The stunning monasteries of Meteora, Greece

As explained in the previous article, Meteora or The Monasteries of Meteora, can be found in the area located north of Kalambaka.  The Monasteries proudly stand on gigantic greyish rocks that rise as pillars next to the valley of the Peinios river. On top of these almost inaccessible rocks and at a height of approximately 600 meters, there are many monasteries, present since the 14th century. Now what does the term "Meteora" mean?

Check out this excursion that goes through the Monasteries of Meteora, Delphi and Arachova!

Definition of “Meteora”, the hanging monasteries of Greece

Meteora literally means "suspended in the air." In the 11th century, some ascetics (from asceticism, the philosophical and religious doctrine that seeks to purify the spirit through the denial of material pleasures or abstinence) began to settle in this area, but the monasteries, located on the precipices formed by these giant vertical rocks, flourished in the 16th century - after the wars Between the Serbian and Byzantine empires. At that time, in order to make them even more inaccessible, they put in place rope ladders or rudimentary pulley hoists, which are still in use today to carry supplies.

At the height of their prosperity, between the XV and XVI centuries, there were up to 24 monasteries, decorated lavishly by important artists, linked to the monastic group of Mount Athos, and with beautiful frescoes and icons.

After a long period of decline, caused in many cases by the rivalry between the different monastic communities, only a few monasteries could finally be kept open and still in operation.

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