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Ajaccio Travel Guide: Notes for Visiting Ajaccio

June 08, 2024 7 min read.

Ajaccio is a city notable for its historical, cultural wealth, and natural heritage. In this Ajaccio travel guide, you will find the necessary information to visit Ajaccio and plan a dream vacation.

Visiting Ajaccio: General Information

Ajaccio is the capital of the island of Corsica, located in the Mediterranean Sea, belonging to France. This charming city is located on the west coast of the island and offers a unique combination of history, culture, and natural beauty.

Founded in 1492, Ajaccio is known for being the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1769, and his birthplace, Casa Buonaparte, is one of the most visited attractions.

The city has a picturesque port, crystal-clear beaches, and a historic center with cobblestone streets, charming squares, and colorful buildings. The Cathedral of Saint Mary and the Citadel are witnesses to its rich history.

Ajaccio offers an authentic Corsican experience with its gastronomy, highlighting local products such as goat cheese and cold cuts.

With a pleasant Mediterranean climate, Ajaccio is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors with its Corsican charm, rich history, and beautiful landscapes. Picture of Tobias Hort-Giess on Unsplash

What to See and Do in the Capital of Corsica

Discovering Ajaccio is to immerse yourself in a fascinating journey between history, culture, and natural beauty. This Corsican city, bathed by the Mediterranean on its west coast, offers a unique experience with its charming cobbled streets and rich heritage.

Here are some of the gems you can't miss when visiting Ajaccio.

1. Walk through the Historic Center

Take a stroll through the charming historic center of Ajaccio, where colorful buildings, lively squares, and narrow streets intermingle. Explore Place Foch and Place de Gaulle, surrounded by cafes and shops that capture the local spirit. Picture of JR Harris on Unsplash

2. Buonaparte House

Visit the Casa Buonaparte, the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. Tour the rooms where he spent his childhood and discover the story of this historical figure who left an indelible mark on Ajaccio.

3. Saint Mary's Cathedral

Admire the imposing Cathedral of Saint Mary, built in the 16th century, with its mix of architectural styles that make it a masterpiece.

4. Citadel of Ajaccio

Explore the Citadel, a fortress that offers panoramic views of the sea and the city. This historic place will transport you to bygone eras.

5. Port of Ajaccio

End your day at the port of Ajaccio, where you can enjoy the lively atmosphere, local shops, and sea breezes.

Eating in Ajaccio

Ajaccio's gastronomy, infused with the richness of Corsican cuisine, is a feast for the senses. The city offers a unique blend of flavors that reflect its location on the Mediterranean island of Corsica.

Enjoy local specialties such as brocciu, fresh goat cheese, and Corsican cold cuts such as coppa and __lonzu. And of course, seafood is the protagonist in dishes such as Corsican bouillabaisse, an aromatic fish soup.

Also, you can't miss the opportunity to try fiadone, a Corsican cheesecake, for dessert. Local restaurants offer authenticity and quality, allowing you to explore the delicious diversity of Ajaccio cuisine in every bite.

Cultural Charm in Ajaccio

Ajaccio's festivals add a vibrant and cultural touch to the life of this charming Corsican city. Throughout the year, Ajaccio is filled with celebrations that highlight its rich heritage and attract visitors from all over.

The "Napoléon Festival" pays tribute to the illustrious emperor born in the city, offering parades, historical performances, and cultural events. Likewise, music occupies a prominent place with the "Ajaccio Jazz Festival", where local and international artists fill the streets with melodic notes.

Additionally, the "Festival du Film Italien d'Ajaccio" highlights the Italian influence on the island, presenting the best of contemporary Italian cinema.

These events not only enrich the experience of residents but also allow visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant cultural life of Ajaccio.

How to Get to Ajaccio

Getting to Ajaccio, the picturesque capital of Corsica, is an easy and accessible experience. Whether you like to travel through the skies or across the pond, this beautiful destination will be waiting for you with the greatest of hospitality.

