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Bordeaux Travel Guide: Notes to Visit Burdeos

June 08, 2024 8 min read.

Bordeaux is a city noted for its excellence in the art of wine, imposing architecture, and rich cultural life. In this travel guide to Bordeaux, you will find the necessary information to visit and plan a dream vacation.

Visiting Bordeaux: General Information

Bordeaux is located in the southwest of France, in the New Aquitaine region. This fascinating destination is placed on the banks of the Garonne River, which runs through the city and contributes to the beauty of its landscape.

Bordeaux's strategic location has made it an important center for wine production, as it is located close to several prestigious wine regions, such as Médoc, Saint-Émilion, and Pomerol.

The city is characterized by its captivating mix of styles that range from the majesty of its historic neoclassical buildings to avant-garde contemporary structures.

Also, Bordeaux offers a vibrant cultural scene with museums, galleries, and events celebrating its rich history and contemporary creativity. And the local gastronomy and nightlife complement this experience, making Bordeaux an unforgettable destination.

Visiting Bordeaux is an amazing idea for those looking to disconnect from the routine and immerse themselves in the charm and pleasure that the destination offers. Picture of Clovis Wood Photography on Unsplash

What to See and Do in Bordeaux

Discovering Bordeaux is immersing you in a journey between incredible culture and elegant architecture. This city, located near the Garonne River, offers a unique experience with its elegant facades and charming squares.

Here are some highlights of Bordeaux that are a must-see for visitors.

1. Place de la Bourse

This place dazzles with its majestic architecture facing the Garonne River. This historic square is known for its reflecting pool, creating a visually striking scene and providing iconic images of the city. Picture of Juan Di Nella on Unsplash

2. The Cite du Vin

This innovative museum celebrates wine culture through interactive exhibits, wine tastings, and avant-garde architecture that stands out against the city skyline.

3. St. Michael's Basilica

This historic site, with its impressive tower, offers not only a spiritual experience but also exceptional panoramic views of Bordeaux from above.

4. The Saint-Pierre neighborhood

This medieval district captivates with its picturesque architecture, housing a variety of restaurants, boutiques, and a vibrant atmosphere that invites you to explore its historical corners.

5. The Palais Rohan

This historic building, now home to the Tourist Office, reflects the elegance of bygone eras and offers visitors a window into the city's architectural heritage, making it an outstanding example of Renaissance architecture.

6. Bordeaux Park

This public space invites visitors to enjoy nature with seating areas, winding paths, and manicured gardens. Ideal for relaxing walks, the park offers a quiet refuge in the middle of the bustling city.

7. The Stone Bridge: Pont de Pierre

The Stone Bridge is a historic landmark that majestically spans the Garonne River. Built-in the 19th century, this stone bridge connects the city's banks, serving as a lasting testament to Bordeaux's rich architectural heritage.

8. The Public Garden

The Public Garden of Bordeaux is a landscape treasure dating back to the 18th century. This exquisite green space offers visitors a serene retreat with its charming design, meandering ponds, and diverse flora.

Eating in Bordeaux

Bordeaux gastronomy is famous for its connection with the wine industry, thus offering a unique culinary experience.

Its restaurants stand out for their masterful combination of fresh and local ingredients, with a special emphasis on meats, cheeses, and dishes paired with regional wines. Fresh vegetables and regional mushrooms complement the flavors

Large, lively establishments, brasseries, and bistros serve regional delicacies such as Bordeaux entrecôte, cooked to perfection and paired with renowned local wines, and canelé, a traditional dessert.

The influence of French cuisine merges with local creativity, offering a diverse range of flavors that capture the culinary essence of Bordeaux.

Cultural Charm in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is also home to amazing events, read on to learn about its featured festivals.

1. Bordeaux Fête le Vin

An exceptional event celebrating the rich wine tradition of Bordeaux. Held on the banks of the Garonne River, it brings together oenologists and wine lovers from all over the world to enjoy wine tastings, gourmet tastings, and cultural events.

2. Bordeaux International Film Festival

This festival is an outstanding event that attracts film buffs from all over the world. Held annually, this festival features a diverse selection of films, from independent productions to international masterpieces.

