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The best Mediterranean destinations to visit this summer

February 07, 2022 5 min read.

For most Europeans, summer is the time when they relax and enjoy vacations for a few days. They generally lean towards the Mediterranean region which is made up of diverse cultures and countries. The abundance of magnificent complexes has a lot to offer. People who love the beach go to the Greek islands or the French Riviera, those who love the infrastructure choose Cinque Terre, while others who love to party find their perfect place: Majorca. Likewise, food and eating enthusiasts can delight themselves with delicious dishes of different Mediterranean flavors.

Now let's take a look at the best places in the Mediterranean to visit this summer and see which one may appeal to you the most.

Majorca, Spain

Majorca, Spain

Majorca is an extremely renowned Spanish island, and many tourists from around the world come on vacation during the summer. It is famous for its pristine beaches and wild nightlife. For years, it has been a favorite destination for tourists. Many well-known artists like Agatha Christie, Joan Miro, George Sand, and many more have enjoyed the stunning beauty it offers, and have frequently worked there.

Why should you visit it?

- Perfect vacation destination.

- Charismatic culture.

- Multiple interesting activities.

- Awesome landscape.

When should you go there?

- Since this place has a template Mediterranean climate, it is open for tourists during all seasons. However, the warmest time is from June to October.

Melissani Cave, Kefalonia, Greece

This popular cave hides a beautiful turquoise lake. It is located on the Greek island Kefalonia (Kefalonia). It is surrounded by dense forest from the outside. The cave has a hole at the top, which allows sunlight to enter ... All these things combined make it an impressive sight! The most interesting part: the boats that carry tourists, it seems that they are actually floating in the air.

Why should you visit it?

- Exquisite lake in the cave.

- Extremely popular attraction.

When should you go there?

- You can visit this cave at any time of the year.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

This is a very famous and extremely historical tourist place, so UNESCO offers its protection to preserve these historical places. Dubrovnik has a lot to offer; Fascinating architecture along with a cable car, sailing, exhilarating summer festivals, and quiet beaches.

Why should you visit it?

- Rich in history.

- Rich in culture.

- Impressive beaches and resorts.

When should you go there?

- The best time for tourists is from May to October.

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Grecia

This beach is unique, so people from all over the world want to visit it at least once in their life. It is located on the Greek island Zante (also called Zakynthos). Access to this beach is by boat from Porto Vromi. Tourists can spend a really pleasant day in this picturesque place.

Why should you visit it?

- It falls under the category of the most popular beaches in the world.

- Colorful landscape.

- Base jump.

When should you go there?

- The most famous season is summer; but you can visit it at any time of the year.

French Riviera

This wonderful natural refuge is not only a pleasure to see, but it is also historically important. Tourists often spend their nights in one place and explore the entire coastline during the day. Cannes, as you may have heard, is famous for celebrities. Nice has been a popular vacation spot for aristocrats since the 18th century. Saint-Tropez is a renowned haven for fashion artists.

Why should you visit it?

- Many beautiful beaches.

- Beautiful coastal cities.

- Various fascinating cities.

When should you go there?

- Although the temperature is moderate all year round, people prefer to come in the summer to enjoy the beaches.

Manarola, Liguria, Italy

One of the most aesthetically pleasing Italian villages in the famous Cinque Terre chain is impressive for its vibrant colors. It is located in Italian Riveria, Manarola. It offers a dream hiking trail as well as a love trail that connects Manarola with Riomaggiore.

Why should you visit it?

- Attractive people and rich in culture.

- Special for hiking.

- For a nice photo.

When should you go there?

- It is open for tourists throughout the year.

Santorini, Greece

Who has not heard of Santorini? It looks like the vacation spot of the ancient Greek gods. This place is heavenly, the white houses mounted on the top of the cliffs make it very authentic and now it has become its trademark. Multiple luxury resorts complete the perfect experience for tourists.

Why should you visit it?

- Popular vacation spot.

- Very unique structures.

When should you go there?

- The climate is the warmest from June to October, other months it has a moderate temperature.

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