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The most beautiful beaches in Greece: Discover the Aegean and the Ionian Sea

February 07, 2022 5 min read.

In order to make the most of the beauty of Greece, it would be best to have your cruise or a travel package to the Greek islands. An experience you will never forget. Therefore, we detail some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

Seitan Limania Beach (Crete)

This impressive beach was, until very recently, not known as there was no route to get there. Then, anyone who chooses to visit it will have to be prepared since there is no type of service nearby. Also, a new drawback was added: this destination is becoming more popular and more and more crowded every year.

It is advisable to go early in the morning and avoid weekends. On a trip to Greece, you cannot miss it.

Fakistra (Pelion)

On your trips to Greece, visiting the intimate little Fakistra beach is a must. Although it is difficult to get to this beach in continental Greece, the reward is a superb panorama and a wild coast of coarse sand bathed by a crystalline sea derived from the Aegean. On its north side, there are two historical grottos: Panagia Megalomata, rich in stalactites, and a few meters above is Krifo Scholio, the seat of an illegal school during the Turkish occupation.

There is a small hotel, although there are no services on the beach given the isolation of the place.

Mirtos (Kefalonia)

It is the most famous and photographed beach on the island of Kefalonia, spectacular thanks to the great clear rock amphitheater that surrounds it. White pebbles and talc stone give the water reflections of mother-of-pearl that contrast with the turquoise sea.

The color effect from above is truly amazing. The paradisiacal bay is located in the northern part of the Ionian island of Kefalonia, just three kilometers from Divarata, and to reach it you have to travel a path full of curves.

Navagio (Zante)

It is the Shipwreck beach, named after a ship that ran aground there in 1980, on the west coast of Zante –island within the so-called Ionian Islands– the most photographed in Greece. It can only be reached by boat, leaving from Agios Nikólaos, and often lines up to go down to bathe.

But nothing obscures the beauty of this beach, distinguished by the remains of a ship -the shipwreck- spread out on the white sand, near some sulfurous hot springs. Another essential destination in your travel packages to Greece.

Falasarna (Crete)

The spectacular beaches of Falasarna, on the western coast of Crete, are a paradise of white sand, with pink sections, next to a cobalt-colored sea, with coves, natural pools and wild areas. In the longest and sandy part, always windy, there are some restaurants, rooms and hotels where you can enjoy the sea.

Balos Lagoon (Crete)

On the Gramvoussa peninsula, along a rugged path or embarking from the port of Kastélli or Kissamos, you come to Balos, a suggestive lagoon of fine white sand with very low and transparent bottoms. Behind the beach is Mount Geroskinos, while opposite the picturesque island of Gramvoussa, dominated by a Venetian fortress.

Simos (Elafonissi, Crete)

It is a tongue of sand next to a transparent and limpid sea, on the southern side of the island, in the southeast of the Peloponnese. Formerly linked to the mainland, the sea has tropical colors and the beauty of nature attracts sailors and nudists every year. In your travel packages to Greece, you must not miss this beautiful beach.

Kleftiko (Milos)

The island of Venus, in the Cyclades archipelago, would obviously have a beautiful beach, with cliffs of white rock in the middle of a turquoise sea. The beach is accessible only by boat, between caves and rocky walls, while only the gummies manage to pass between the white stone arches.

Ask Tis Grias Beach (Andros)

Less than ten kilometers separate Euboea from the island of Andros, where on the eastern side is the amazing beach of Pidima Tis Grias, which in Greek means "the jump of the old woman". It is distinguished by the enormous rock that rises in front of the sea and recalls the story of an old woman who betrayed the local population by making the Turks enter the castle. Remorse made her throw herself into the sea, where she transformed herself into stone.

Kolona (Kithnos)

Three kilometers away from Chora, the beautiful beach of Kolona is a strip of fine, golden sand surrounded by a crystalline sea. It is only reached by boat from Merihas, the main port of the island, or on foot after a long excursion. Without a doubt, a destination that you must include in a package trips to the Greek islands.

Agrari (Mykonos)

On the southern coast of the island, not far from the famous Elisa, is the spectacular and peaceful Agrari Bay. Sand and clear pebbles from the arena, with umbrella areas for tourists, and a nudist sector. On your trip to Greece, it is necessary to visit it. No doubt about it!

Kokino Kastro (Alonissos)

It is a paradise on the Aegean island, with a pine forest and a reddish rock coast on white sands, until you reach a turquoise sea whose bottom hides remains of disappeared cities. Around, the sea is protected as a marine park.

There is no doubt that Greece is the perfect destination if you want to have an amazing beach destination for your holidays. At Greca, we will help you to book the trip of your dreams!

Source: (ANSA y Greca Travel)

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