3. Bordeaux Métropole Festival

This event unleashes a combination of music, theater, and dance, permeating the streets with performances that delight residents and visitors alike.

4. Bordeaux Wine Festival

Throughout this festival, the banks of the Garonne River are transformed into a stunning setting for wine tasting.

The festival features cultural activities, live music, and artistic exhibitions, highlighting the diversity and excellence of its wines.

How to Get to Bordeaux

Getting to Bordeaux is feasible through various transportation options, whether by air, sea, or land.

1. By Air: Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport (BOD)

The airport is the main air terminal in the region. It receives national and international flights, connecting the city with key destinations. From the airport, the center of Bordeaux can be accessed by shuttle services or public transport.

2. By Sea: Port of Le Verdon

Although Bordeaux is not a coastal city, the closest option to arrive by sea would be the port of Le Verdon, located at the mouth of the Gironde River. From there, Bordeaux can be reached by road or public transport services.

3. By Land: Main train station: Gare Saint-Jean

Road and railway networks connect Bordeaux with various cities and regions. In addition, highways facilitate road access from different directions.

How to Get Around in Bordeaux

Exploring Bordeaux is easy thanks to the various transportation options the city offers.

Many of Bordeaux's tourist attractions and shopping areas are easily accessible on foot. Walking through the cobblestone streets and discovering picturesque corners is a great way to enjoy the city.

1. Taxi/Uber

Taxi services are available throughout the city, and you can also use ride-hailing apps like Uber to get around conveniently.

2. Car

Although traffic can be heavy in the city center, driving can be a convenient option for exploring more remote areas or taking excursions to nearby wine regions.

Private Transfer in Bordeaux

If you are looking for the most comfortable and safest option to get to Bordeaux and move around the city, or to nearby cities, book your private transfer with Greca, with experienced drivers and no surprise charges to make your stay in Bordeaux as pleasant as possible.

When to Visit Bordeaux

The best time to visit Bordeaux is generally in the spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November), however, we tell you about each season below.

1. Spring

This season offers mild temperatures and the city begins to bloom with the arrival of spring, during April and June. The gardens are full of color, and it's an ideal time to explore on foot or by bike.

2. Summer

During the summer, from June to August, Bordeaux is filled with festivals, concerts, and outdoor cultural events both day and night. In addition, the parks and gardens of Bordeaux are in full splendor in summer.

3. Autumn

Temperatures are pleasant and the surrounding vineyards are in full harvest during September and November. It is a good time to enjoy local wines and participate in events related to the grape harvest.

4. Winter

In winter, during December and February, Christmas markets adorn the squares, highlighting the illuminated architecture. Winter cuisine offers comforting dishes and opportunities to explore museums and exhibitions under warm roofs.

Destinations Near Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a fabulous destination thanks to its beautiful landscapes and wonderful culture.

In turn, due to its proximity to Paris and Lyon, many travelers combine their visit to Bordeaux with these beautiful destinations.

Are you looking to see incredible historical sites? Do you want to discover a vibrant and lively culture? Do you want to try delicious dishes?

If your answer is "yes", at Greca we have several proposals for packages to Bordeaux, which you can modify and adapt according to your needs and times.

There are trips for all tastes. Choose your adventure according to your needs!

More Travel Guides!

If you have been interested in our Bordeaux travel guide and want to continue learning about this and other wonderful destinations, we invite you to look at the section of all our Travel Guides. Plan your next adventure with Greca!

What is the best way to get from Bordeaux airport to the city center?

You can take a tram or a taxi from Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport to the center.

What are the main cultural events in Bordeaux during winter?

During winter, Bordeaux offers charming Christmas markets and festive cultural events in its squares.

When is the low season to visit Bordeaux and what advantages does it offer?

Low season is usually from November to March, with fewer tourists, lower prices, and a quieter experience.

What is the best known gastronomic specialty in Bordeaux?

Bordeaux entrecôte, an exquisite local steak, is a notable culinary specialty.

When is the grape harvest season and what experiences does it offer in Bordeaux?

The grape harvest season generally occurs in the fall, offering the opportunity to participate in harvest-related events and wine tastings.

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