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Exploring Zante on a cruise through the Greek Islands

February 07, 20222 min read.

In addition to the summer centers, the tourist development of Zante or Zakynthos is scarce. Since most of the roads are in good condition, you can go around the island in one day. The best idea? Rent a car, ask Greca Travel about the best transport routes, or inquire about the frequent bus services from the capital to tourist places such as Alykes, Tsilivi and Laganas.

Caretta Caretta Turtle Island

On a cruise through the Greek islands, you can explore Zante and there you will see that its tourist expansion is concentrated in Laganas (on the southwest coast of the island) and is formed by 14 kilometers of sand. And also, with luck, you will see the famous Loggerhead Turtle Caretta Caretta, which has been migrating from Africa to Laganas Bay, its main hatchery, for thousands of years.

The construction boom on the island undoubtedly decimated the turtle population that habitually reproduces there. It is estimated that only a handful of hundreds of turtles remain, although no effort is being spared to protect them and ensure their survival. For their part, visitors, if they are lucky, can see them from the glass bottom boats that make excursions around the bay.

Exploring the island

The many bars and clubs allow the fun to last until dawn. To the north, there are the quieter beach towns of Tsilivi and Alykes, the latter ideal for windsurfing. To the northwest, Moni tis Panagias tis Anafonitrias, from the 16th century, is especially endearing to the natives because there he spent his last years as abbot the island's patron, Dionysios.

At the northern tip of the island, there are the unique blue caves, formed by the continuous action of the sea on the coast. The Blue Grotto, which is the main one, opens just below the Cape Skinari lighthouse; discovered in 1897, it became famous for its crystalline waters of a pure and spectacular blue. The caves can be visited by boat from Agios Nikolaos; Excursions that go around the island from the main summer resorts also stop there.

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