6 Things to Avoid When Traveling to Big Cities

Traveling is one of the most pleasant things in the world since it serves to disconnect from your work, daily routine, and all the stress that both entail. When getting to know new cities, we have to adapt to certain customs and codes of behavior common to our destination so as not to have mishaps or alterations in our itinerary.

If you are planning to visit big cities like Rome, Istanbul, Venice or Dubai, we recommend you follow these tips and avoid certain actions:

1. Wear uncomfortable shoes during your trip

Wearing the wrong shoes is perhaps one of the biggest mistakes people make on vacation. You must take into consideration that you will spend most of your time walking from one place to another, and sometimes in a hurry to catch the bus, subway or taxi.

Be sure to pack comfortable and versatile shoes for everyday wear, and if you wish, you can wear other less casual designs for specific occasions. It is also necessary to consider the destination you are traveling to; you don't want to be uncomfortable on the beach or in the city.

2. Take taxis during peak hours

While traveling, we often use taxis to get from one place to another, and sometimes it is the easiest and fastest way to do it. However, many times we make the mistake of taking taxis during peak hours to places where other means of transportation, or even walking, would save us time and money.

Choose to move from one place to another at calmer times, and study all the options you have to move in case you have to do it during peak hours. Sometimes walking you will discover places and details that you would not have seen while traveling by car.

3. Take up a lot of space on escalators

Whether in shopping malls or subway stations, many people make the mistake of standing in the center of escalators, blocking passers-by.

In most countries, people tend to sit to the right of escalators, leaving room for people in a hurry who don't want to wait and prefer to walk (and even run).

4. Rushing to get on public transport K

eep the necessary space so that people exiting public transport can circulate calmly so that you can later enter. Standing to the side of the door and not in front of it is an act of education that everyone will appreciate.

5. Feed the pigeons

Although it sounds like an interesting activity, many cities (eg Venice) have started to ban people from feeding pigeons. The main reason for this ban is that the food given to them by humans is not part of their natural diet and the pigeons lose the ability to forage for themselves.

In addition, some pigeons often carry infections that affect humans, and food scraps often attract rats to the city.

6. Stand in the middle of busy sidewalks

In big cities, the lifestyle is very fast and people come and go against the clock. Tourists clearly enjoy the city without worry, but locals are often in a hurry and won't want to be late getting to their destination.

Avoid standing in the middle of busy sidewalks and streets, much less abruptly. If you want to check directions or take a photo, the sides of the sidewalks will always be the recommended place to do it.

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