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Zagori Travel Guide: Discover the Beauty of Greece's Mountain Villages

June 18, 2024 13 min read.

In this Zagori travel guide, we will provide you with essential information and useful tips to help you plan your visit effectively. Discover the main attractions, charming villages, exciting activities, transportation, the best time to visit, and practical tips for an unforgettable experience.

Zagori General Information

Zagori, also known as Zagorochoria, is a mountainous and charming region in northwestern Greece. Surrounded by majestic mountains, lush valleys, and crystal-clear rivers, it is a tourist destination that will transport you to a bygone era. With its 46 traditional villages, this place gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a rich history, admire the preserved architecture and experience the authenticity of its tranquil atmosphere.

Location of Zagori

If you are wondering where Zagori is located, below we show you this interactive map.

Zagori Greece on Google Maps

Reasons Why You Should Visit Zagori

There are several reasons why you should visit Zagori in Greece. Here are some of them.

  1. Breathtaking natural beauty: Zagori is located in a mountainous region of Greece, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Deep gorges, crystal clear rivers, lush forests, and towering mountains offer unparalleled natural beauty. From the gorges of Vikos and Aoos to the breathtaking views from the mountain peaks, every corner of Zagori will captivate you with its charm and serenity.
  2. Picturesque villages: Zagori is made up of a collection of traditional villages, each with its own character and charm. These villages are built with stone architecture, with cobblestone streets, traditional houses, and picturesque squares. Papingo, Monodendri, Aristi, and Kipi are just a few of the villages worth exploring. Strolling through their narrow streets, discovering ancient stone bridges, and enjoying the hospitality of the locals will make you feel as if you have stepped back in time.
  3. Hiking and outdoor activities: Zagori is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. There is an extensive network of trails that allow you to explore the region on foot, from gentle hikes to challenging mountain trails. You can hike through the Vikos Gorge, enjoy the breathtaking views from the lookout points, and immerse yourself in unspoiled nature. In addition to hiking, you can also enjoy activities such as rafting, kayaking, climbing, and mountain biking.
  4. Culture and tradition: Zagori is rich in history, culture, and local traditions. You can visit historic churches with beautiful icons, ancient monasteries, and museums that will allow you to immerse yourself in the history and heritage of the region. You can also participate in traditional festivals and celebrations, where you can experience authentic local life and enjoy traditional music, dance, and food.
  5. Delicious gastronomy: The Zagori region offers delicious traditional cuisine. You can try authentic dishes such as gamopilafo (rice cooked in meat broth), pites (stuffed pastries), and local cheeses. Fresh ingredients and authentic flavors make for a unique and delicious dining experience.

Therefore, this is a unique destination that combines natural beauty, charming villages, outdoor activities, rich culture, and delicious gastronomy. If you are looking for a quiet and authentic getaway amidst breathtaking landscapes, don't miss the opportunity to travel to Zagori.

Zagori Top Attractions

Discover Zagori's top attractions, where breathtaking nature and charming villages intertwine to give you an unforgettable experience. From majestic gorges to historic stone bridges, here you will find a variety of places to explore and enjoy.

I. Vikos Gorge

Step into the natural wonder of Vikos Gorge, recognized as one of the deepest gorges in the world. With its sheer walls and lush vegetation, this gorge will captivate you with breathtaking panoramic views.

Hiking enthusiasts will find a variety of trails traversing the gorge, such as the Vikos Gorge Trail, which offers spectacular views and the opportunity to explore the region's unique wildlife and flora.

II. Zagori Stone Bridges

Embark on a journey through time as you marvel at the beautiful stone bridges that connect the villages of Zagori. These bridges, some of which date back to the 18th century, are true architectural gems.

Walking across them will transport you to a bygone era and allow you to appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty of traditional construction. The most famous bridges include the Kokkoros Bridge and the Plakidas Bridge.

Foto de puentes de piedra

Photo of stone bridges in Zagori.

Image of Karl Egger on Pixabay

III. Monastery of Agia Paraskevi

Discover spirituality and history at the Agia Paraskevi Monastery, located in the picturesque village of Monodendri. This 14th-century Orthodox monastery is an important sacred site with a stunning clifftop location. From there, you will enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountainous landscape and explore the rich history and religious traditions of the region.

IV. Papigo Village

Located in the heart of Zagori, the village of Papigo is one of the most picturesque in the region. Its traditional stone houses, cobblestone streets, and authentic atmosphere will transport you to another era. Enjoy a pleasant stroll through the village, visit the church of St. Vlasios, and admire the panoramic views of Mount Astraka and the Vikos Gorges.

V. Village of Aristi

Another charming village of Zagori is Aristi. With its well-preserved traditional architecture and prime location by the Voidomatis River, it offers a serene atmosphere and beautiful views. Explore the narrow cobblestone streets, visit the church of Agios Spiridon, and enjoy the local hospitality in the traditional tavernas.

VI. Dilofo Village

Dilofo is a small village that will captivate you with its charm and peaceful atmosphere. Its stone houses, narrow streets, and wooden balconies create a charming and authentic atmosphere. Take a stroll through the village, admire the traditional architecture, and enjoy the serenity of this picturesque corner.

