Trip to Greece: What to do in Nafplio?

Nafplio, for the Venetians Napoli from Romania, is a beautiful destination to include in your trip to Greece. And it has a good itinerary of walks to discover it your way.

The Syntagma Square, the Constitution square, is the historical and monumental center of the city. The Venetian influence is manifested in its tiled pavement and in the Venetian origin of most of the buildings that surround it.

The Archaeological Museum, built in 1713, is another place to visit; and should include a walk through the Old City. Around the Syntagma Square, the old city extends, crossed by narrow alleys, where the Venetian aspect and the Turkish architectural influences are mixed.

To get to Platia Nikitara from Syntagma, you have to cross the old city. This tree-lined square is decorated with the monuments to Kapodistrias and Stamatelopoulos. To the south, where the climb that leads to the forts begins, you can see the powerful Grimani bastion, built in 1706, which was part of the Venetian defensive constructions. Above it, there are two towers from the end of the 15th century.

During your trip to Greece, another of the places that you will have to visit in this city is Acronauplia. It is an 85 m hill that protrudes from the city; It is also called Itsh Kaleh, and is surrounded by a triple wall. This hill includes the castle of the Bull, from the XVth century; where the Xenia hotel, Franc's castle and the Greeks castle are currently located.

The 216m altitude Palamidi Hill is also in sight (there is another fortress there) as well as Bourzi Island. In front of the city, on an islet, is the so-called Mar Castle, a Venetian fort built in 1471 by the architect Antonio Gambello to defend the port. In the 18th century it was reinforced by the Turks, who closed the entrance to the port with a chain that linked the pier jetty with the fortified islet.

Also, while traveling the southern coast of the peninsula, in front of the island of Idhra, a little before reaching Galatas, 149 kilometers away, is the forest of Lemonodassos: famous citrus field, especially lemons, and sung about by the Greek poets in old times. Finally, 156 kilometers away, you reach Trizina, where the ruins of the ancient Ionian city are, and where the legend of Phaedra and Hippolytus was born.

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