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Travel Packages in Albania

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General Information About Albania

Albania, also known as the Republic of Albania, is a small country located on the European Balkan Peninsula.

This country has coastlines on the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea and is bordered by land with Greece to the south, Montenegro to the northwest, Kosovo to the northeast, and North Macedonia to the east.

Geographically, Albania is characterized by its proliferation of mountains, since the lowlands represent only one seventh of the territory and the average height of the region exceeds a thousand meters above sea level.

In turn, Albania has a coastline with many gulfs, capes and extensive typical Mediterranean vegetation, and in the mountainous interior it is possible to find beautiful forests.

In addition to its natural wealth, in which the Albanian Alps that cross its interior undoubtedly stand out, Albania has a vast historical-cultural heritage. Some of the treasures that can be found in it are its incredible castles and archaeological sites.

The capital of Albania is Tirana, where the outstanding National Historical Museum is located, and its official language is Albanian. The current currency in the country is the Albanian Lek and the most widespread religion is Islam.

Albania: the Strip Between East and West

The current territory of Albania was inhabited in antiquity by the Illyrians, a group of Indo-European tribes that the Romans called that. The Illyrians did not seek to dominate the seas since they were already under the power of the Greeks, the Romans, the Phoenicians and the Carthaginians; therefore, they dedicated themselves to agriculture and livestock.

This caused many of the aforementioned towns to easily engage in piracy, invading the coasts and looting the closest inhabitants. However, inland the territory became hostile to non-locals, and this allowed the Illyrians for a while to lead a life protected by the isolation generated by the natural wall of mountains.

However, at some historical moments they had to submit to other civilizations or, at least, join them. This is how the Illyrians were part of the Empire of Alexander the Great, who integrated them into his army to pursue his company to conquer Asia.

Now, with the death of Alexander the Great, the Illyrians rebelled against the Macedonians and expelled them from their territory. In turn, they formed a strong army and fleet, which not only served to defend their State but also dabbled in piracy.

When Roman trade was threatened by the Illyrians, the Romans sought to regain their dominance and a long period of warfare began, ending with Roman domination of the region.

This Romanization of the territory of Albania brought with it the Theodosian Line, which divided the Roman Empire into two parts. This forever marked the history of Albania, since from then on it became a border between East and West.

Border that was exacerbated by the multiple confrontations in the region between peoples with different religions and even more so after the 50 years of communist regime that the country experienced.

The Most Outstanding About Albania

What to Eat If You Travel to Albania

Albania is a great destination if you enjoy good food, as its gastronomic offer is exquisite, whether you choose to eat in a nice restaurant or choose to try one of its street delicacies. Here are some of the tastiest dishes for you to try on your trip to Albania.

First of all, one of the dishes that you cannot miss during your stay is Fërgesë, a typical cream from central Albania made with peppers, tomatoes and cottage cheese, which is usually accompanied with homemade bread.

Secondly, you have to try Byrek, the most famous Albanian food, which is a savory cake made with filo pastry of different sizes and types. The most popular version is Byrek with spinach, but they are also frequently sold with gjize cheese or meat.

And if you are a lover of sweets, you cannot stop asking for the famous Trilece dessert, a cake that is prepared with milk, cream and concentrated milk.

As for the most typical drinks of this country, we encourage you to try Raki, a brandy, or the Typical Albanian Skanderbeg Brandy.

Cultural Events in Albania

The festivities in Albania are very important. These recover the folklore and typical traditions of the region and there are plenty of them, undermining the country's calendar of festivals and a climate of celebration.

Here we mention some of the most outstanding events so that you do not miss them on your trip to Albania.

  1. National Festival of Urban Popular Songs, in which a modern interpretation of traditional music is carried out. The city of Elbasan hosts the celebration on the first day of spring every year, in March, and hosts talented artists from all over the country.
  2. Korca Beer Festival, in which there are four days to exclusively celebrate the love of beer. It has this name in honor of the oldest beer in the country and is celebrated in August.
  3. International festival of modern and contemporary dance, which is held in Durres in October.
  4. Independence Day, celebrated on November 28.
  5. Gjirokaster Folk Festival, which is held every four years in September and aims to preserve Albanian folk culture and music, named intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.
  6. Easter, the curious thing about this holiday is that since Albania is a center where different religions meet, in this country there are two Easter, one on March 28, the date of Catholic Easter, Pashkët Katolike, and another May 1 – May 2, the date of Pashkët Ortodokse Orthodox Easter.
  7. Tirana International Film Festival, which takes place in November and combines short films and large format films. It has been carried out since 2003.