VII. Rogovou Waterfalls

If you are a nature lover, don't miss the impressive Rogovou waterfalls. Located near the village of Monodendri, these waterfalls offer a breathtaking spectacle of falling water in the middle of a lush natural environment. You can enjoy a pleasant walk along the nearby trails and marvel at the beauty of the waterfall.

VIII. Voidomatis River

The Voidomatis River is known for its crystal-clear waters and natural beauty. You can enjoy activities such as rafting and kayaking, explore the river banks or just relax in a peaceful setting surrounded by nature. This is a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle and connect with the natural environment.

These are just a few examples of the many places of interest in Zagori. Each village has its own charm and there are many other beautiful and picturesque places to discover in the region. Be prepared to explore and marvel at the natural beauty and rich history that Zagori has to offer.

Photo of mountain landscape and river in Zagori.

Photo of mountain landscape and river in Zagori.

Photo by Feri & Tasos on Unsplash

Activities in Zagori

Zagori offers a range of exciting and enriching activities that will allow you to experience both the natural beauty and rich culture of the region. Whether you prefer outdoor adventure or cultural exploration, this place has something for everyone. Don't hesitate to immerse yourself in these activities and make the most of your visit to Zagori.

I. Hiking

Zagori offers a wide range of options for hiking enthusiasts. You can explore well-marked trails that will take you through lush forests, past ancient stone bridges, and offer panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

One of the most popular routes is the Vikos Gorge Trail, which takes you through the impressive Vikos Gorge, as mentioned above. You can also opt to hike to the top of Mount Gamila for incredible views of the region.

II. Rafting and kayaking

The Voidomatis River, with its crystal clear waters, is a perfect place to enjoy rafting and kayaking. You can rent equipment and join an exciting adventure downstream. You will descend exciting rapids and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape while navigating the calm waters of the river. It is a refreshing and fun experience that allows you to appreciate nature in a unique environment.

III. Cultural Exploration

To immerse yourself in the history and culture of Zagori, visit the local museums, where you can learn about the rich heritage of the region. The Epirus Museum of History and Traditional Art in Ioannina is an excellent place to learn about the history and culture of the area.

Photo of a church in Zagori.

Photo of a church in Zagori.

Photo by Feri & Tasos on Unsplash

How to Get to Zagori

The most convenient way to get to Zagori is to fly into Ioannina International Airport, which is approximately 20 kilometers from the region. From the airport, you can rent a car to explore Zagori's villages and attractions. There are also regular bus services connecting the airport to the main towns in the region.

Getting around Zagori: Transportation

The best way to get around Zagori is to rent a car. This will give you the freedom to explore the different towns and attractions at your own pace. In addition, the roads are scenic and well-maintained. There are also local bus services that connect the villages to each other, although schedules can be limited.

Best Time to Visit Zagori

The best time to visit Zagori is during spring (April-May) and autumn (September-October). These seasons offer pleasant temperatures for outdoor activities and enjoying the natural scenery.

In spring, you can enjoy the flora in full bloom and the rivers and waterfalls in full flow. In autumn, the colors of the foliage become vivid, creating a spectacular landscape. Summer is also a good option, although there may be more tourists and some areas may be more crowded.

Photo of mountain landscape and trees in Zagori.

Photo of mountain landscape and trees in Zagori.

Photo by Feri & Tasos on Unsplash

Where to Stay in Zagori: Accommodation Options

Zagori offers a variety of accommodation options to suit different preferences and budgets. Here are some popular options:

Hotels and Hostels: In the villages of Zagori, you'll find a selection of hotels and hostels that offer comfortable rooms and basic amenities. These accommodations often have a rustic charm and reflect the traditional architecture of the region. Some hotels also feature additional amenities such as restaurants, spas, and swimming pools.

Traditional houses and guesthouses: An authentic and charming option for staying in Zagori is to rent a traditional house or guesthouse. These restored stone houses offer a cozy atmosphere and allow you to immerse yourself in local life. Many of these properties have traditional features such as fireplaces, wooden furniture, and beautiful courtyards.

Apartments and villas: If you prefer to have more space and additional amenities, consider renting an apartment or villa. Options are available in several Zagori villages, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your own private space while exploring the region. These accommodations are often equipped with kitchen and living areas, allowing you greater flexibility during your stay.

Agritourism: Zagori also has agritourism options, where you can stay on local farms and enjoy a more authentic experience in contact with nature. Some farms offer accommodation in rooms or cabins and allow you to participate in agricultural activities and enjoy fresh produce from the land.

It is advisable to book your accommodation in advance, especially during the summer months and during peak tourist periods. Check out the options available in the different villages of Zagori and choose the accommodation that suits your needs and preferences.

What and Where to Eat in Zagori

In Zagori, you will find a delicious gastronomic offer that combines local tradition with fresh ingredients and authentic flavors. Here are some culinary specialties to try and recommendations of places to eat in Zagori.

I. Gamopilafo

This traditional dish consists of rice cooked in meat broth, which is seasoned with lemon and served with pieces of tender meat. It is a comforting and delicious dish that you can try in many restaurants in the region.

