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French Valentine's Day: Romantic Getaways

June 08, 2024 7 min read.

Valentine's Day is an opportunity to celebrate the transformative power of love. On this special day, couples find moments to express their affection in unique and memorable ways. And where better to do it than in France, the homeland of romance?

The rich cultural history, picturesque landscapes, and exquisite cuisine make this country the ideal setting to consolidate love. And Valentine's Day in France is not just a date on the calendar, it is an unforgettable experience, an occasion to seal eternal promises in the land where love flourishes like no other.

Below are some proposals for an unforgettable Valentine's Day in France. Picture of Matt Nelson on Unsplash

Valentine's Day in Paris

If you dream of trips for Valentine's Day, Paris around that time is like a romantic painting that comes to life. The City of Light offers an unparalleled backdrop to celebrate love in all its splendor.

From walks along the banks of the Seine to intimate dinners in charming restaurants, Paris becomes the ideal setting to create unforgettable memories as a couple.

Without a doubt, in the city of love, romance is permeated in every alley and corner, as Paris offers infinite possibilities to celebrate love. Keep reading to learn more about them. Picture of Chris Karidis on Unsplash

1. Romantic Walk through Montmartre<a id="1-romantic-walk-through-montmartre"></a>

Exploring the bohemia of Montmartre, walking hand in hand through the cobblestone streets while artists create live masterpieces, is a great idea for a special day.

At the Place du Tertre, let a personalized portrait capture your love, a great idea for Valentine's gifts. End this magical walk with an unforgettable proposal as the sun says goodbye on the horizon.

2. Candlelight Dinner in Le Marais<a id="2-candlelight-dinner-in-le-marais"></a>

Another great idea for Valentine's Day is to discover the authenticity of Le Marais, a historic neighborhood full of charm. Reserve a table in an intimate restaurant, enjoying delicious French cuisine by candlelight. Picture of Zane Persaud on Unsplash

3. Night Cruise on the Seine

To end it on a high note and have a happy Valentine's Day, embark on a romantic cruise along the Seine after dark. Enjoy illuminated views of the Eiffel Tower and other iconic monuments. At the perfect moment, with the illuminated city as your witness, surprise your loved one with a proposal under the twinkling stars.

4. Picnic in the Luxembourg Gardens

If instead, you have a more relaxed day in mind, a picnic in the exquisite Luxembourg Gardens is an ideal option. Enjoying French delicacies while sharing laughter and knowing glances is a perfect proposal for a unique moment.

5. Ride in a 2CV

Last but not least, another way to discover Paris uniquely is aboard a classic 2CV. The cobbled streets reveal their charm as they pass by the illuminated Eiffel Tower and the majestic Avenue des Champs-Élysées, among other panoramic points of the city.

This romantic trip in the iconic 2CV offers an unforgettable experience full of glamour, so much so that those who have been encouraged to adventure have made it one of their Valentine's Day traditions.

Romance at Chateau de Chantilly

If Paris sounds good, but you're looking for something different, then Château de Chantilly is another amazing idea for a dream getaway.

This iconic French castle, located on the outskirts of Paris, offers the perfect setting for a unique celebration of love. Surrounded by forests and landscaped gardens, it invites couples to immerse themselves in a romantic idyll, a Valentine's Day immersed in elegance and history.

Below we tell you the key points that cannot be missed during your visit to Chateau de Chantilly. Picture of Animesh Bhargava on Unsplash

1. Explore History at the Condé Museum

A good way to start the day is by learning about the rich history housed in the Condé Museum inside the Château.

Admire the collections of art and antiques, immersing yourself in the cultural heritage that this place offers. Discover artistic wonders together and be inspired by centuries of romance.

2. Dream Walk through the Le Nôtre Gardens

The impressive gardens designed by the famous landscape architect Le Nôtre will do their part for a memorable celebration.

Strolling hand in hand among fountains, statues, and enchanting forests in this peaceful corner is a splendid way to strengthen your connection amidst natural beauty and build one of those Valentine's Day stories that last the test of time.

3. Exquisite dinner at the Hameau de la Reine

The Hameau de la Reine, a charming country hamlet in the Château grounds, is the perfect setting for an intimate dinner. Reserving a table at a local restaurant and delighting in French cuisine, with flickering candles and an idyllic setting as witness, is one of the Valentine's details that your partner might appreciate the most. Picture of Marc Babin on Unsplash

4. Proposal in the English Gardens

And to finish with a magical proposal: the English Gardens are a place that breathes serenity and romance. The moonlight and the Château in the background offer the perfect setting to declare your love and let yourself be carried away by the magical atmosphere.

Versailles on Valentine's Day

And if we're talking about a unique proposal, a Valentine's Day trip takes on a royal touch when Versailles is chosen as the setting to celebrate love.

The Palace of Versailles, with its opulence and historical splendor, provides a unique experience that envelops couples in a majestic romance. Versailles on Valentine's Day is a journey into the royal past, where grandeur and beauty merge to create a romantic atmosphere without equality.

In every corner of this historic monument, love rises to the heights of royalty, turning the celebration of Valentine's Day into a majestic experience. Keep reading to learn more about the key points of Versailles. Picture of Mathias Reding on Unsplash

1. Walk through the Gardens of Versailles

Exploring the vast and meticulously designed Gardens of Versailles, hand in hand, is a way to discover secret corners, majestic fountains, and sculptures that tell love stories. This bucolic setting creates a perfect backdrop for intimate moments and promises of eternity.

2. Visit to the Palace of Versailles

Visiting the interior of the Palace of Versailles is entering royal luxury. Touring the elaborate halls, admiring the dazzling chandeliers, and discovering the history of the monarchs who once inhabited these majestic halls is a fantastic proposal for a different Valentine's Day.

3. Gala Dinner at La Petite Venise

Booking a table at La Petite Venise, an exquisite restaurant near the palace, with soft lighting and gourmet cuisine, will make this getaway the best of romantic Valentine's trips.

Toasting with champagne while the evening is filled with laughter and promises is the best of omens for couples who give themselves this experience.

4. Proposal in the Hall of Mirrors

Finally, another great idea to celebrate Valentine's Day is to spend a great night with a proposal in the iconic Hall of Mirrors. With its imposing mirrors and sparkling chandeliers as witnesses, this French gem is the perfect setting for a declaration of love, and, why not, a marriage proposal! Picture of Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash

Now It Is Your Turn to Enjoy Packages to France

As you can already see, France is an incredible destination with fabulous options for a special Valentine's Day. Surprise your partner with a gift trip, opting for one of our packages to France, and celebrate a memorable Valentine's Day with Greca. Book today and experience the romance of the city of love!

What is the weather in France on Valentine's Day?

In February, France can have cool to cold weather. Check local forecasts to prepare properly.

Is it recommended to book accommodation in advance to travel to France on Valentine's Day?

Yes, especially in very popular destinations.

What is the typical length of Valentine's Day celebrations in France?

The celebrations take place during the whole day and night.

Is any special documentation required to visit France?

It depends on your country of origin, but a valid passport is essential for most international travel.

What alternative activities can you enjoy in France during Valentine's Day?

Hot air balloon rides over the Loire Valley, visits to antique markets in Le Marais, or excursions to vineyards in the Burgundy region are charming alternatives for Valentine's Day in France.

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