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Syros Travel Guide: What to See and Do on Syros Island, Greece

May 14, 2024 10 min read.

Why Visit Syros

If you wonder why Siros is worth knowing, you should know that this beautiful Greek island has treasures for all tastes.

Mountainous areas, low hills, plains with agricultural crops, long beaches to relax in front of paradisiacal views, beaches difficult to access for the most adventurous travelers who enjoy good waves for surfing, a rich history, a theater inspired by the Scala Theater from Milan, an exquisite gastronomy that brings together the best of different cultures with the freshest seafood and the best vineyards are some of the reasons to visit this jewel of the Aegean Sea.

In addition, due to its proximity to the islands of Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Santorini and the possibility of reaching Athens, due to the short distance from this city, many tourists take advantage of their trip to Syros to discover these must-sees of Greece.

Photo by Angela Kidman in Unsplash

The Story of Syros: The Island of Hermes

Its capital (and the entire peripheral South Aegean region) is Ermoupoli, which serves as the center of commerce for the area and is described as the “Manchester of Greece”. Its name comes from the Greek and means "Town of Hermes", a relevant Olympian god of, among other things, travelers, trade, ingenuity and thieves. He was also in charge of accompanying the souls of the dead to the underworld.

In addition, multiple objects and elements from the Bronze Age have been found on this island, which alludes to the ancient civilizations that populated the territory, such as Athenians, Persians and, later, Byzantines.

In turn, figures from Antiquity have had a great presence on this site, such as Ferécides, the teacher of Pythagoras, Philip II or Alexander the Great.

Map of Syros

Syros location on Google Maps

Getting Around Syros, Greece

There are different means of transport in Syros. Among them, two mainly stand out, car and bike, which you can rent anywhere on the island without any problem. The island's roads are of very good quality, so you won't have any problems driving these vehicles.

Arrive at Syros

The most common way to travel to Syros is by ferry. You can take a boat from Piraeus to the port of Syros, which takes 3.5 hours from Athens. In case you are on another nearby island, such as Santorini or Mykonos, the boats are constant and all seasons.

You can choose to fly to Syros, as it is served by Syros Island Airport (JSY), also known as Dimítrios Vikélas Airport.

Points of interest in Syros 

If you are wondering what to see and do in Syros, this section will interest you. Above, we tell you about the most important places of interest on the island.

Saint Pakou

It is a small chapel in the typical architectural style of the Cyclades islands, with its bell on top, its white walls and the interior with simple but elegant decoration. It is located near Armeos Beach, west of Siros. It is worth visiting for its cultural interest and also for the views it offers of the sea. Without a doubt, it is an interesting panoramic point to take beautiful photos of the island's landscape.

Ermoupoli City Hall

It is a building that stands out for its neoclassical style, which was built in the 19th century. As its name indicates, it is the town hall of the capital of Syros.

Inside you can find the archaeological museum of Syros, which is one of the oldest in Greece and where you will find tools, figurines and containers from the ancient Cycladic period. Part of this collection was also taken to the museum in Athens.

You will also discover in the town hall historical pieces of modernity, paintings and objects of architectural interest and you will be dazzled by the beauty of its construction.

Plateia Miaouli

It is the central square of Ermoupoli. In it you will find places of interest such as the Ermoupoli town hall, gigantic stairs that lead to thousands of shots and different businesses of all kinds. It is decorated with a lot of vegetation, especially palm trees, which makes it a perfect place to take a break if you find yourself touring the city.

Cathedral of Saint George in Syros

It is an imposing church located in the town of Ano Syros, in the northeast of the island. It dates from 1200 and is located on top of a hill that you can access by car, tour or public transport. Its hours are from 08:00 to 21:00. Another similar and equally important site is the Church of the Resurrection of Christ, which is located in the center of Ermoupoli and is open to the public at all hours.

Beaches of Syros

Of course, apart from history, visiting the Cyclades archipelago has a specific purpose: relaxing on the beach. We tell you about the main beaches of the island, in the top 3 beaches of Syros, Greece, below.

  1. Asteria Beach: The most visited by tourists. It is located within the capital of Syros, Ermoupoli. It has facilities of all kinds around it, such as bars, cafes, restaurants. It has visits both during the day and at night, when it becomes a party center with spectacular views of the sea. A similar site to this is Azolimnos Beach, which is located a few meters from the capital.
  2. Lotos Beach: It is located northwest of the island of Siros. It is a beautiful beach with turquoise waters, golden sand and vegetation around it. You will be delighted with its views of the hills and its magical sunsets. A nearby site is Kini Beach, which you can reach on foot from Lotos beach or by car.
  3. Paralia Agathopes: This is a beach located in the southwest of the island, ideal to visit if you want to go to a less populated and easily accessible place. It has umbrellas for rent and bars around it.

Near this beach you can find an interesting diving site in Siros, Salt Water Divers, in case you are interested in doing this activity.

Another beach close to Agathopes Beach is Fetouri Beach, although this one is a bit wilder and has no rental or service facilities. Similar to this last beach we can mention Voulgari Beach, a few kilometers further north than the other two.

Towns of Syros

The entire island of Syros shines for its characteristic architecture, which stands out among the rest of the islands of the Cyclades archipelago, due to its colors of orange and yellowish tones.

Anus Syros

The city of Ano Syros will transport you directly to the medieval past. Its buildings date from that time and are in almost perfect condition. At some point it functioned as a fortress against invasions and most of its attractions have Venetian architecture. You will love its little streets surrounded by colorful houses and pink flowers.

