The fantastic Sand Museum in Milos

When planning to visit Greece, you should definitely consider the wonderful island of Milos. Milos offers you natural beauty, sandy beaches and a bright sun almost all year long.

Milos is beautiful and special. Once you get there, you will find something a little unusual but very interesting to discover: The Milos Sand Museum

The sand in Milos is interesting to observe, and there is a rich collection of sand types to contemplate their colors, textures and consistencies. These various sands have been duly cared for by the geologist and founder of the museum, and once there, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the small differences between them and of course, appreciate the magnificent shiny black sand.

You will be surprised that even the smallest materials are impressive, especially if you view them from a microscope, which you can do during your visit. Amazing, right?

The museum has been structured to offer you a unique experience of how to appreciate the sand and natural beauty of Milos from a different perspective. But there are not only diverse types of sand from Milos, as many people send sand from other parts of the world making the collection even bigger and more interesting.

You will be able to come across types of sand from all continents. You will also get sculptures and art made of sand, and the projects exhibited are made by the same artist who captures his art in spectacular pieces.

The Milos Sand Museum is free to visit, and inside it, you will find a souvenir shop where you can buy small gifts for your family and friends, and thus support this magnificent project. Don't miss out on your souvenir piece of sand!

The wonderful world of sand will surprise you without a doubt. It is a unique and unusual experience, and although you might not imagine doing this type of activity when you were thinking of visiting the Greek Islands, you will really like to appreciate the creativity of the sculptures and how interesting the information provided is.

Just before experiencing another beautiful nature masterpiece at the Venetian Castle, just before sunset, the museum in Plaka is worth a visit.

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