Recommendation: Try gamopilafo at the tavern "Rouga" in the village of Monodendri. It is known for its authentic local cuisine and cozy atmosphere.

II. Pites

Pites are stuffed pastries, which can contain a variety of ingredients such as feta cheese, spinach, minced meat, mushrooms, and herbs. These pastries are baked until golden brown and crispy.

Recommendation: Visit the tavern "Astra" in the village of Papingo, where you can try different types of pites, both sweet and savory.

III. Game meat

Due to its mountainous location, Zagori is known for its game meat. Dishes such as braised deer and roasted wild boar are popular in the region and offer unique flavors.

Recommendation: Enjoy a meal with game meat at the "Zagori" tavern in the village of Elafotopos, which specializes in game dishes and local products.

IV. Dairy products and cheeses

Zagori is famous for its high-quality dairy products. Try traditional cheeses, such as feta, graviera, and metsovone, which are handmade and have a distinctive flavor.

Tip: Visit the dairy store "Kalogeriko" in the town of Ioannina, where you can buy cheeses and other local dairy products.

In addition to these specialties, you will find a variety of classic Greek dishes, such as moussaka, souvlaki, and horiatiki (Greek salad). The villages of Zagori have numerous tavernas and restaurants where you can enjoy an authentic culinary experience.

As you explore the different villages of Zagori, be sure to sample the local cuisine in traditional restaurants and family-run tavernas. Each village has its own culinary gems, so take the opportunity to discover new flavors and enjoy the rich gastronomy of the region.

Useful Tips for Traveling to Zagori

Here are some useful tips to make your tour to Zagori even more enjoyable:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking, as the region has numerous trails and mountain paths.
  2. Don't forget to bring warm clothes, even in summer, as temperatures can drop in the evenings and in mountainous areas.
  3. Taste the local cuisine and visit traditional taverns for authentic gastronomic experiences.
  4. Be sure to carry enough cash, as some villages may have limited payment options.

Travel to Zagori: Conclusion

Zagori is a fascinating destination in Greece, where you can enjoy the natural beauty, traditional architecture, and hospitality of the locals. From exploring gorges and charming villages to enjoying outdoor activities and tasting the delicious local cuisine, this region will captivate you with its authentic charm. Plan your trip to Zagori and get ready for an unforgettable experience amidst breathtaking scenery and rich culture.

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If you wish to continue learning about this and other wonderful destinations, we invite you to visit our travel guides section and plan your next adventure with Greca.

Is it safe to travel to Zagori?

Yes, Zagori is considered a safe destination for travelers. However, as in any other place, it is important to take basic precautions such as taking care of your personal belongings and following local directions.

What is the best way to get to Zagori from Athens Airport?

The most convenient way to get to Zagori from Athens airport is to rent a car and drive. The drive takes approximately 4-5 hours. There are also public transportation options, such as buses, that operate from Athens to Ioannina, the closest town to Zagori, and then you can take a local bus or cab to reach the villages of Zagori.

Is it necessary to rent a car to get around Zagori?

It is not necessary to rent a car, but having one gives you more flexibility to explore the different towns and attractions of Zagori. If you do not wish to drive, you can use local public transportation, such as buses and cabs, to move between villages.

Is English spoken in Zagori?

Basic English is spoken in most tourist establishments in Zagori, such as hotels, restaurants, and stores. However, outside of the tourist sites, knowledge of English may be limited. Learning some basic Greek phrases can be helpful in communicating with locals.

Do I need to carry cash or are credit cards accepted in Zagori?

Although most tourist establishments accept credit cards, it is advisable to carry some cash, as some smaller places may prefer cash payment. You may also need cash to pay for local public transportation or small local stores.

How many days are recommended to spend in Zagori?

It is recommended to spend at least 3-4 days in Zagori in order to have enough time to explore the different villages, do outdoor activities, and enjoy the tranquility of the region. However, if you have more time, you can extend your stay and explore in greater depth.

Are there vegetarian/vegan lodging and dining options in Zagori?

Yes, some establishments in Zagori offer vegetarian and vegan options on their menus. Some restaurants can adapt existing dishes to meet your dietary needs. When booking accommodation, it is advisable to inform them in advance about your dietary preferences to ensure that they can accommodate you.

Are any special permits required for hiking activities in Zagori?

In general, no special permits are required for hiking in Zagori. However, it is important to respect the regulations and follow the signage on the trails. In some cases, additional permits may be necessary if you plan to engage in mountaineering activities or explore protected areas.

Are there hiking equipment rental stores in Zagori?

Yes, you will find local stores in Zagori where you can rent hiking equipment such as poles, backpacks, and hiking boots. These stores can also provide you with information on hiking routes and current trail conditions.

Is travel insurance necessary to visit Zagori?

It is strongly recommended that you purchase travel insurance before visiting Zagori. Travel insurance provides protection in case of cancellations, delays, lost luggage, or medical emergencies. Also, if you plan to engage in outdoor activities or adventure sports, make sure your insurance policy covers these specific activities. Having travel insurance will give you peace of mind and security during your visit to Zagori.

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