Kini Village

It is one of the most important tourist centers on the island of Syros, at its western end. It has a beach of the same name, Kini Beach, which has spectacular views of the rest of the neighboring islands. In addition, here you will find different cafes to enjoy a good Greek breakfast or a snack worthy of Olympic gods.


It is a town located southeast of Syros, which stands out for its traditional architecture and its beaches. Among them, we can mention Katergaki Beach, relevant for tourists, as it is a nudist beach! Without going that far, other interesting beaches are Paralia Achladi and Paralia Varis, which have views of both the sea and the town of Varis itself.

Shopping in Syros

We know that shopping is also a fundamental part of every tourist or, well, of the vast majority. If you are interested in this section, you cannot miss visiting the Siros stores, among which we recommend:

  • Alkisti Jewelry Atelier, a traditional Greek jewelry store

  • Ceramics Art Workshop Bannou Maria

  • Prekas Traditional Products

Eating in Syros

The gastronomy of Syros is, without a doubt, the cornerstone to learn about the history of the island from its flavors.

This is so because in this kitchen the best of the West and the East come together, since the company was established by merchants from Chian and Smyrna who, displaced from their place of origin, knew how to incorporate Western flavors into their traditions.

For this reason you will find in every bite you try a fusion of cultures where the star ingredients are those provided by the island itself.

Some of the dishes that we recommend trying are: the pork cooked with fennel and cabbage, the Soutzoukaki with oregano and cumin, the caper salad, the aubergines with tomato sauce, the meatballs and, of course, the fish and shellfish. Ask whoever serves you the wine to accompany your dish, so you will take advantage of discovering the wonders produced in the local vineyards.

And if you can't resist sweets, our advice is don't do it! Siros has the best offer for travelers with a sweet tooth, among them Halva cakes and Syrian delicacies stand out, be sure to try them.

The Night in Syros

If you are a creature of the night, you will be pleased to know that Siros has several proposals to continue the adventure after sunset. Among them, the bars and nightclubs stand out, where you can enjoy delicious drinks and relaxed atmospheres with good music to go with friends or make them.

Some of the most popular bars are in closed spaces and others are on the beach, so if you decide to party take into account the characteristics of the bar you choose to wear the outfit, and especially the appropriate footwear.

Some of the most recommended bars are: Baba Bar, Agora, Podilato and Delfini Beach Bar.

Quirky Options for Unique Travelers in Syros

If you like to make your trips unique experiences, we have some options that go beyond the norm to propose:

  1. Have a private photo session with a local photographer, they will not only know how to guide you in terms of the poses, but they will also know the best points and strategies to make your photos look like they are in a magazine. We promise you will have a lot of fun in the process and end up with magical images.
  2. Take traditional Greek cooking classes with a resident, you will learn all the tricks of the recipes typical of this island with a vast culinary richness, to show your loved ones the delicacies that you tried in the best restaurants on the island, but made by you! 
  3. Rent a sailboat for a day and live the most romantic experience of your life sailing in crystal clear waters and breathing fresh air. You can bring wine and cheese for a picnic on the high seas, but be careful, you don't want to overdo the drinks before you reach the mainland.
How do you get to Syros Island?

If you are wondering how to travel to Syros, you can take a ferry from Athens or other nearby Cyclades islands, such as Mykonos or Santorini.

Another option is to take a flight to Syros Island Airport, which has domestic flights (to other locations in Greece). The flight from Athens Airport to Syros Airport takes about 35 minutes and they are 65 km apart.

Go from Syros Airport to the center

Syros Airport is located in the capital of the island, Ermoupoli, so it will take you around 10 minutes by car to get to the center.

Getting around in Syros

If you plan to travel to Syros, we recommend that you explore the island on foot, bicycle, public transport or car. In the case of using a bike or a car, you can rent either of these two at multiple points on the island. Therefore, cars are allowed in Poros!

What to eat in Syros

Greek gastronomy stands out internationally for its mixture of Mediterranean flavors, where the famous Greek olive oil is used. From the Greek breakfast, to local products, are some of the specialties that you will try on your trip.

Where to eat in Syros

Some of the most outstanding cafes and restaurants on the island are:

  • To Tsipouradiko tis Mirsinis

  • Seminar

  • Mazi

  • Dr. Wine

  • Avant Garden

All of them are located in the northeast of the island.

Best time to go to Syros

The best months to visit Syros Island are April, May, June, September and October, when the weather is warm but bearable.

How far in advance to book accommodation in Syros

Syros is a not so popular island of the Cyclades archipelago. If you book about 3-4 months before your stay you will guarantee good locations and prices.

How many days to visit Syros

Syros Island is usually visited during a weekend, so we recommend you dedicate 2-3 days to enjoy its attractions and beaches.

Is it safe to travel to Syros?

Syros is an extremely safe island to travel to. In fact, you will be able to observe police officers on its streets protecting the safety of tourists.

Official currency of the island of Syros

The official exchange rate for Siros is, as in the rest of Greece and Europe, the euro.

Costs of the trip to Syros

To know the costs of excursions on the island of Syros, you can contact one of the Greca representatives.

How much money to take to Syros

The money you need will depend on what type of trip you decide to do, since the costs vary considerably. We recommend that you plan on spending around €50 per adult, per day.

What clothes to bring to the island of Syros

This will depend on the date you visit the island. If you go in summer, we recommend that you always carry a cap or hat with you, sunglasses, light and light clothing.

Is Syros worth visiting?

Absolutely! The island of Syros will move you with its medieval architectural style, its colorful buildings and its beaches. This is a great destination if you are in Athens or another nearby island.

Book a trip to Syros

To book a trip to Syros, you can contact one of Greca's sales representatives or contact us through our official page, completing the form on your site and date of interest.

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