Below we will tell you about the two access routes to Ajaccio.

1. By Air: Ajaccio-Napoleon Bonaparte Airport

The airport is located about 8 kilometers east of the city center. Several airlines offer direct flights, making it easy to access Ajaccio from key destinations.

2. By Sea: Port of Ajaccio

The port of Ajaccio is an important entry point for those who prefer to travel by boat. Regular ferries connect the city to various coastal locations in France and Italy, providing a picturesque alternative to reach this Mediterranean gem.

How to Get Around in Ajaccio

Exploring Ajaccio is easy thanks to the various transport options the city offers. The historic center is easily accessible on foot, allowing you to enjoy the narrow cobblestone streets and discover charming corners at your own pace.

Ajaccio also has an efficient public transport system that includes buses that connect the different neighborhoods and nearby areas. Follow Leyenod for more information.

1. Urban Buses

The urban bus network facilitates mobility around the city, with routes that cover points of tourist interest and residential areas.

2. Bicycle Rental

For a more active experience, bike rental is a popular option, allowing you to explore Ajaccio while enjoying the fresh sea air.

3. Taxis and Rental Vehicles

Taxis and car rental services are available for those who prefer the convenience and flexibility of getting around independently. With these options, Ajaccio becomes an easy destination to navigate, ensuring you can make the most of your visit.

Private Transfer in Ajaccio

If you are looking for the most comfortable and safest option to get to Ajaccio and move around the city, or to nearby cities, book your private transfer with Greca, with experienced drivers and no surprise charges to make your stay in Ajaccio as pleasant as possible.

When to Visit Ajaccio

The best time to visit Ajaccio depends on individual preferences, as the city offers charms all year round. However, to enjoy the warm weather and outdoor activities, spring and summer are ideal.

1. Spring

Spring, which runs from March to May, brings with it mild temperatures and blooms throughout the island. It is a perfect time to explore Ajaccio on foot, discover its historic streets, and enjoy the less crowded beaches.

2. Summer

During the summer, from June to August, Ajaccio shines with sunny days and pleasant temperatures. The beaches are at their peak, and cultural festivals liven up the city. It is the perfect season to immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters and enjoy the lively nightlife.

3. Autumn

Autumn, which runs from September to November, offers mild temperatures and fewer crowds, making it a pleasant time to visit Ajaccio and explore its historic attractions more peacefully.

Destinations Near Ajaccio

Ajaccio is a fabulous destination thanks to its beautiful landscapes and wonderful culture.

In turn, due to its proximity to Rome and Florence, many travelers combine their visit to Ajaccio with these beautiful destinations.

Are you looking to see incredible historical sites? Do you want to discover a vibrant and lively culture? Do you want to try delicious dishes?

If your answer is "yes", at Greca we have several proposals for packages to Ajaccio and packages to France, which you can modify and adapt according to your needs and times.

There are trips for all tastes. Choose your adventure according to your needs!

More Travel Guides!

If you have been interested in our Ajaccio travel guide and want to continue learning about this and other wonderful destinations, we invite you to look at the section of all our Travel Guides. Plan your next adventure with Greca!

Is Ajaccio a good destination for water sports?

Yes, Ajaccio offers opportunities for water sports such as kayaking, snorkeling, and windsurfing.

What is the best way to get from Ajaccio to neighboring cities?

Options include car rental, buses, and ferries to nearby cities such as Bastia and Porto-Vecchio.

Are there nightlife options in Ajaccio?

Yes, Ajaccio has bars and clubs that offer a lively nightlife, especially during the summer season.

What is the best season to explore the trails near Ajaccio?

Spring and fall are ideal for exploring nearby trails due to mild temperatures and blooming landscapes.

What are some lesser-known outdoor activities to enjoy outside Ajaccio?

Discover the natural beauty of Ajaccio by exploring the Gravona Valley or participating in off-the-beaten-path hiking tours in the region.

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