Greek Islands: Exploring Kythnos

On one of the many excursions offered by Greca Travel, or on a cruise through the Greek islands, you also have the chance to get to know Kythnos, a small western island within the Cyclades.

This is a very flat island, with simple towns connected by roads. Its beaches are good and little frequented. Wicker basket crafts are typical of this island and are sold throughout Greece.

What to see in Kithnos?

5 kilometers away from the port of Merikhas, the main town, Kythnos, is located, which has only 600 inhabitants (according to one of the last censuses), with the church of Agia Saba, built during the year 1613 by order of the governors Gozzadini, from Bologna. 4 kilometers north, on the north-east coast, the port of Loutra opens, an old hot water thermal station, revalued during the reign of King Oton, in the last century.

Located between Kea and Serifos, 104 kilometers away from Piraeus, Kythnos has mountainous geography that extends along its undulations. The bays of its coast offer golden sand beaches of an intense coloration. There is no doubt: this is another perfect setting for a vacation that focuses on relaxation and rest.

Also known as Thermia, this island has some outstanding hot springs, with therapeutic properties. Its two stations are in Loutra, in the extreme northeast of the territory. One of them reaches 50º C, while the other, with almost 40º C, is also radioactive.

Kythnos has two main cities: Messaria, its capital, and Driopis. Both are free from the movement of vehicles, not so much by local prohibition but by their structure, of narrow streets so narrow that a car cannot pass.

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