Exploring the Greek Island of Lekfada

The attractive Greek island of Lefkada has both mountain villages and beach towns. This beautiful island had a turbulent history, like most of the Ionian islands, since the Corinthians took it from the Acarnanias in 640 B.C. until the British abandoned it in 1864.

Lefkada Capital

The city suffered repeated earthquakes, but it has interesting alleys and beautiful views of the ruins of the 14th-century fortress of Santa Mavra: located opposite, on peninsular territory, the fortress is linked to Lefkada by an overpass. The main square, Plateia Agiou Spyridona, owes its name to the 17th-century church, with unique metal bell towers. Nearby, the Phonographic Museum contains a private collection of old records and phonographs. The small Ethnographic Museum contains typical costumes and old photographs of the island. At the top of the town, Moni Faneromenis was founded in the 17th century, although the current building dates from the 19th. The Panagia icon is also from the 19th century.

Porto Katsiki, one of the most famous beaches in Europe

Porto Katsiki is one of the many beautiful beaches on the Greek island of Lefkada. Without a doubt, it is one of the most famous beaches in Europe, and it is 40 km away from the capital of the island.

This is one of the main beach attractions on the island and one of the 10 best beaches in Greece and the Mediterranean, according to multiple travel magazines. It is located more than 40 kilometers southwest of the island's capital and near the town of Athani.

The natural beauty of Porto Katsiki offers one of the most impressive themes for which this island is famous: abrupt white cliffs form wild but magnificent backgrounds and a unique antithesis to the deep blue waters of the Ionian. Lush vegetation covers the surrounding area creating one of the most idyllic landscapes in the world.

Numerous sarongs and umbrellas cover this famous sandy beach, and the cliffs offer cozy shady spots for privacy and sunbathing. Also, from natural shade to crystal clear water there are only a few steps that will take you directly to the beach.

Porto Katsiki is simply irresistible to thousands of visitors from all over the world, and a unique tourist experience. It is frequented by private yachts and is simply the best way to access this beach, apart from a car.

It has a parking lot and different mini-bars. You will also find profitable beach beds. Beach equipment for different activities must be brought by those who enjoy the place since there are no places to rent it on the beach.

Exploring the Island

The best way to see the island is to rent a bicycle or a motorcycle, although some buses leave from Lefkada capital: Agios Nikitas is a summer center with a port and a beach, and to the south of it is Kalamitsi, a typical mountain town. In the south, the main mountain town is Agios Petros, a rural community despite the proximity of Vasiliki, a paradise for windsurfers. Nydri is the largest tourist center on the coast, with splendid views of the nearby islands.

Meganisi maintains its rural way of life. From Nydri, the boats stop at Vathy, and the main port, with chapels and taverns on both sides. Up the hill, in Katomeri is the only hotel on the island.

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