5 Romantic Trips you Can Organize with your Partner

Traveling is synonymous with relaxing, enjoying, and getting to know a new world full of magnificent places, and traveling together is one of the best ways to share unforgettable experiences with a person.

When you choose to travel with your special person, it is a moment in which you can take the opportunity to forge bonds and experience unique moments as a couple. The destination you choose can help make that trip even more unique and romantic.

If you are looking for the perfect destination to travel to with the person you love, you cannot miss these options that we have for you:

Paris France

It is popularly known as the city of love, and Paris is a romantic destination by nature. In its streets you will breathe love everywhere, its gastronomy is ideal and its architecture will make you feel that you are in the perfect place to walk and lose yourself in its beautiful streets and have the most interesting conversations with your partner.

The Wall of Love is a clear example of how romantic the French capital is, and it is a monument dedicated to love located in the Montmartre neighborhood. There you will see the phrase “I love you” in more than 250 languages.

Walking through the Luxembourg Gardens is also a very romantic experience to enjoy as a couple since its fountains and English-style gardens are magnificent dream walk. You also cannot miss the famous Louvre Museum, and there you can appreciate the works of the most renowned artists.

Two things that we cannot miss are the famous locks on the Pont des Arts, which are currently being removed due to the weight they apply to the Parisian structures, but it will give you an idea of ​​the number of couples who visit the city expressing the love they feel for the other. Finally, a tour of the Eiffel Tower is a must during your visit to the capital of France.

Venice, Italy

Beautiful Venice is also considered a romantic destination where couples can cruise its canals in historic gondolas. On the Bridge of Sighs, legend has it that if two people kiss at sunset just as they pass under it to the sound of bells, they will be blessed with an everlasting love.

The streets of Venice are beautiful to explore, and having a coffee in St. Mark's Square is also a must. Tasting the wine of the city and enjoying the small details will make your experience something unique.

Venice is historical, so you and your partner will be able to enjoy many important museums and sites from past wars. Do not forget to enjoy the sunset on the Ponte Rialto, a historical relic that offers you a beautiful view of the city and its waters, especially at the end of the day.

Florence, Italy

You will already be realizing that Italy is a very romantic country, and we cannot cover the reality. Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, is a romantic city by nature and the architecture of its buildings and streets will make you feel like you are traveling back in time.

Florence offers magnificent views to be enjoyed in an atmosphere of love with your favorite person. In Piazzale Michelangelo, you will have a panoramic view of the city as impressive as you can imagine, as well as the view of the Arno River, where the spectacular sunsets are unforgettable.

On the Arno River you can take a traditional boat and celebrate a toast that will make you forget, for a moment, that there are problems in the world.

Other interesting activities to do is ride in the traditional horse carriages, called fiaccheraio by the locals, which will make you discover the historic center of the city from another perspective. You can locate them in the Duomo and Signoria squares.

Santorini, Greece

A favorite of many and the perfect destination for a honeymoon, anniversary trip, or just a romantic getaway. The views that you will see in Santorini will take your breath away because its geographical formation and the blues of its waters give you a dreamlike landscape.

Santorini's architecture is beautiful, with its white houses with blue doors that blend perfectly with the deep blue background of the sea. It is a place where, without a doubt, you will have that dream postcard to remember for a lifetime.

You can go on an excursion from Fira to Oia, take a cruise or sailing boat with dinner included, watch the sunset and walk through its stepped streets where you will find souvenir shops, bars, restaurants and boutiques.

Visit Red Beach, Kamari Beach, Thera Prehistoric Museum and Amoudi Bay. You can also visit vineyards in the area and taste the delicious wine that the island has to offer.

Kotor, Montenegro

This small walled city located in Montenegro will surprise you with the number of churches it has, and its narrow streets are nice to explore. It is located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, and is a good option out of the ordinary to visit with your partner.

For a romantic experience, you can combine Kotor with a visit to the beautiful fishing village of Perast, and get ready to enjoy the magnificent beaches that this small country has to offer.

The Tara River canyon will offer you an incredible view and is the perfect place to practice activities such as rafting. Visit the Old Town and appreciate its many Orthodox churches, enjoy the beauty of its bay, visit the Arms Square and finally, do not miss a walk to the Sveti Dorde Islet, home to a 12th-century Benedictine monastery.

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