Sites of Interest in Albania

Albania is a country that stands out both for the immense variety of landscapes it offers, and for its cities, declared World Heritage Sites, thanks to the traces of its busy history that we can see everywhere.

Here are some of the highlights that you cannot miss on your trip to Albania.

First of all, Berat, a city with more than 2,000 years of history in which each culture has left its mark, making it a kind of living museum, which is why it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This is the most famous site in Albania and you definitely cannot miss it.

Also, close to this city is the Osum canyon, a spectacular journey to walk or, why not, rafting.

Another fabulous destination is the coast of the Ionian Sea, as these beaches will amaze you thanks to their crystal clear waters and fabulous views.

The ancient city of Butrinto is another of the jewels of Albania; there you will find a fabulous archaeological center where the ruins of ancient civilizations are intermingled with nature that covers the territory.

Another Albanian treasure is the archaeological site of Apollonia, where you will find incredible historical constructions, such as the Temple of Artemis, which you cannot miss.

In the same way, we recommend you visit Gjirokastra, another city included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, where you will find traditional Ottoman architecture everywhere from when this empire dominated the region. Its mountainous landscape, its palaces, monuments and parks make it one of the most amazing destinations in the country.

Shkoder is another beautiful city in Albania, where you will find Lake Skadar and the castle of Rozafa, as well as some picturesque bridges.

The Banjat Hot Springs, in turn, are another destination to include in your trip to Albania, as you will love these sulphurous waters and their incredible views of the mountains.

Finally, the Albanian Alps are a mandatory stop on your itinerary, thanks to the fascinating landscapes that you will see on its trails and the picturesque villages that you will find there; this is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Albania.

What to Give If You Travel to Albania

If you are planning a trip to Albania, you should know that this picturesque country has a vibrant culture with unique folklore that will captivate you. That is why, if you are one of those who enjoy bringing nice gifts, typical of the place, for your loved ones, or for yourself, you will find lots of the most interesting offers.

A good option is always to look for handicrafts characteristic of the place, which you would not find anywhere else, and in Albania you will find them of all kinds. Here are the most recommended:

  1. Handmade pottery, you will find it everywhere with the most picturesque motifs.
  2. Raki, a typical drink.
  3. Cifteli, a native Albanian musical instrument similar to a guitar but with two strings.
  4. Pupas, knitted socks used to stay comfortable inside the home.
  5. Handmade wooden souvenirs.

How to Get Around Albania

To move around Albania you will find different options. Undoubtedly, the most comfortable will be by car, so renting a car or booking private transfers from Greca are the best alternatives.

If this doesn't convince you, you can also move around the country by bus and minibus, one of the cheapest options to go from one city to another.

You should also take the train into account, as there are many sections that can be done by this means.

The options to organize your itinerary are multiple, so you can access all the highlights of Albania without much difficulty. Of course, keep in mind that some paths require some physical effort, as you will find sections to do on foot.

The Idiosyncrasy of Albania

Albania is one of the most fascinating destinations to visit, not only for its natural beauty but also for its historical interest, since very different cultures passed through this territory and that has left great cultural remnants.

In fact, the five centuries of Turkish rule have determined the main religion in the region: Islam. For this reason you will find that many of their customs are crossed by Islamic culture.

However, the rules of Islam are applied less rigorously than many of its neighboring countries, as this country has a multicultural past.

The Albanians are very cordial and you will find a very hospitable treatment when you arrive at this destination.

What to See and Do in Albania

Albania is an incredible destination for its historical-cultural wealth and its natural heritage, worthy of an amazing fairy tale. This fabulous country where the West and the East coexist in a collage made over the centuries will undoubtedly steal your heart.

In turn, due to its proximity to countries like Montenegro and Greece, many tourists combine these destinations with their trip to Albania.

Do you want to know the most amazing mountainous landscape? Would you like to hit the most scenic wooded trails? Do you want to enjoy the most amazing archaeological sites?

In this case, book your trip to Albania right now. You can build your trip through Albania with Greca according to your preferences and needs.

Make your dreams come true today and travel to Albania!

How much does it cost to travel to Albania?

This will depend on the type of trip you want to carry out, as you will find options with more comfort and also those that fit a more moderate budget. Of course, this destination is much cheaper than other European destinations and you will find good quality services at an affordable price.

What is the cheapest time to visit Albania?

Albania's low season is from November to April, when temperatures are low.

What is the best time to travel to Albania?

We recommend you visit Albania between the months of May to September, when you can enjoy the best temperatures, although this beautiful country offers great opportunities all year round.

What are the requirements to visit Albania?

You must have a 6-month passport to enter Albania.

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