Discover the magic of Cappadocia, Turkey

Located south of Ankara, east of Konya and a few hours away from the sea, Cappadocia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has impressive geological anomalies: huge conical mushroom-shaped "fairy chimneys" formed by volcanic ash solidified 8,000 years ago .

The mountains of Göllü Dağ, Hasan Dağı and Erciyes Dağı (the latter with a height of 3,926 meters), which in the past occupied an area of ​​great volcanic activity, threw their ashes on the Anatolian plateau eight thousand years ago. This substance solidified to form a soft, pale limestone called tuff. In places where basalt fell much harder, the rain eroded the tuff leaving mushroom-shaped cones and "fairy chimneys" crowned by a large stone hat.

Cappadocia's history is unique

Its location on the lucrative Silk Road made the region a prosperous area in the Middle Ages and its riches were coveted by outsider looters. The soft tuff of this area was ideal for digging houses, stables and places of worship that could be easily hidden with one or two well placed stones.

As the years passed and the dangers increased, especially for Christians, subjected to religious persecution, the single-family houses were transformed into the famous underground cities of the region. Some of these multi-story complexes once housed between 20,000 and 50,000 people, as well as schools, hospitals and churches. Visitors currently touring the  Rose, Red, or Ihlara valleys will see hundreds of churches and thousands of houses, many with a fireplace, stone shelves, and stairs that descend to the depths.

But not everything is ancient history in Cappadocia. Between Göreme and Avanos there are eight huge earth sculptures, created by Australian artist Andrew Rogers with local help (2007-2009). Earth sculptures or geoglyphs, including a giant horse and the tree of life, can be seen taking a balloon ride at sunrise.

Many of Cappadocia's cities have second-hand bookstores, bike and motorcycle rental shops. Likewise, Greca Travel organizes excursions to the main points of interest in the region.

The population abandoned the caves in the 1950s. However, sleeping in one of the excavated hotels is a unique experience.

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