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Reasons Why the Amalfi Coast Should be Your Next Summer Destination

May 24, 2024 4 min read.

When searching on the internet for destination ideas, especially in summer, you will most likely find lots of recommendations to visit the Amalfi Coast in Italy, and it is obvious why. The thirty-kilometer coastline overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Gulf of Salerno is one of the most beautiful spots on Earth. 

The Amalfi Coast is remarkable for its colorful villages, impressive landscapes, entertainment options, and last but not least, the authentic limoncello liqueur, made from lemons of the region grown in terraced gardens along the coastline between the months of February and October. 

Take your time exploring the main villages along the coast, such as Amalfi, Positano, or Ravello, but do not miss the smaller ones, because the authenticity of each of them makes them unique and different from each other. Not enough reasons? Let us help you...

Ravelo’s gardens, villas, and impressive landscapes

Just imagine messing around with elegant villas and gardens while having stunning views of the sea. In Ravello, you will have the option of taking unmemorable pictures in the same place where many celebrities have done it before. The main sights of the town are the cathedral of Ravello and Villa Cimbrone, both from the 11th century, and Villa Rufolo, from the 13th century. Don't miss the Ravello Festival, which takes place every summer and features a wide range of music and art.

The unique handmade ceramics of the coast

These colorful pieces of ceramic have become a signature of the Amalfi Coast, and each shop feels like a small museum filled with art and unique handicrafts. You can buy plates, vases, or any souvenir made of colorful ceramic. 

The Amalfi Coast is rich in clay, making ceramic production bloom during history. They have been producing ceramics since the 15th century, and you can even find factories and a museum in Vietri sul Mare. ​​

The beautiful village of Atrani

If you want to experience the vibes of the coastal villages of Italy but at the same time be away from crowds, then head to Atrani to discover its charm. The churches, with their cliffside perches and the main piazzas, are interesting to explore and admire. 

We would say that Atrani is one of Italy's best-kept secrets, and it is not as filled with tourists as its neighboring villages, so you will have enough calm to walk and explore its magic and main sights. When in Atrani, do not miss the heart of the town, Piazza Umberto I, the Atrani beach if you are looking for some tan and sun, and the Santa Maria Maddalena church with the bell standing next to it. 

Mediterranean weather

The Amalfi Coast is a destination almost all year round, as summers are warm and winters are mild. In any case, we recommend you book your trip in spring when the weather is perfect to move from here to there while enjoying great temperatures.

If you are a summer person, then prepare some swimwear to enjoy the beautiful beaches along the coast, as you have many options to choose from. Also, take into consideration that the Amalfi Coast is usually filled with tourists in the summer, and everything is more active during that season.

Admiring the architecture of Amalfi

Amalfi is the main town on the coast, and once there you will appreciate the stunning medieval architecture of the city. The main sight in Amalfi is the 13th-century cathedral in Piazza del Duomo, dedicated to Saint Andrew. You will be amazed by the details of the picturesque buildings, churches, and other monuments in Amalfi.  

Super-chic Positano

Positano is one of the favorite stops for visitors on the Amalfi Coast, as it is filled with boutiques, pubs, coffee shops, and chic restaurants. Also, many travelers pick Positano as the destination to sleep while discovering the whole coast, as it offers many interesting hotels with stunning views of the sea and other villages.

Capri is just a step away

Some of us like to explore as many places as possible, so if you want to add a new destination to your trip to Italy, you can go further and visit the island of Capri, which generally takes one hour or less by boat ride, depending on which village you are departing from. Planning your trip will help you organize your time and take advantage of your trip to the Amalfi Coast. 

Ready to pick your next summer destination? Check out the Travel Packages to the Amalfi Coast we have for you at Greca!



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