Greek islands cruise: Discovering Spetses

On a cruise through the Greek islands you should visit the Argo-Saronic, among which is Spétses. This is a beautiful island that mixes culture, tranquility and a little fun. The word Spetses is an alternativeof Pityoússa (“pinosa”), the old name of this round green island.

Occupied by the Venetians in 1220, by the Turks in 1460 and by the Albanians in the 16th century, their maritime strength and fleet were used in the Greek revolution. During the 1920s and 1930s, this island was in vogue among British expats and Anglophile Greeks.

Spetses Capital

The capital stretches along 2km of coastline. The center is the Ntapia seafront, sorrounded with cafes. The Chatzi-Giannis Méxis archontika, which dates from 1795, is today the Chatzi-Giánnis Méxis Museum, where the Boubolina’s coffin is exhibited along with the masks of his ship. The former house is currently Boubolina Museum.

To the southeast, in the Baltiza cove, is the old port, where boats are still built in the traditional way. Above it, there is the beautiful church of Agios Nikólaos, from the 17th century, with pebble mosaics and a bell tower erected by artisans from Tinos.

This capital is perhaps one of the most elegant and stately capitals of all the islands of the Aegean. There are numerous stately buildings bathed in blue water and an intense green plant mantle that will surprise any visitor.

In the center of the city is the Plaza de Dapia, which conserves the cannons that long ago served to protect the city and the island. After strolling through this place, we can begin to know the most stately architecture of the island: cobbled streets will expand before our eyes, being the place where imposing mansions and buildings such as the Spetses Museum or the Anargyros Mansion rise.

For this, and much more, while on a cruise around the Greek islands, you should stroll, at least a little, through Spetses.

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