culture, in which Christian and pagan elements are mixed.

That's why the tradition of wearing green during St. Patrick's Day has roots in Irish history, mythology, and popular culture.

On the one hand, green is said to be associated with the Emerald Isle, a poetic nickname for Ireland due to its lush green landscapes, on the other, green is the color that Saint Patrick is believed to have used to explain the Holy Trinity with the three-leaf clover.

Also, it is said that dressing in green prevents being stung by leprechauns, legendary creatures from Irish folklore, which you have surely seen caricatured in the different decorations prepared for this day.

Therefore, wearing green during the holiday has become a way to celebrate Irish heritage, show religious devotion, and participate in the joy of the St. Patrick's holiday, as well as preventing, just in case, any pranks from little rascals. of folklore legends. Picture of Shashank Verma on Unsplash

Beer: Another Irish Emblem

If there is something that is not missing in a St. Patrick's parade or any type of celebration of the day, it is beer. The association between beer consumption and St. Patrick's Day has several reasons.

First, the holiday coincides with the period of Lent, during which Catholics were allowed to relax their dietary restrictions, which included consuming alcohol.

Additionally, in Irish tradition, drinking beer during celebrations is a way to honor the country's beer culture.

Beer has also become an integral part of modern festivities, where pubs and bars are often gathering places for celebration. Additionally, the green color of the beer, which is often tinted for the occasion, reflects the festive spirit of St. Patrick's Day.

As you can see, beer consumption during this holiday is a combination of religious, cultural, and social traditions, and if there is one thing that all the pillars of a community can agree on, it is that beer is delicious! Picture of Autumn Martin on Unsplash

Saint Patrick in Ireland

As you can already see, Saint Patrick's Day is a holiday full of joy with an atmosphere of communion and celebration of Irish traditions, bringing together lovers of the customs of the Emerald Isle, religious devotees, and fans of beer and having a good time.

Although this festival has crossed borders and is today celebrated in different countries around the world, it is in Ireland where one finds the heart of the traditions, and it is enough to take a look at this fabulous destination to understand the reason for so much love for the Irish cultural identity.

If you want to fall in love with the legacy of this territory and celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the very land where the celebration was born, at Greca we have several options for packages to Ireland that will make you fall in love with the culture and beauty of the country. Picture of Jordan Harrison on Unsplash

Some Proposals in Ireland

If you have the possibility of visiting Ireland and honoring Saint Patrick by touring the Emerald Island, at Greca we have several tours that ensure an authentic and fun experience.

One of them is the Dublin Tourist Bus, which includes stops at the most significant places in the Irish capital. We also recommend the Guinness Tasting Experience, ideal for beer lovers, and Quintessential Dublin, a half-day walking tour led by our expert guides.

If you have more time available for a fully immersive experience, then opt for our packages in which each day is specially designed to guarantee a perfect stay.

Some options available are Dubliner, a 3-day package to get to know the city in depth with amazing benefits included, Great Tour of Ireland, a 7-day option with an itinerary designed to get to know the island in all its splendor, and Dublin and Galway by train, a 7-day package through the most iconic places in Ireland.

Book your trip to Ireland and experience St. Patrick's Day like an Irishman!

What is the weather in Ireland on Valentine's Day?

On Saint Patrick's Day, the weather in Ireland is usually cool and humid, with temperatures ranging between 5°C and 10°C. Cloudy skies and occasional showers can be expected, typical of the region's Atlantic climate.

Is it recommended to book accommodation in advance when traveling on St. Patrick's Day to Ireland?

Yes, it is advisable to book accommodation in advance when traveling to Ireland during St. Patrick's Day, as it is a very popular time for tourists and accommodation tends to fill up quickly.

What is the typical length of St. Patrick's celebrations in Ireland?

St. Patrick's Day celebrations in Ireland typically last several days, with events that can extend from the weekend before March 17 to the day of the holiday itself.

Is any special documentation required to visit Ireland?

It depends on your country of origin, but a valid passport is essential for most international travel.

What alternative activities can you enjoy in Ireland during St. Patrick's Day?

Some possible activities are tours of historical and cultural sites, such as castles and archaeological sites, excursions through impressive natural landscapes, such as cliffs and national parks, visits to whiskey distilleries or breweries, to taste local drinks, and to explore picturesque cities and towns.

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