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Tuscany and its fantastic gastronomy

May 24, 2024 4 min read.

Italy is well-known worldwide for its remarkable cuisine. We are sure that all of us have tried delicious spaghetti plates, authentic wood-fired pizzas, or authentic ravioli at least once in our lives.

When heading to central Italy, you will find the famous Tuscany region. The area is well known for its interesting history, renaissance architecture and of course, its unique gastronomy and amazing wine. 

Once there, you cannot miss a variety of plates typical of the region. This is the reason why we created for you a list of delicious –and very authentic– dishes to taste when visiting Tuscany… and Buon Appetito!

Pappa al Pomodoro

This delicious soup is very famous in Tuscany and adopted by the entire peninsula. This thick Tuscan soup is made with stale bread, fresh tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, garlic leaves and other fresh ingredients. It is perfect to prepare when there is leftover bread, and it can be served hot, at room temperature, or chilled. Simply yummy!

Bistecca alla Fiorentina

It is one of the most popular dishes of Tuscan cuisine. This bistec is traditional especially in Florence, and it is taken from the loin of the young steer –vitellone– and has a “T” shaped bone with the fillet on one side and sirloin on the other.

Traditionally, the meat for Bistecca alla Fiorentina comes from an ancient breed of Tuscan cattle, called the Chianina, which is a well-known breed for its incredibly flavorful meat. The steak is seasoned very simply, just with a little salt and pepper, and for locals, the perfect thickness will be 3 or 4 fingers thick. 

Lampredotto Sandwich 

This sandwich is made using the fourth stomach of the cow. Inside a bun, it will be combined either with a tasty green sauce or a hot sauce. We recommend you: don’t miss this simple but delicious sandwich when in Tuscany.

Lardo di Colonnata

This delicious dish is made in the Italian town of Colonnata, and it is made from pork meat, cured in a marble basin. Lardo is a type of salumi made by curing strips of the pigs' back fat with rosemary and other herbs and spices, and it has been made since Roman times. 


This seafood soup is very popular in the region. It is a typical fish stew from the port town of Livorno, and it can be a combination of octopus, squid, mussels, langoustines and any other fish available on the day –and each town has its own recipe–, and locals serve it over toasted bread rubbed with garlic.

The ingredients of this dish are cut into small pieces, giving it the name of cacciucco, meaning minute or small, which comes from the Turkish word kuciuck. 

Crostini Toscani 

For this authentic plate, a kind-of baguette is used and topped with creamy and chopped chicken liver. The word crostini comes from the name of the bread, called frusta. 


This salad is very popular, and it includes unsalted bread with different vegetables such as tomatoes, basil and red onions with olive oil, vinegar and salt. The name could refer to the word of the main ingredient, pan, which is short for pane_. Zanella_ is an old Italian name to refer to a bowl. 


If you are visiting Tuscany during the cold season, definitely you will try this delicious Ribollita soup. This delicious plate is made of different kinds of beans, cabbage, stale bread, carrots and onions. Ribollita simply means reboiled. 

This recipe can be traced back to the traditional Italian style of peasant cooking when ingenuity was necessary to feed the whole family, and every little scrap of food was used.


Made with chestnut flour, raisins, pine nuts, olive oil and water to create a dough, this ancient and famous cake is very typical to eat either during cold or hot temperatures, especially used as an autumnal dessert. The smell of castagnaccio is simply mouthwatering!

Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You will fall in love with Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This worldwide famous oil has a unique flavor and texture; and the harvesting stage occurs in the month of November when the olives are mostly picked by hand and immediately sent to be pressed.

Oils of Lucca and the Chianti regions of Toscana are best known. The oils produced in the area around Lucca, near the coast, tend to be yellow, light and fluid.

Are you ready to experience the gastronomy of this Italian region? Check our Travel Packages to Tuscany now!

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