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Greek island cruise: Exploring the Ionian Islands

February 07, 20222 min read.

Due to their scattered position, the Ionian islands are not so well connected with each other, although most are easily reached from the mainland. With Greca Travel you can discover Kefalonia (Kefalonia) and Zante (Zakinthos) on a cruise through the Ionian islands.

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In this island group, there is also Corfu, which is a good base to explore the northern islands, while Kefalonia is the ideal starting point for the southern islands of the Ionian Sea. There are few archaeological remains and museums generally focus on ethnography, culture and ties to Europe. Tourism, meanwhile, makes its presence felt almost exclusively through the numerous Greek island cruises. And the great attraction of these islands is their beaches!

The larger islands cater both for those looking for night entertainment, bars and clubs, but also for those who prefer a quieter stay, either in a family holiday resort or in a local fishing village. Traditional Greek life is very much alive in the interior of these islands, such as Maeganisi, opposite Lefkada, or Mathraki, Othoni and Erikousa, opposite Corfu.

How to move around the Greek Ionian Islands

Greca can also give you a few suggestions of how to move about in the Ionian islands. Apart from Ithaka and Paxos, all the large islands can be accessed by plane. For example, you can reach Lefkada by arriving at Preveza airport or through the bridge connected with the mainland. Larger ships and ferries serve the bigger islands, while smaller boats offer direct links between the islands. However, as there may be multiple ports, it is advisable that you first check your destination. Buses that depart from their capitals cover several places around the islands and taxis help fill in the any gaps. There is an abundance of places for renting cars or bicycles, but the roads may be not well maintained in places and you may not find local maps very helpful.

Up to now, Greca Travel has principally focused on accessing these islands through packages, excursions and cruises – especially the two Ionian islands: Kefalonia and Zante (featured in future articles).

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